Funny Office Gag Gifts

Working for years in the same cubicle with roughly the same set of co-workers can be real dour. Working in Office can make even the most fun loving of us a routine and boring individual over the course of a few years.

However, we forget that the only person stopping us from having Fun in the Office is ourself. There are lots of Funny and Gag gift items which can help infuse laughter and energy and make Office an entertaining place to be in.

Please take a look at the options presented on this page and use them on opportune moments to play pranks on your colleagues.

Shown above: Natico Decision Maker and Paper Weight – decisions like ‘sit on it’, ‘no’ and ‘reorganize’. 

Funny hand sanitizer – For the office

Comes with lines like ‘Divine Intervention’, ‘Ew’, ‘You Nasty’ and ‘OCD’ 🙂
For that coworker who forgets to wash their hands. Or you. Or…

Instant Excuse Ball

Twenty different excuses to choose from, including the most common to ones you may not have thought about before. This is an ideal gag gift for those who need a quick excuse and a funny icebreaker for the office or home.

Knock Knock Nifty Note PadsPassive Aggressive note

Filling the boring office surveys can be a real pain. Why not have some fun with your Employees or Colleagues with the Knock Knock Note Pads. Some of the options available are – Knock Knock Nifty Note Pad, WTF, Knock Knock Shit List Note Pad, Knock Knock Nifty Note Pad, Passive-Aggressive Note, and Apology Pad. Please do take a look at this amusing line of Note Pads and I am sure you’ll get lots of ideas on how to use them in your Office. 

Practical Jokes CalculatorPractical Jokes Calculator

Did you see the Message on the Calculator Screen? Imagine the look on the face of your Colleague when she or he sees messages like “try later” or “who cares” at the end of a long calculation! The PJ Calculator looks like a regular one and can even function like one. It is a great gag gift idea for kids at home as well.

Funny Clocks

I hate watching Time go by and don’t really like to view a Clock often during the course of the day. However, not many of us can afford this luxury while working in an Office. There are lots of interesting Clocks which can surprise co-workers and make them laugh. Melting Clock and Backwards Clock are certainly worth a look. Replace your Office Clock with one of these or gift them to a Colleague and enjoy the expression on his/her face! 
Giant Gag Gifts  Does a particular colleague like big things? If yes – there’s lots of Jumbo Stuff you can gift. Jumbo Ballpoint Pens, Giant Wooden Pencil and Erasers, Big Scissors< – there’s lots of stuff available to make XXL Lovers smile!

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