Fairy Tales Recordable Books

Kids and adults love fairy tales: their ‘once upon a time’ set takes us away from every day life. Unlike legends, we don’t take them as fact – they’re just fun and engaging. Fairy tales usually have some sort of magic involved: whether it’s witches, fairies, goblins, dragons and talking animals.

Now that recordable books have become popular Hallmark has come out with a line of recordable fairy tales. Imagine your grandchild hearing your favorite fairy tale in your voice again and again! No doubt that tale will become their favorite as well.

Classic Record a Story: Goldilocks and the Three BearsGoldilocks and the three bears is a classic fairy tale of a little girl who finds herself in the company of, you guessed it, three bears in a hut in the middle of a forest. It’s really a bear family: mom, dad and little bear. The three bears are good-natured, trusting, harmless, tidy, and hospitable.

The Goldilocks fairy tale is sweet and cute.

Classic Record a Story: Little Red Riding HoodLittle Red Cap, also known as Little Red Riding Hood is a scary fairy tale about a girl and a Big Bad Wolf. I can still picture the hut and forest as it appeared in my mind when I heard that story as a child. I’m not sure our version was illustrated, but this one certainly is. The girl walks in the forest to her grandmother, but the grandmother has been eaten by a wolf who pretends to be her grandmother. The story is scary, but of course all ends well.
Classic Record a Story: The Three Little PigsThree little pigs are sent out into the world to seek their fortune. The first pig builds a straw house, but the big bad wolf blows it over. The pig gets eaten. The second pig also builds a house that’s blown over, but the last pig builds a house that’s too strong for the wolf.

This classic fairy tale instills the values of hard work and planning ahead.

Classic Record a Story: The Ugly DuckingIn the ugly duckling we find a duckling who is different from the other ducklings. However, the other ducklings grow up to be ducks, because the ugly duckling turns into a beautiful swan.

In this fairy tale of course we learn that being different may pass and that beauty can come as an adult.

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