Toy Stocking Stuffers for kids Christmas 2018

Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers To Teens

Are you looking for some toy stocking stuffers this year to add to your gift giving? Finding something that is small enough to fit in the Christmas stocking and age appropriate takes a little shopping. I have created a list of ideas for you that covers ages from toddlers to teens in hopes that it will assist you in the time you have to spend shopping for the smaller toys.

Some great gift ideas for the Christmas stocking are small wooden toys, small plush animals, little gadgets, stickers and other things that are lower in price and also something that the child, tween or teen will enjoy getting for a gift. Let’s see what some of our options are this year.

Shown here: Chuggington Wooden Railway Speedy McAllister

Small Wooden Toys 

A great idea for young boys is a wooden toy vehicle that they can play with. Many come in small enough sizes to fit in a Christmas stocking and are still a fun size for the boys to play with. He may like trucks, airplanes, boats or automobiles and there are examples of each for young boys to receive as a gift. Many little boys are really in to trains right now so a Thomas and Friends or a Chuggington train would surely be a hit as a stocking stuffer.

11718407_f520Growums: fun biology kits

Growums are fun gardening kits created just for kids. Children are more apt to eat food they have grown for themselves, yes even veggies.  Your young gardener can register their growums garden online and watch the characters come to life with gardening tips to teach them how to grow their herbs and vegetables from seed to harvest. Children’s garden kits are fun and educational plus they encourage kids to eat a healthy diet. A growums kit makes a great gift or classroom activity.

Small Plush Toys Are A Good Choice – for a stocking stuffer

Children both male and female love a plush stuffed animal. There are smaller plush animals that will fit nicely in a Christmas stocking and will be loved by any child who gets them even the older kids. I chose the cute little penguin to showcase here because it is only 6 1/2 inches tall and will fit nicely any most stockings and penguins are loved by most kids. You will know the child on your gift list better than I and will be able to choose the right stuffed toy animal for them. I would recommend that you pick one that is less than 12 inches long to assure that it will fit in the stocking. 

The options are endless when it comes to the smaller plush animals to place in a stocking for Christmas. You can pick from wild animals to animals that we have as pets to fantasy animals.

A Stocking Stuffer Hint:

If you have more than one child to buy for, purchase bulk type items that can be split up among the different children and their stockings. The cost per child becomes less expensive that way.

Coloring And Writing Utensils

Kids of all ages love to use crayons, markers, pencils and pens to show their artistic nature. From the young toddler to the teen on your list a coloring or writing utensil can be a fun choice to add to their Christmas stocking. Young kids will love to color with new crayons or markers while the older kids will like having a novelty pen to use. The syringe pens are really popular with the tween and teen set.

Card Games For All Ages

Card games are popular with many kids and you can find an appropriate one for just about any age. Easy matching games for the smaller children are great ideas to help them learn social play as well as develop some cognitive skills. Games that take a little more strategy are good for the older kids who can read and form a plan to win the game.

Glow in the Dark Putty for Young Boys – Well, perhaps also for not-so-young boys and girls

Fat Brain Toy Co Brain Food

Young boys love gross stuff so give him some brain food. He isn’t going to eat it! It is actually putty that he can mold into whatever he wants to. It glows in the dark for even more fun.

One parent shares that she uses putty so her child can learn to use their hands better. After all, you need fine motor controll to learn how to write. However, your kid doesn’t have to have problems to enjoy this stuff. Gross is good, after all!

9949156_f520Gelli Bath Goo: turn your kids bath into colored jelly!

Gelli baff turns your kids bath water into a science experiment. Are you having a hard time getting your kids to bathe? Add bath goo to their bath water and turn it into gel. The only hard time you’ll have then is getting them to get out of the tub. Kids can’t wait for their gelly bath!

Having fun with Gelli Goo is simple:

Step 1– Fill the bath with warm water (use a jug to be sure you have the correct amount of water as bath sizes may vary). Let the goo magically form for 2 minutes. Stir the goo well, get in and have a red lava blast.

Cleaning up is a bit more complicated, however Gelli baff is a completely harmless powder. It works by soaking up 400 times it’s own weight in water.

When the fun is done, add the dissolver sachet (simple salt) to some hot water, add the hot water to the goo and it turns into a clear liquid. Keep some of the salt water separate to clean the kids themselves. 

monster-high-invisible-billyMonster High Dolls by Mattel

This line of teenage dolls are really popular with most young girls and big girls, too. Mattel gave a new slant on fashion with this line of teen dolls. The girls attend High School and have all of the same problems as other teens…homework, dating, popularity and all the other problems. Here is the twist, the girls are all the offspring of famous Monsters. Frankie Stein, Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf and the other ghouls in school are dressed in the latest fashion trends that also fit their unique personalities. Girls can access webisodes on their computers to watch cartoons featuring all of the teen dolls and there is now a full length movie with the girls and guys of Monster High. Mattel has done a great job of introducing new characters to the line.

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