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Ornaments That Celebrate A Healthy Lifestyle

We are encouraged on a regular basis to live a healthy lifestyle. One of the ways to accomplish that is through exercise and fitness training. Sometimes it is not enough to just eat a healthier diet, we often times need to participate in some kind of activity that will keep us in better shape physically. If you have embraced one of these activities and make it a regular part of your life, a Christmas ornament or two might be something fun to put on your tree this year. And yes, you can find Christmas ornaments that celebrate both fitness and exercise. Let me show you some of them.

Fitness Is A Choice

We may or may not love to exercise but we know that we are healthier for the effort and have made a choice to be physically fit. It may be that we are maintaining our weight through exercise or we may have started an exercise campaign in an effort to lose weight and keep it off. Some may choose to walk off the calories while others prefer to run. We may like the types of exercises that sculpt a better body image with toned abs and better defined muscles. There are many ways for us humans to exercise our bodies while having a fitness regimen as a part of our lives. Maybe having something inspirational on our Christmas tree will remind us that we have made a commitment to living healthier or maybe it is because there is a form of exercise that we feel very passionate about.

christmas_tree_runner_oval_ornamentRunning Tree Ornament

If you love to run on a regular basis or perhaps run in marathons to keep fit, a festive little ornament like this would look great on your tree this year and in the years to come.

live_love_exercise_ornament_roundLive, Love, Exercise

We would not have to even specify how we choose to exercise but just have something that makes the statement that we do exercise to keep ourselves healthy and fit. It might be that we go to Yoga once a week and maybe walk or run on other days of the week. An ornament like this would fit the bill on our tree.

It really does not matter which form of exercise you might prefer, it could be weightlifting, playing tennis, swimming or any activity that gives your body a good workout; there are ornaments that celebrate all sorts of fitness activities for you to hang on your tree this year.

Burn Those Calories And Tone Those Muscles

What a fun set of ornaments that kind of says it all, don’t they. You know that old adage, no pain no gain and if our muscles are screaming at us from our efforts it might help to have something with a whimsical message like burn baby burn. Of course the longer we stay at it, the less those muscles yell at us and eventually we are glad that we stuck with the exercise regimen. These fitness ornaments will bring a smile on your face and reaffirm your intention to stay fit. 

For Those Who Exercise At A Gym

Oh those machines that exercise our muscles and get our bodies in shape. They are pieces of equipment that we almost love to hate, are they not. And when we first start using them we often feel like the machine just might get the better of us before it is over.

Exercise Fitness Bike Ornament by TshirtEmporium at Zazzle.com

A fun ornament that can be printed just for you to have on your tree this year. It is printed on both sides of a ceramic oval and includes a ribbon to conveniently hang on your tree.

Fitness Exercise Ornamentfitness_exercise_ornament-zazzle by TshirtEmporium at zazzle

If that exercise bike at the gym ever got the better of you, you will love this ornament! Sometimes we just have to laugh to make the pain go away.

gym_heart_christmas_tree_ornamentGym Heart Christmas Tree Ornament by FunnySchool at zazzle.com

And sometimes maybe we just need to remember that we do love the gym. If we say it often enough, we may begin to believe it!

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