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Best Cute iPad bags for women

I just love my iPad. I take it everywhere. But it does need some protection. I use the first generation iPad cover by Apple. Shown on the left is a CaseCrown cover that protects your iPad, looks cute and can function as a stand as well. It is very much like that first generation iPad cover I use.

Unfortunately the second generation iPad cover, the smartcover for the iPad 2 is more cute than practical. The design looks great, but customer reviews are overwhelmingly negative: apparently it just doesn’t keep the screen protected and it’s not even designed to protect the rest of the iPad 2. As a stand it works fine on tables, but not so fine when you use your iPad on your lap – which is how I use it most.

With a good cover, you can throw your iPad  into any bag you want. However, if you want to give it a bit more protection than that, I have found several bags for you that will protect your iPad and look cute as well.


If you’re anything like me though, you just want a bag that looks cute and which fits your iPad 2. I love these leather shoulder bags, most of them Fossil City Bags:

Do click-through to the web shop that sells them: they come in a variety of colors and styles.

The below bags are much more purses than iPad bags. However, they each come with a matching sleeve so your iPad 2 is protected.

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