Fun Kitchen Gag Gifts

I love gag gifts! I love giving them and love getting them even more. In my opinion, the kitchen gag gifts are the most fun. Life just gets too tense sometimes so any time we can create a time to share laughter with our family and friends is actually very healthy for all of us. We shouldn’t take life so seriously. Nothing makes you feel better than a good old fashioned laugh that starts at the belly and moves up to your mouth making you shake with joy! Gag gifts offer that very thing. Here are a few things that I found that are fun, sometimes useful but good for a laughter filled gift giving experience.

Shown here: Cupcake Bandages, 15 Die-Cut Sterile Strips

If I Die At Walmart, Please Drag My Body To Neiman Marcus Foam Cups

You know that you have a friend that these foam cups are perfect for! One package has 10 cups in it and would be fun to use at a party. She or he can have some real fun serving cold or hot beverages to their guests. The cups hold 20 oz of liquid and would be fun to serve cocktails in.

Big Mouth Toys The Prescription Coffee Mug

What a fun gag gift for the coffee lover! It is also perfect for a nurse or doctor. Ceramic coffee mug holds 12 ounces of liquid. They can put it in the microwave and wash it in the dishwasher. Funny prescription message on a cup that looks like a pill bottle.

TOAST Sterile BANDAGES novelty gift gag first-aid kitchen travel

We all know that accidents happen in the kitchen. We slice a finger with a knife, burn our fingers on the stove and a various sundry of other places that cause us to have the need of a band-aid. Having a supply of bandages in the kitchen is always a good idea. A fun gag gift on that line of thought would be ones that look like a piece of toast. Yes, you read that correctly…toast bandages! Comes in a retro looking tin and contains twenty-five bandages. They are a nice size, too. Each one is 3 inches long and 3/4 of an inch wide.

Brown Paper Bag- INSULATED Lunch Bag

When you give them this fun novelty gift, they can literally brown bag it for lunch! But this bag is no joke, it really can safely carry lunch because it is insulated to keep things cold or warm. The top has a magnet closure. The original brown bag that was made of paper would sometimes fall victim to getting wet and splitting apart but this bag is made of a durable tear resistant material that will carry lunch without the worries of paper.

The Jesus Toaster

When I saw this novelty toaster, I immediately thought of all those eBay auctions that had food with the divine images miraculously appearing on them. Well, with this toaster your friend can have their own miraculous piece of toast every morning! Besides toasting an imprint of Jesus on every slice this toaster actually has some nice features. There are seven different heat settings and a defrost setting. You can reheat and you can cancel it all if you want.

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