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The Guitar is no doubt one of the most popular Music Instruments, and perhaps the most popular among String Instruments. So it’s no wonder you want to learn. Learn at your own pace with Software to help you learn the guitar. Whether it is the Classical Acoustic or the modern Electric Guitar – the range of music and sounds this instrument is capable of producing is amazing.

However, learning how to play the Guitar can be tough and expensive. Guitar Lesson Software present a convenient and affordable alternative to expensive private lessons. While they may not be able to guide us with the expertise and precision that a Human Guitar Guru would – they certainly can help everyone from a beginner to those at the advanced level.

Please choose from the one of the Guitar Lesson Software presented on this page and hone your Guitar playing skills. Let us know if you would like more such Software to be included on this page.

Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar, Expanded Edition, Steve Krenz, 20 DVDs, 5 Jam-Along CDs & Lecture Book, from Legacy Learning
A complete resource for all those who would like to learn how to play guitar. This Software + Book Package has won numerous awards and is considered one of the best home instruction course for learning guitar available anywhere. Free Online student support site will guide you as you learn the ropes – or the strings 😉

Alfred’s Teach Yourself to Play Guitar: Everything You Need to Know to Start Playing the Guitar! (Book & DVD)
Learn how to play both – Acoustic as well as Electric Guitar with Alfred’s Teach Yourself to Play Guitar. Over 60 songs have been included from different genres like the blues, country, folk, jazz and heavy metal. The combination of the full motion video with an animated fretboard makes learning how to play Guitar an enjoyable and easy task.

iPlayMusic Beginner Guitar Lesson Software for PC and MP3
The first Guitar Lesson Software to be fully integrated with PC and Video iPod. Learn howto play guitar, play hit songs, create music in ACID XMC (software included) and export lessons to your video iPod. Over four hours of interactive video guitar lessons, an 80-page eBook and multiple chord charts makes this a very useful resource for Guitarists of all age groups. Go from beginner to pro in a flash!

Guitar Based Video/Computer Games

Video and Computer games which are based on playing Guitar have become very popular. Certainly an indication of the versatility and popularity of this sweet music instrument. From kids to oldies – individuals of all age groups, who have an ear for music and like playing the Guitar, enjoy these cool and clean games.

Make and Mix Guitar Music

Guitar Pro 6
Certainly a cool set of tools for all Guitarists. Guitar Pro 6 will have you creating bestseller music in no time with its easy to use functions. This new version comes with features like : Over 50 pedal effects and numerous sound banks, Rhythm slash, Parametric equalization on each track, and Anacrusis. Quickly and easily capture the notes with the keyboard, mouse, or a MIDI instrument, then play back to facilitate composing or learning.

Guitar and Guitar Accessories

Full Size Black Electric Guitar with Amp, Case and Accessories Pack Beginner Starter Package

If you or someone you know plays the guitar or is learning to play the guitar, there are always some great accessories that can be added as a gift for their birthday or any of the other gift giving holidays throughout the year.

Open Source Guitar Lesson Software

There are some pretty cool Open Source Guitar Lesson software available Online. Featured below are links to these awesome sources which can help you become better at playing the instrument you love. Have fun!
Shown here is my youngest brother playing the guitar at Christmas (yes, we’re a weird family).

    TuxGuitar is an opensource multitrack tablature editor. You can read and write Guitar Pro files using TuxGuitar.
  • Wiki Books – Guitar
    One of the featured books on Wiki Books. Pretty cool resources for all Guitar lovers!

A reader writes:

Nowadays there are so many different methods of learning the guitar (even through video games like you highlighted). I do know to play a few chords, but I play more just to relax. I’ve never used software to learn, but something to look into.

Garage Band for the Mac users out there

Garageband offers some tutorials right in the software for both piano and guitar. Additionally, you can download additional lessons and get access to artists lessons. If you’ve just bought a Mac and are messing around with Garageband for the first time, this could be a blast. The Artist lessons feature rock/pop stars teaching one of their songs (Sting teaches how to play “Roxanne,” as I recall)
Pascal_H, reader of this page

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