Christmas Yoga Gift Ideas for Yoga Lovers

If you have a Yoga lover on your gift list this year, you might be wondering about what to give them. You can find affordable yoga gifts for both men and women here that they will be able to use and I am sure appreciate your thoughtfulness. For some, Yoga is a way of life while others use it for an exercise program. It is not uncommon for one who begins with the practice of Yoga in the form of the poses and exercises to grow on their journey to become more in tune with activities that will create a balance between the mind, body and spiritual aspect of their living.

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I’m really exited about one yoga present, so let me start with that: it’s a yoga bag that holds your yoga mat, gear, accessories and even a water bottle. It does that while making it easy not to wrinkle your cloths and folded out it functions as a cloths bag that can hang in your closet. See the images below for examples. As you can see it’s available in black and purple (aka Amethyst). What’s it called? It’s the Hotdog Yoga Rollpack by Skooba Design. I think it’s the smartest yoga bag I’ve ever seen

Hotdog Rollpack by Skooba Design

Skooba design really created a very smart bag when they came up with the Hotdog Yoga Rollpack. It opens flat so your yoga cloths don’t wrinkle, and rolls around your yoga mat so they don’t crunch. Included are two pockets for accessories (phone, keys, yoga band etc.) and a place for a water bottle as well, so you don’t dry out in class. 

Hand Carved Bow Pose Statue Yoga Statue IndonesiaYoga figurines make a very great gift for yoga lovers: moms, men, women… 

The most popular gift idea for yogi’s is a yoga statue. Personally I like this frog. The pose is cute, the color vibrant and the whole feel is yoga with a sense of humor.  

Master Chart of 908 Postures

A great gift for the home yogi: a master chart of 908 postures. No need to watch a video, just look it up and try.

Do take care though, this does not come with a warranty in case your yogi gets themselves hurt.

yoga-poses-poster-dharma-mitraMaster Chart of 908 Postures – Of and By Sri Yogi Dharma Mittra – Small 24″x32″

This beautiful yoga poster features 908 asanas (aka yoga postures), without being ‘in your face’ about them. You do need to come up close to see them, but it’s possible. Great as a decorative reference for yoga schools and yoga enthusiasts alike.

AngelBeauty© Microfiber Non Skid Yoga Towel for your Yoga Mat 24″x72″ with Carry Bag + Gift Box

A yoga towel is a wonderful gift idea for any Yoga lover. This towel is a nice large size measuring 2 feet by 6 feet. The micro fiber helps to absorb moisture when the exercise is intense enough to raise perspiration. This towel is also a non-skid variety which is helpful when the Yoga lover if they perform Bikram yoga. It is a perfect yoga gift idea for a female or male who does Yoga and it comes in 9 color choices. The towel is machine washable and should be dried by the hang drying method and not in a clothes dryer.

This best selling yoga towel solves the problem of slipping, like the socks does – but in a different way: the mat is soft to the touch, yet ‘skidless’.

All in all, it’s a must have addition to your yoga gear: Skidless yoga towel

We all know the problem don’t we? That yoga towel we use that just keeps slipping? Or even that yoga mat that does… Well, here’s the solution. Available in every conceivable color.

Yoga mats

This is THE only piece of equipment every yogi needs: a yoga mat to practice on. I love the gaiam look shown to the right. 

Get your yoga lover a unique yoga mat for Christmas!

A unique yoga mat is just more fun during yoga class, don’t you think? I’ve found you cute and beautiful yoga mats, but also more rough and wild ones – like you would not be ashamed to do yoga in the military with. From pets to flowers, from George Bush to Obama… there are LOADS of interesting and fun yoga mats about. The biggest trouble is picking one. 

yoga-gift-basketYoga Gift: A Little Yoga & Green Tea Essentials Gift Set

A nice gift for a female yoga enthusiast on your gift list. A pretty gift basket that includes a book with Yoga instruction and illustrations. A DVD with instruction for the beginner and the advanced student of Yoga. The basket also has some aromatherapy candles and green tea bath and body enhancements. A lovely gift for Christmas but also something to give for a birthday or Mothers Day gift.

A Year of Living Your Yoga: Daily Practices to Shape Your Life

A wonderful gift idea for the Yoga lover who does not just “do” yoga but wants to live his or her Yoga. The book is written by Judith Lasater who has taught Yoga for 28 years. Lasater offers a daily message that is brief along with a suggested activity to apply the message to that day. Some are humorous while others are profoundly deep but all will help an individual develop a way of life and not just a form of exercise. The book contains 192 pages.

Yoga pants

Flexible pants are an essential when doing yoga practice (though jammies do just as well). I’ve found you some apparel in black, grey, pink and red.

Spalding Women’s Bootleg Pant

A thoughtful gift for the Yoga lover is a pair of pants that they can wear while doing their Yoga class or exercising on their own. The importance of the right kind of pants is that they need to be flexible and comfortable. If the pants are too baggy, one could get caught in the material and actually cause harm to themselves. This pair is made of spandex and breathes well for comfort. They are so cute that they can be worn for other purposes, too. This pair is for women but you can find them for men, also. Some men might prefer a pair of Yoga shorts rather than a capri style like these.

gaiam-yoga-socks-toesGaiam Grippy Yoga Socks- 2 Pack (Small/Medium)

These Yoga socks are sort of like gloves for your toes! The purpose of Yoga socks is to provide a no skid experience to exercising without the need for a mat or towel. This package includes two pairs of socks and would be a fun stocking stuffer for Christmas for your yoga loving mom, dad or girlfriend. Due to the non-skid material on the bottoms of the socks they should be washed in cold water and layed flat to dry.

Helps avoid slipping when in one of those limb stretching postures.

If you’ve ever tried one of the more complicated yoga poses, you’ll know why grip socks made the cut: falling because you slipped must be the most common reason asana’s just won’t work. That and simple lack of balance or flexibility of course. But the slipping we can fix, the flexibility and balance – not so much, though practice helps, to an extent.

A traditional meditation cushion: this zafu is available as a round or crescent-shaped cushion with pleated sides. Each meditation cushion has a sturdy handle sewn tightly on one side. The cushion raises the hips making the entire range of cross-legged sitting positions more stable and comfortable.The zafu originated in Japan made popular in China and used to be filled with cattail. Now they’re stuffed with 100 natural cotton or buckwheat hulls.

The filling on the best ones is densely packed buckwheat hulls to provide a solid cushion and yet makes a comfortable sitting. Buckwheat hulls are natural yet sturdy. They will help regulate moisture and sweat. A great gift for anybody into yoga or meditation.  

The Iyengar Method: B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga: The Path to Holistic Health

To better understand the philosophy and the asanas or poses of the Iyengar method of Yoga this book by the master will be extremely helpful to you.

Inexpensive Yoga Wall Yoga Wall Equipment

Have you been wanting to build your own Yoga Wall? Perhaps you want to provide one in your studio where you offer lessons in the practice of Yoga. You might want to have an inexpensive wall in your own home to use in an exercise room. You might not be sure of what equipment you will need so I would like to help you with that here on this page. You may or may not know that these walls were first introduced in Iyengar Yoga studios but are now found in other studios and homes for people to enhance the poses during their exercise. They are also beneficial for people who have sustained injuries that will not allow them to do certain poses.

Of course a home-yoga wall makes an expensive gift idea. However, if your partner is into yoga, they will definitely be happy with it!

For not a lot of money you can provide a wall for students in your own studio or install one in your own home. It can have just the basics or you can get as elaborate as you wish.

It is important to note here that before installing a yoga wall in your home, you should have had some formal instruction by a Yoga instructor using this methods for several months before you try it on your own. A beginner can do these exercises but should get the basics of the poses and the philosophy behind them with some supervision first.

See a Yoga Wall in practice

If you are new to the concept of using a Yoga wall, this video can show you some of the things that can be done using one.

Build Your Own Yoga Wall At Home

You will find the hardware equipment that you need to build your own Yoga Wall at this website. It offers the basics and also things that you will find specific to the exercises that you wish to be able to do.

A Therapeutic Yoga – inversion yoga

More and more instructors of power yoga and hot yoga are incorporating the use of Yoga walls as a part of what they offer to their students. It is a way to deepen ones practice in an anatomic and kinesthetically accurate manner.

What is Yoga?

Yoga or Yog is an ancient physical and mental disciplines that originated in India.

Yoga has gained popularity in the West in the past few decades and spawned a multi-billion dollar industry. For some reason, the spiritual discipline practiced mostly by men in India has turned into a form of exercise popular with women in the West. Sure, some of the spiritual dimension was retained, and of course some men practice yoga, but on the whole the transformation is remarkable.

There are different branches of Yoga and dozens of Yoga Gurus who enjoy mass popularity. 

The word Yoga originates from the Sanskrit root – “Yuj” – which means “to control,” “to yoke” or “to unite” … Yoga aims to control the Pranvayu = the air we breathe, and the ultimate aim is to attain Moksha, i.e. unity with the Godhead and freedom from the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

The real reason behind Yoga’s popularity outside India is because Yoga when combined with a moderate lifestyle – offers a complete new way of life. One which is healthy and helps us live more meaningful lives.

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