Quality Walkie Talkie for Kids: Toddlers and Primary School

What’s more fun for a kid than a phone? Quite possibly a Walkie Talkie – preferably one they can actually use themselves. Although a Walky Talky seems more like a boy’s gift to me, I’m sure girls can have fun with them too. I’ve found sets aimed at both boys and girls. The advantage of this kid’s gift is obvious: talking at a distance and not too many buttons. I’ve found you precisely a few walky talky’s for kids. These can all handle a beating: sturdy and well made.  I’ve listed only the ones with an average of 4 stars or more on the Amazon reviews. 

LEGO Walkie Talkies  

This walkie Talkie is just what you’d want for your kids to play with: the talking distance is up to a mile, so they can play at hiding and going under cover while they’re also staying within reasonable range of the house. The gender-neutral style will be appreciated by boys and tomboy-girls. 

It’s easy to use: just one talk button – on / off. That’s it. 

There’s volume control and just one channel to choose from: easy of use comes first. 

Aims at toddlers and pre-school children – more toys for four year old boys  

Hello Kitty Mini FRS/GMRS 22 Channels 2-Way Radio Set

I guess girls want to talk from a distance as much as boys do. This cute Hello Kitty Walkie Talkie set is pretty advanced, survives being dropped and is of course pink. There’s a belt clip for easy storage when your girl is exploring with her friends. 

Range up to 2 miles FRS, 5 Miles GMRS. The distance is enough for kids to talk between adjacent apartment buildings in town. 

For older kids – 6 and up.   

Disney Pixar Cars 2 Walkie Talkies 

Fun walkie talkies – the specifications are similar to the Lego Walky Talky: covers a mile too. Like the other Walkie Talkie’s reviewed here this one is sturdy and will bounce off very well. 

One grandma notes that her grandson with down syndrome uses it very happily. 

Aims at toddlers and pre-school children

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