Best Bollywood Gift Ideas

Global Bollywood!

Bollywood is the Indian Version of Hollywood. Rather the Hindi Language Version of Hollywood. Coz India does have several other Centers of Film Production as well. It is located in Mumbai (Formerly known as Bombay) and happens to churn out Hundreds of Movies each year. With the Indian Diaspora being present in many Countries and India opening up to the Global Economy in the past 2 decades – Bollywood has started taking the initial steps to becoming a Global Entertainment Factory!

The attempt here is to present really Cool Bollywood Gift Ideas which will please the Veterans and the Uninitiated alike. Shown here: The Art Of Bollywood

Bollywood Dance DVD’sExercise and Fun!

Forget Zumba Fitness and Jillian Michaels – try Bollywood Dance to vanish away your blues and shed some calories. Must confess – I have two left feet. However, I have enjoyed watching hundreds of Bollywood Movies and am sure for those of us who are not acquainted with Indian/Bollywood Dance – these DVD’s would be a breath of fresh air.

You can try them out solo or with a partner. The moves are very different from Western Dances and lay a lot of stress on Flexibility. No doubt they’ll help you Stretch and be Healthy!



Bollywood Costumes

Halloween Fun!

The Costumes of Bollywood are inspired by the Colors and Traditions of India and I am sure they’d leave you dazzled! There is something for everyone – be it the Ladies, Men, or Kids. See: Bollywood costumes for women and girls and Bollywood Costume for Guys.

They are great gift ideas for Halloween. Why not set up a Bollywood Themed Party during Halloween 2013? Sounds like a great idea. Children would love to dress up in one of these lovely Costumes during a Fancy Dress Competition too!


Bollywood Posters

Hand Painted Posters were the norm in this Movie Industry till the 1980’s. With the availability of more finances and better technology – Bollywood has gone the Hollywood way. Lots of Glamor and Glitz these days.

I am sure these Posters will be received well by all Bollywood Fans as gifts on Birthdays, Anniversaries, and other special occasions and celebrations!

Bollywood Poster

Bollywood Jewelry

The Perfect Affordable Gift!

Indians Love Jewelry and this is reflected in Bollywood. With the passage of time the tastes have changed. While in the previous Decades the leading ladies used to adorn themselves with heavy pieces, the trend nowadays is towards light Jewelery.

Whatever your taste – there are lots of choices. What’s great is that Bollywood Imitation and Costume Jewelry is available @ affordable prices. There’s no need to invest a lot in looking Beautiful – the Bollywood Way!

Buy Best Bollywood Jewelry

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