Best Car Gadgets

Buying a new car is always an adventure. The chrome and the polish thrills us and its a great feeling to push the pedal down and let the beauty fly!

Aside from the responsibilities, having a car can also be fun. Here’s some practical and sweet gadgets to make it just that bit more cool to drive. 

The space in your car is limited and the choices are virtually endless. Please take a look at the options presented on this page and I am sure you’d get a few ideas to make your Car the Best in the Whole World!

Handpresso Outdoor Espresso Set

A must have for all Coffee Lovers. The Handpresso Outdoor Espresso Set is great for Outings, Get-Togethers, and Picnics.

Prepare Creme filled Espresso in the middle of nowehere and surprise your fellow Travelers. Just pump it up, add hot water and Espresso Pod – enjoy the heavenly drink.

Really Portable and Classy – it’s also a good gift idea for someone Dear who has purchased a New set of Wheels.


515RsrpMkWLRear View Camera

A heaven sent Gadget for folks like us who have a hard time Backing Up. The seven inch Monitor provides a big and clear view of what lies where our eyes can’t see!

The cool feature of this Gadget is that the Monitor starts automatically as we back up the Car and changes back to the original Screen after that!

At just a few cents over $ 35.00 – this is one Gadget which will make the Driving and Parking experience much smoother and enjoyable.

ImagePowerline 200-Watt Coffee Cup Inverter with USB Charging Port and Two Outlets

Turns your simple car charger into a USB charging port with one USB and two electricity outlets. So go ahead and charge your laptop and your smart phone, for instance. 

Fits most modern cup holders, though not all will work: the cup does need room to breathe at the bottom. 

Universal USB Car Charger

Another charger for your car. This is my #1 Recommendation for all Car Owners. All of us own Multiple Gadgets like Mobiles, Tablets, eBook Readers, and the like which can be Charged through a USB Charger.

It can be real awkward to find the Battery loose life, specially when one is miles away from a charging point. It’s also way cheaper than the one above and takes up less room as well. 

The Universal USB Car Charger for Mobile Gadgets is available in Black and White. It’s under $ 2.50 and I suggest buying half a dozen and giving some to your friends as well!  

Parrot Asteroid MINI – In-car multimedia system with Apps, Music and Bluetooth hands-free

It is dangerous to talk on our mobile phone while driving. In nearly all States it is illegal too. Be safe while driving and talk hands-Free with the Parrot Asteroid Mini.

This is a complete Multi-Media Entertainment Unit which connects to the Internet and is compatible with Apple iPad, iPod, and iPhone as well as Android, RIM, Symbian and Bada. In short: you can connect this to any smart phone you may have. 

Play music from a USB Drive or SD Card. Multipoint technology enables connection with 2 Mobiles Simultaneously.

That’s not all – we can also download Apps from the Asteroid Market. The ones on Points of Interest, Navigation, and Driving Assistance will be of special interest to Car owners.

Personally I’m a bit nervous about touching appliances (even those built into the car) while driving, but a more seasoned driver will love the options. This gadget is especially suitable to people who have the money to invest in a higher end music system, but not a better car which will have all of these options built in. 

More gadgets and gizmos

What’s your favorite Car Gadget? 

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