Best authors of Clean Romantic Novels

Romance book authors – historic and modern day, contemporary and classic

I’m a sucker for a clean (not too steamy) romance novel on a cold afternoon. I’m also an avid reader and can read two or three on one day (when I’m really spoiling myself). The result is that I’ve read a lot of romantic books in the past few decades. What follows are my favorite romance novels and series by my favorite (aka the best) romantic authors ever.

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Top Clean Regency Romance Novels Ever

Best Historical Romances set in the Regency Era – available for Kindle

Historical Regency Romance Novels have a built in tension that no modern novel can have: all that suspense because without touching (let alone x-rated action) it’s all about manners, feelings, words, social customs and hindrances… Personally I like my romance novels clean like that, so this list reflects that. Don’t think though that this means these are all CHRISTIAN romances. Those are included here too though. 

On this page I feature both the classic Jane Austen and more modern authors like Georgette Heyer and Candice Hern.

The quintessential regency romance novelist is Jane Austen, but since she wrote about the people of her time she is not what you’d call a ‘historical’ romance novelist. Still, I’ve listed her works here because they really are genius. It’s no wonder they’ve been turned into movies and reworked countless times. I think she’s funny as well as very observant of people. Continue reading Top Clean Regency Romance Novels Ever