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Best Tablet For Teenagers 2013

Best Tablet For Teenagers 2015

windows 8 surface tabletWhat is the best tablet for teenagers? Honestly, it kind of depends on how much you are willing to spend on a kid who still can’t take care of their stuff very well. Since these tablets are an investment with most families, you want to get the best bang for your buck so to speak. By far the best priced tablet is the Kindle Fire.

On the other hand, while pricier than most other tablets the MS Surface is most assuredly the very best tablet for your teenager to do homework on. The Surface is really a laptop replacement. If you teen wants the basics for surfing, connecting with their friends and games, then an Android tablet or the latest iPad (Air) are your best bets. The iPad Mini Retina Display is one of the most popular tablets around today.

Kindle Fire HD 7″, Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, 16 GB – Includes Special Offers

The Kindle Fire HD with the 7 inch display screen is the best buy of tablets on the market. It also boasts the fastest Wi-Fi of any other tablet currently available. Teenagers will have a wide range of options with the Kindle as they can stream movies, access apps for the latest games, connect to Facebook and Twitter along with their email accounts. The tablet has a front facing camera that allows for video calling besides taking photos. Plus they can download books to read from the Kindle Store.

The Kindle Fire line uses the Android system with Amazon customization. This means you don’t get full access to Google Play, the Android App Market. However, you DO get full access to the Amazon Kindle market, which includes movies, games (the most popular android games are available for Kindle as well) as well as the obvious: Kindle books.

The Kindle Fire is so cheap, the word online is that Amazon must be losing money on every Kindle they sell. They do get it back of course: in books, games and movies sold, market share etc. Even more affordable is the First generation Kindle Fire. It’s of course a bit slower and the screen isn’t HD, however it is also less expensive and it does have full access to the Kindle store, including all the educational content available there.The Kindle has access to 1 million booktitles. However, these are all also available to the Kindle App which can be installed on all the other tablets mentioned on this page. All in all there are over 23 million options for movies, songs, books, apps, games, TV shows and magazines for them to enjoy. There are apps galore including the popular ones of Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Pandora and the hottest new games to play.

Like all 7 inch tablets, it is easy to hold in one hand and provides both physical storage and Cloud storage.

Parental Controls: As a parent you have the option of signing up for Free-Time which is a service that will allow you to monitor how much your teen can use the tablet. You can set it so that they can read anytime they want but limit the amount of time that they can watch movies or play games.

It’s up to you, and your budget, whether you want to go with an HD (or even HDX) tabletscreen. I do recommend it though: the reading experience is way better.

Microsoft Surface (64GB with Black Touch Cover)

The Best tablet for teenagers doing their homework on is by far the new MS Surface. It has all of the capabilities of using the internet to research their homework and the software to compose reports with Microsoft Office.Like on other tablets they can use the Surface for connecting with their favorite Social Media sites and get their emails. They can take photos with two options as the camera works both front facing and rear facing. There is access to stream movies and apps for playing games or connecting to an existing game system like Xbox.

The price is significantly higher than the Kindle but then the capabilities of the tablet are more advanced as well. It runs the new Windows RT operating system made for mobile devices. This tablet is like a small laptop with better mobile utility.Do get the touch-cover: your teen will need it to navigate MS Office. With a touch cover the Surface tablet by Microsoft is almost a laptop replacement.

What makes it NOT quite a laptop replacement? You can’t install your favorite Windows programs on it. You CAN install apps though – and the Windows App Market is catching up with Android (see Samsung below) and Apple (iPad) every day.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (16GB, Deep Grey)

This tablet is relatively new to the market and runs on the Android operating system which is Linux based. A good tablet for games and also a great one for homework.The Samsung Galaxy Note offers a technology using an S Pen (aka built in stylus) that your teenager can use to create art along with jotting notes while researching for their homework or class project.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is definitely the best tablet for artistic teens: few other tablets can be used to draw on so precisely. I bought myself one because I liked drawing on my iPad but was getting frustrated with the lack of precision of drawing on an iPad – even with a stylus.The Galaxy Note 10.1 has Wacom technology built in. That means it’s built to be pixel precise when used with the S-Pen.The tablet also comes with a version of Adobe Photoshop Touch that allows for some pretty cool photo editing.

All in all this is a very versatile tablet for teens as they can take notes, compose text, edit and of course connect with their Facebook and Twitter friends. Send and receive emails and use the front facing camera for taking photos or a video call.

See my comparison of the Galaxy Note with the latest iPad.

Apple iPad 4 With Retina Display With Wi-Fi 16GB In Black

The tablet that is most preferred by kids and adults when they want to play games as the amount of apps that are available is mind boggling. Of course you do not want to get your teenager a tablet that is just for games. This newest version of the iPad is two times faster than the previous version which is a benefit to a teen who wants quick access to the information they are looking for.

Apple has some pretty fantastic educational apps that your teenager can use, too.Social media connection is a must with teens and they can use their iPad to do that. There is also a voice dictation feature where your teen can make vocal note of assignments or thoughts of where to look for homework answers.If you can’t afford the full iPad, you may want to get the iPad Mini for your teen. You’d be getting full access to the iTunes app market and the tablet is not a bit slower and the latest version has just as crisp a screen.

A Little History Of The Kindle

Amazon has been innovative and forward thinking since they introduced the first Kindle back in 2007. That first Kindle was only an ereader and was kind of heavy compared to the lightweight models today and it cost a whopping $400. That is more expensive than Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inch model available today. The original sold out completely within just a few hours of its release and it took months for it to be available again.

As the years have progressed the company improved the digital reader with several new models each having more features than the last and becoming thinner and more lightweight with each new roll out.

In the last couple of years the tablet form of a Kindle has been available which took the device beyond being a digital reader and into the realm of technology that allows for a full featured experience for not just reading but accessing the internet and to watch videos, movies, tv shows and listen to music or play games. They currently have the fastest wi-fi download time available on the market and they are continuing to make improvements as we speak.

Choosing one of these newer tablet forms of Kindle for a teen or any member of the family is a wise choice with all of their functions.

For additional ideas about the Kindle or other tablet choices for a teen you might find this Gift Guide page of Tablet and Laptop reviews handy.

More great gadgets for teens.

Teenagers are embracing the tablet devices in a huge way. These touch screen mobile devices offer them all of the computing needs that they have plus give better mobility to them. They are much lighter in weight than having a laptop to carry around and will perform all of the tasks that they want. They can connect with their friends on the different social media sites. Play games, read books, watch movies and research homework.

The devices are run under touch screen technology and in most cases, except for the Kindle Fire, can be attached to a small keyboard that is purchased separately.

With several different options out there in tablets you might be wondering what the best tablet for a teenager might be. As with any piece of technology the first thing to look at is how the device will be used. Age will, often times, determine what the expectations might be when it comes to using a tablet. Children are going to use a tablet much differently than an adult will and teenagers probably have the largest list of functions they will want on their tablet. They are going to want all of the features that an adult will want and in some cases even more because they are often more aware of the latest and greatest bells and whistles that come along in the world of technology.

They are going to want their tablet to be able to surf the web, gather their emails, and help them stay connected with the pals on Facebook. They are also going to want to be able to play games, watch videos and listen to music. A teen is going to be very interested in the ability to download and use all kinds of different apps. They will also want it to have the ability to connect with ease no matter where they are and they will want it to be fast.

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