Yoga Christmas Tree Ornaments and Decorations

9953020_f260Christmas Holiday Decorations for Yogis

Yoga is practiced by millions of people all over the world. They belong to different faiths and celebrate all the festivals mankind does. If you are a Yogi, i.e. a person who practices Yoga – whether it’s pilates, astanga or power yoga – you’ll definitely enjoy the selection of Yoga Ornaments and other Spiritual Christmas Decorations presented on this page.

Bring in Joy and Happiness to your yoga class, home and family this Christmas. Yoga makes a fun and personal theme for Christmas.

Have you been looking for a Yoga Christmas tree ornament to add to your holiday decor? People have begun to embrace the disciplines of mind, body and spirituality in the form of Yoga more and more.

Yoga ornaments have started to become popular with many students as a part of decorating. They make a nice item to have for your own tree and also would be a thoughtful gift for your Yogi.

You can find ornaments that are on the whimsical side or ones that are more in tune with the disciplines of Yoga.

31rtZXS3SSLCandle Holders for Christmas and the Holiday Season

Beautify your Christmas Tree and Home with with these really classy Yoga candles, candle holders, and Christmas Tree Ornaments. Whether it’s Santa or the Alley Cats sitting in a Yogic pose – these Christmas Tree Ornaments inspired by Yoga are really special.

Yoga candles and candle holders are good for year around home decoration. Light up these Yoga candles and place them in beautiful Yoga candle holders.

514iMt5DH1L._SL1019_Traditional Style Yoga Ornaments for Christmas

Yoga Christmas tree ornaments can be found in a variety of shapes. Here is an example of three: a snowflake shape, an oval shape and a round shaped ornament.

Each of these ornaments are printed on porcelain and come with a red ribbon to use to hang on any branch of your Christmas tree. Due to the more traditional image and message these particular ornaments can also be used all during the year, if you choose. They would look just lovely hanging in a window. You could also attach one to your vanity mirror or hang it from your rear-view mirror in the car.

91zth1N5vVL._SL1500_Perfect Yoga Ornament For The Instructor

The design is printed on one side of the 3.5 inch circle. Made of porcelain the ornament can be hung from the gold string that is attached. A nice gift for your Yoga instructor at Christmas time. The little ornament can be hung on a tree or in a window or just anywhere you would like to showcase it.

61KgOzqAIAL._SL1470_Does Santa Practice Yoga?

Santa practicing Yoga is a pretty cool idea for Yoga Christmas tree ornaments. How else do you suppose that the jolly old elf of Christmas stays in such a happy and peaceful mood? My guess is he has been practicing the disciplines of Yoga for centuries. Now, you can show a little whimsy on your tree with Santa Yoga Ornaments.

This ornament also plays with the cliche of the thin yogi. As if yoga requires it! It doesn’t. All you need for yoga is a body you’re willing to get to know, as Santa obviously knows very well.

11743201_f260Your Ornaments Could Show The Different Poses Of Yoga

One idea for decorating a Christmas tree with Yoga ornaments is to select different poses shown on the ornament. There are ornaments with the very recognizable Lotus position but there are so many other poses that are used in the disciplines of Yoga. At the popular print on demand site, Zazzle, you can find several different options of Yoga poses along with other Yoga Christmas tree ornaments.

Yoga FrogsReal Cool Christmas Decorative Pieces, especially for the holidays

Advanced Asanas, i.e. poses of Yoga require great flexibility. Not all of us can achieve such levels of fitness. One may not be able to practice some Yoga Asanas, however, there is no one stopping us from admiring the beauty of these Asanas.

Yoga Statues and Sculptures are a real treat for Art lovers. Take a look at some of them and I am sure you will agree. These statues are available in different sizes. So whether you are looking for outdoor, indoor, or table Christmas Decorations – you will certainly find Yoga statues which meet your requirements.

61wmU7-rywL._SL1500_Relax This Christmas With Yoga

Yoga is a great natural way to relax our body and mind. Practicing Yoga relieves stress and detoxifies the body. Why not give your Christmas Decorations a Yogic flavor this year.

Most of these Decorative pieces are good for year around beautification of your home, so you won’t be investing in something that will look out of place – or – be useless after the Holiday season is over.

Shall we start with Yoga Incense? Right now I use cone shaped Sandal wood incense. I burn a cone each morning and evening. Sweet smelling Incense not only makes the air in the room pleasant to breathe, it also purifies the environment and calms the nerves.

Don’t miss the Yoga themed Incense burners and holders. There are plenty of artistic designs available.

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