Great Yoga Wall vs Yoga Swing/Sling for Inversion yoga

There are several ways of organizing inversion yoga at home or in the studio. The cheapest option, if you have a reliably constructed ceiling, is An Inversion Yoga Sling. Just hang it up bolted in the ceiling on one or two points (depending on the model). This is cheaper, but it is also less versatile. 

The Great Yoga Wall makes it possible to really turn your wall (literally) into a flexible base for your yoga work-out. Whether you need support high up, or something nearer ground level: once the yoga wall is installed, you can make it happen. 

Yoga Wall Equipment: at home or for your own studio

Some Yoga poses require a great deal of balance and flexibility. Unfortunately not all of us have the levels of fitness these Yoga Asanas require.

The Great Yoga Wall, Inc. comes in handy for beginners and intermediate level students of Yoga who’d like to reap the full benefits of Yoga and continue advancing in their quest.

This wonderful Yoga Equipment also offers more effective spinal and cervical traction using gravity, breath and awareness. Many yoga studios use The Great Yoga Wall – Very suitable for those who want to start their own yoga studio, or want a luxurious home studio to enhance their Yoga Experience.

The Great Yoga Wall

Advantages and Benefits of the Great Yoga Wall Equipment System explained

Have you ever tried doing the Shirshasana (Yoga Headstand), not many of us would be able to achieve the position let alone hold it for any length of time on our own.

Same is true for Yoga Asanas which require us to stretch. No doubt these Asanas are very beneficial for the neck, spine, and lower back – but only if we do them properly and hold the positions for the required length of time.

So these are the benefits of The Great Yoga Wall, Inc.:

  • You can hold Yoga poses longer.
  • It will help you improve your flexibility.
  • Progress faster in your learning of Yoga.
  • Become strong and reliable.
  • Great for therapeutic Yoga.
  • Easy to use.
  • Safe and Fun.

I bet the benefits of using The Great Yoga Wall will justify the investment you make in this cool piece of Yoga Equipment.

Reader responses

Never seen anything like it!! Really awesome and versatile. And looks safe! I particularly like that it doesn’t take up a lot of space, one could even have one at home without any issues!

That would work a lot better than me whacking my Korean Hot Yoga partner in the face. That must feel great to get that kind of stretch in and not to worry so much about falling over (unless the wall falls on you I guess….lol). Kamsahhamnida!

Oh I never heard of this before, but I often lose my balance with some poses. This would help me (and I bet) others greatly.

All the benefits of using the great yoga wall sound wonderfully healthy, although for me I don’t think I’d like to be hanging upside down. Makes me dizzy.

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Alternative for the Yoga Wall: the Yoga Swing / Sling / Inversion tool

An Inversion Yoga Sling helps Yogis perform gravity free Yoga and enjoy complete benefits of full body strength and core workout.It is the most fun, versatile, and effective Yoga swing available in the market.

Fly like a bird and perform the Asanas you always wanted to perform, but could not due to the inhibition of gravity.

OmGym helps Yogis experience a heightened level of Asana practice. Try it and say hi to a new Yoga experience.

9957478_f260Anti-gravity yoga swing

Anti-gravity yoga is a fun type of yoga in which one hangs in a swing or hammock, for aerial versions of yoga asanas.

Because you hang in the air the stresses on the body are very different from ordinary yoga. Gravity is less of a stress, with the result that you can get into very different poses and stretch and build your body more flexible.

Reader responses:

I would love to try it someday. I have a friend who tried it once and absolutely loved the experience.

I have an uncle who’s done this for years and, in his 90s, is still a practising doctor.


Yoga Wall is more versatile, and if you have the room for it, I would definitely recommend it. Especially if you’re looking at providing yoga instruction in that space. 

An Inversion Yoga Sling takes up less space and can be installed just about anywhere. It’s also the cheaper option. 

So, decide based on your budget and the amount of room you can spare!

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