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Christian Birthday and Christmas Gifts 2015

For Christmas and birthdays you want to give something special, a Christian gift for a religious person is a great idea.

I’ve found you a whole collection of Christian gift ideas that will help you decide just what your loved one or friend would like best. From books and jewelry to DVDs and merchandise.

Fun Christian shirts and tees

CHRISTIAN 1 by DAKing1970
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Inspiring Christian Books

Into the Silent Land: A Guide to the Christian Practice of Contemplation, by Martin Laird

contemplation is the authentic form of Christian meditation. It was practiced by such greats as St. Augustine.

This makes a great Christmas gift for anyone looking to deepen their experience and practice of Christian prayer and contemplation.

Martin Laird doesn’t just offer a practical guide, but helps you by giving a theoretical background as well. Did you know there are several stages of silence?


Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis

This book has converted generations of Skeptics to Christianity, but it’s also a great devotional read for the believing Christian.

C.S. Lewis gave the lectures that form the basis of this book during World War 2: the urgency of that situation resonates in every word.

Edgar Cayce’s Story of Jesus edited by Jeffrey Furst

This is a great birthday gift for people who hover on the side of alternative spirituality and Christianity. Who was Jesus really? The book is based on the clairvoyant readings of Edgar Cayce, organized into a logical narrative by Furst.

This book will help your loved one get a feel for the place of humanity in God’s plan.

Beautiful Christian Jewelry

God is Love Heart Pendant

This two-tone Silver & Gold Design (gold-plated) spells out ‘God is Love’. What better gift for a devoted Christian girl you love? Makes a great Christian anniversary gift for your girlfriend too.

Symbols of Hope and Protection Necklace Pendant – Christianity – Brings Peace, Faith and Protection Sterling Silver, 18k Yellow Gold Plating and CZ

This gold-plated sterling silver pendant decorated with cubic-zirconia gems makes a beautiful quality birthday gift for your fiancée or wife.

CleverSilver’s Sterling Silver St. Christopher Medal With 24 Inch Chain 29.00X20.00 Mm

This sterling silver St. Christopher’s medal makes a wonderful Christmas gift for anybody embarking on an exiting venture, whether it’s college, a world-wide trip, marriage or a new job.

Christian DVD as gift

Facing the Giants is perhaps the most famous of Christian movies made in the last century. Any Christian who hasn’t seen it yet deserves to see it at long last. For those who have seen it, it makes a great addition to their DVD collection.
Fireproof – from the makers of ‘Facing the Giants’ comes another inspiring story. This time it’s a love story – how can you get your marriage back on track? A firefighter and his wife face up to the challenge and grow in faith as they resolve their issues.

More inspiring Christian gift ideas:

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