Jewish Religious Books for Children

Shalom ve Ahavah!!! Best Jewish books for Kids

According to the Jewish holy book – Children are a gift from God. Women who gave birth to many children were considered blessed by Jews in ancient times. Can you imagine – Hebrew has 11 different words for Children, depending on how old and physically strong they are. 

For thousands of years – Jews have treasured learning. Knowledge of the history of Israel, Jewish Scriptures, Religious holidays and traditions has always been considered vital to a Jewish child’s upbringing.

Are you looking for Jewish Religious books for your kids? If yes, you have reached the right place. Let’s check out some of the hottest stuff available online.

Young kids

Jewish Religious Books for Young Children, Recommended for Pre-k, Kindergarten and early elementary school

Let My People Go! – Really Big Coloring Book

Help your kids learn the story of the exodus while they have fun coloring the beautiful illustrations. The coloring book is really big and 30+ pages at this price is real good value for money. Let My People Go is A great way to encourage the creative instinct of children.

Recommended For : Children between 4 and 9 years of age..

A Child’s Garden of Torah: A Read-Aloud Bedtime Bible

Make your children familiar with the Torah. A Child’s Garden of Torah contains simplified retold versions of 25 interesting Religious stories. Your child will learn everything from the creation of the world to the death of Moses! The kids will simply love the stories presented in a simple yet interesting manner. Read them to your kids at bed-time or during the weekend.

Recommended For : Babies and Preschool Kids.

 What Makes Someone a Jew?

What I like about this book is that it shows, both in image and words, the diversity of the Jewish heritage.

Recommended For : Children between 4 and 8 years of age.

The Jewish Child’s First Book of Why

Children are curious by nature and have a million questions about their surroundings and what happens around them. They deserve to know more about their faith. This charming book by Rabbi Kolatch explains the basic traditions and rituals of Judaism, in a very simple language. It also includes answers on Jewish holidays and celebrations. Kids will simply love the beautiful full-color illustrations in the book.

This book continues the Jewish tradition of critical examination of faith.

Recommended For : Kids aged 4 years and above.

Classic Bible Stories for Jewish Children

Another nice book for Kids by Rabbi Alfred J. Kolatch. This book covers twenty four Biblical heroes. It has beautiful color illustrations and makes for great bed time reading. Help your children learn more about these great men and women of the Jewish faith in a simple and enjoyable manner.

Recommended For : Kids aged 5 years and above.


Jewish Religious Books for Pre-Teens

The Jewish Kids’ Catalog

Published by the Jewish Publication Society of America – Jewish Kids’ Catalog is in its eight edition of printing. This fabulous book has all the stuff your kid needs to know about Judaism. Not just Jewish History, Holidays and Customs, Origins of Jewish Names – this book also contains fun stuff like crafts, cooking projects, stories, and songs. Your kid will never be bored while reading this cool Jewish book.

Recommended For : Children between 9 and 12 years of age.

Children’s Illustrated Jewish Bible

With more than 70 stories from the Jewish Bible – and maps and full-color photographs of places and artifacts – Children’s Illustrated Jewish Bible is the gateway of Religious and Spiritual knowledge for Jewish kids. What’s more – the beautiful Bible includes a bonus CD which has audio of of sixteen best-loved stories! The informative and enlightening style of story telling sets apart this Jewish Bible. Cool gift for Jewish Kids!

Recommended For : Children between 9 and 12 years of age.

Teens and young adults

Jewish Religious Books for Teenagers and Young Adults

Thinking Jewish Teenager’s Guide to Life

This book is not only for Jewish teenagers, even young adults will find it a good guide for tackling various difficult issues in life. This wonderful book explains how the principles behind Judaism can help us take responsible decisions and maintain positive relationships. Helps your teenager mature into an adult with a solid character and depth of thought.

Recommended For : Teenagers and Young Adults.

The JGirl’s Guide: The Young Jewish Woman’s Handbook for Coming of Age

This book is a great gift for Jewish teenage and young adult girls. In fact, even the parents of young Jewish ladies will find the book helpful. It covers topics which concern all Jewish girls – Friendship, Eating, Health, Sexuality, Getting involved, Dealing with authority, Coping with stress, Self-esteem, Communication, Jewish Identity. Doesn’t your Princess need solid advice regarding these vital issues? Buy this book and discuss the important aspects of her life. This book will certainly help bring parents closer to their girls.

Recommended For : Teenage and Young Adult Girls.

Rabbi Harvey Rides Again: A Graphic Novel of Jewish Folktales Let Loose in the Wild West

Rabbi Harvey returns to the streets of Elk Spring, Colorado. Rabbi Harvey is also a Wild West Sheriff, and is known for his remarkable wisdom and wit. These Jewish folk tales set in the Wild West will entertain kids and adults alike. Buy yourself a copy or gift it to someone.

Recommended For : Teenagers and Young Adults.

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What’s your favorite book about Judaism for kids?

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