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Astronomy is one of the oldest Sciences. From the ancient Sumerians to the Modern Age human beings have always been fascinated by what the stars have to tell us. Astronomy Softwarehelps you access all that mystery, without having to study the physics necessary to become a real astronomer.

Like most people I find the stars really attractive and mesmerizing, I can spend hours lying down and simply looking at them. Computers and Software have reduced complex calculations, which are an integral part of Astronomy, to a very easy job. Mathematical calculations which required days to finish till a few decades ago – can now be computed by a simple home PC in a few minutes or even seconds! There is a wide variety of Software available to help Astronomers – both Amateur and Professional.

This page presents some of the best reviewed Astronomy Software which can help your hobby and work become more entertaining and productive. Use this Software to become a better Astronomer.


Starry Night Enthusiast 6.3 Astronomy Software

For your windows and mac home

PC Starry Night Enthusiast 6.3 is certainly the number one among Astronomy Software. Over 10,000 classrooms use this brilliant Software. It has an intuitive interface and allows users to zoom to any heavenly body with just a click. The Starry Night Companion book is a cool resource for Astronomers of all levels. Over 70 guided and interactive multimedia tours help users become familiar with this useful resource. The Daily Events Reminder alerts you about happenings in the heavens, the SkyTheater DVD, which contains short movies about astronomy is another bonus included in this package.  


Starry Night Complete Space & Astronomy Software

For your windows and mac home PC

A great Software to get one started in Astronomy. If you’ve been planning to take up Astronomy as a hobby – this is the perfect starting point for you. With direct, easy-to-understand explanations and impressive visuals of all kinds of night sky phenomena, it is the perfect tool to start understanding the heavens above us. As new discoveries are made, the new objects will automatically update into the software! You will never feel lost with this lovely tool. A great gift idea for budding Astronomers.  


Starry Night Pro 6.3 Astronomy Software

For your windows and mac home PC

As expected, this Software is intended for serious Astronomers and has many extra features compared to the Starry Night Enthusiast 6.3. You can print out three-view star hopping charts customized to your equipment that effortlessly guide you to challenging objects. With extensive data sets, advanced telescope control, and comprehensive observational tools, Starry Night Pro is a powerful program which will help you convert your computer into a sophisticated virtual observatory.  

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