Unique Christmas Themes, Holiday Decorations

Preparing for Christmas

Preparing for Christmas is fun and nerve wracking. Personal style trumps fashion every time, doesn’t it? Or does it? Because it’s never too early (or too late) to start planning for Christmas!

Nutcracker Christmas Theme

The famous Christmas Ballet tradition of the Nutcracker is a sweet story and a beautiful show. As a Christmas theme the Nutcracker is nostalgic and has a vintage feel.

Going to see The Nutcracker ballet during the Christmas season is a tradition shared by many families across the world. Having Christmas decorations that follow that theme is both fun and even nostalgic for many. There are actually people who collect nutcrackers as a hobby. Companies have developed so many different styles of this classic icon of Christmas. Some represent the traditional character while others celebrate a hobby, movie, or sport.

A set of Nutcracker ornaments for your Christmas tree. This package has six Nutcracker soldiers that are 5 inches tall. They have a traditional look and resemble the soldiers that most of us associate with the ballet. You can decorate an entire tree with this theme. Have a few packages of these ornaments and fill in the rest of the tree with candy style ornaments, single color balls, single color drop downs and more that have to do with the ballet.

Kurt Adler has a line of Nutcracker figurines called ‘Hollywood Nutcrackers‘ that have fun food hats. This one was designed by Holly Adler and features a tasty looking cupcake in shades of pink, white and red with a cherry on top for his hat. He stands on a sandwich cookie. He is fun, whimsical and would look great any any room that you are decorating for Christmas. This nutcracker is for decorative purposes only and does not crack nuts. He stands 15 inches tall.

Inspired by the classic Christmas story by Dickens and the Nutcracker from the ballet, we have a Scrooge nutcracker figurine that makes for a fun Christmas decoration. He stands 15 inches tall and is a combination of painted wood and fabric accents. A perfect idea for anyone who is a Dickens fan.

A very elegant Nutcracker decoration in icy crystal. He stands 17 1/2 inches tall and plays a trumpet. What a lovely piece to add to a centerpiece display on the Christmas table! Although he looks to be made of glass, he actually is made of acrylic so you will not have to worry about him toppling over and getting broken. A unique and different way to incorporate the Nutcracker into your Christmas decor.

Choosing a theme for Christmas

Decorating your house with only one theme helps it look better – mixing themes can be homely, but also a mish mash.

Below you’ll find various theme ideas for your Christmas decorations – inside the home and out – that can be fun, personal, traditional or classy: just to your taste.

Some are definitely unique: what about a Bob Marley Christmas theme, yoga, wicca or a tree devoted to staying fit? Others are more traditional. I hope you find something to spark up your holidays!

A Victorian Christmas

The Victorian era of British history was the period of Queen Victoria’s reign from 20 June 1837 until her death on 22 January 1901. That

I’ve selected examples of home decor from the 19th century that’s suitable for your Christmas Decorations.

Fair Trade – decorating with a conscience

It is always a good idea to take into account the consequences of our shopping. Around Christmas however, having decorations that you know (or suspect) hurt people or the environment directly or indirectly feels a bit more wrong than at other times.

If you choose fair trade ornaments for your Christmas tree, you will be decorating in style, and with a conscience. Isn’t that just right for the Holiday spirit?

Some Decorating Ideas For Christmas

Are you looking for some of the best Christmas decorations available this year? Perhaps you are going to decorate your first Christmas tree or have moved into your first apartment or house and will decorate for the first time with your decorations. Maybe you have reached a time where you want a complete overhaul of the decorations that you have used for years. There are so many options available that I think sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to decide what to add to your Christmas decor or where to begin with the first decorations.

Personally, I think you should first decide what color scheme you will want for your Christmas decorations. Do you want a traditional look with reds, greens and whites? Just red and white? Or would you rather go with something with some of the contemporary combinations like champagne, browns and turquoise? You can also pick just one color to work with. You might want your Christmas decor to follow in the color scheme of your home or the room that the tree will be in. The wonderful thing is, you can do any of these. Just make sure that you pick something that you won’t tire of because you will probably use these decorations for several years before replacing them.

In addition to the green of the evergreens and tree, I would recommend sticking with only one or at most two other colors. So red, green and silver works. Red green and purple is already pushing it. Red, green, gold and blue is definitely too much.

Some popular colors for Christmas tree decorations are:

Jewel toned ornaments are quite popular this season. I think they have a very retro look to them and remind me of the colors that were used on the silver Christmas trees back in the 1960s. This particular set has 125 pieces of shatterproof ornaments in different shapes and textures. Some are shiny, some are a matte finish and others have some glitter to them. A nice set to use for a first Christmas tree or when you are changing the look of your tree. I think these ornaments would look fantastic on a silver or white tree.

red-gold-christmas-treeRed and Gold Christmas Tree: Balls and Baubles

Red and gold Christmas tree decorations

I love a Gold and Red Christmas theme, so I’ve gathered red and gold Christmas balls together on this page. In most cases they’re made to fit the gold and red Christmas theme, though in some cases other colors have slipped through.

A real Christmas tree with red and gold decorations

I used red Baubles and gold ribbon to decorate this small Christmas tree. Festive and cute, don’t you think?

Other themes

Another thought for your Christmas decorations is to follow a bit of a theme. It can fall into just a traditional style, a whimsical style, contemporary or even a retro or vintage look. You can get very specific on a theme, too. You might enjoy finding ornaments and decorations that celebrate your heritage, a hobby or sport. The theme is your choice and there are plenty of ideas that will help you create a decorated home that fits you and your personality.

If you think about the striking Christmas trees that you see on display in stores, they have something in common. They all follow a specific color scheme or theme. It might be a combination of one or two colors, perhaps three, but they do not stray away from a the main color scheme. I have selected some of the best colors for Christmas decorations available this year.

Contemporary colors of Christmas are displayed in this nine piece set. They kind of look like pieces of candy. The colors used are magenta, kiwi green, orchid purple and turquoise. Each ornament has a different design and color combination for a unique look. They are embellished with glitter, too. Shatterproof plastic makes them safe to have around children and pets. Each ornament is about 3 inches.

You might prefer a more traditional color scheme for your Christmas ornaments so something like the Twelve Days of Christmas set will appeal to you more. You can fill in the spaces with solid red ornaments, white ornaments and green ornaments. Select balls and drop downs to add interest. The package of twelve ornaments shown here are glass with metal holders. Each ball ornament shows one of the days in the traditional song with a glitter number on it.

Animal Christmas Ornaments

Whether you’re a cat or a dog person, have a rabbit or a mouse, a rat or a bird – or even when you don’t – animal Christmas decorations are cute for the animal lover.

Best Christmas Decorations For A Tree

I like to use different color decorations every year. One year we had pink (this didn’t go down well with my husband!) another red and gold, then silver and blue and this year we had lots of candyland colors. I’ve gone through lots of different combinations. We store all the decorations by color so it is very easy to select the combinations I’m looking for every year. Decorating for Christmas is fun.

— Marie (a reader)

Wreaths To Decorate A Door Or Wall Space

You can spruce up a door or a space on a wall with a wreath that is decorated for Christmas. You have several options to choose from. You can buy a naked wreath and decorate it yourself or you can purchase a pre-decorated to go with the style that you want for your home. Wreaths add a warmth and welcoming to the the guests who approach your door and also can add color and cheer to a wall in any room.

This very traditional style wreath that can hang on a door or wall. The 24 inch wreath is decorated with pine cones and red ball that resemble holly berries along with eucalyptus leaves. This is an artificial wreath and not constructed of living materials so it can be used for years to come. This wreath does not light up.

A smaller wreath suited for indoor decor this 14 inch wreath is colorful with Christmas balls creating the round design. The reds look like rubies and the greens like emeralds that are fit for a King. This wreath does light up and used two AA batteries that are not included in your purchase.

Create Your Own Christmas Traditions

It does not matter which way you decide to decorate your home or office for the Christmas season because it is a very personal matter with each of us. Just make sure that your decorations have a meaning for you or project your personality and the way you feel about Christmas. Start your own tradition in the way you decorate for the holiday.

When you are first beginning to decorate your own home you might not be able to afford to get all of the trimmings. Do not let that deter you from starting, though. Purchase some basics the first year and then add to them each year until you have the perfect setting to celebrate your holidays with friends and family.