Women gifts: Funny Unique Christmas presents and stocking stuffers

Looking for some fun unique gifts for women? you’ve found the right place! This guide will help you find unique presents for your wife, girlfriend, Aunt, or friend. 

Don’t think these gifts “Silly Gifts”, these gifts are great to give for a women specially because they’re going to show it off unlike many gifts that are sitting behind all the clothes in her closet or garage. So if you want to give her something useful, think about getting her a fun unique gift!

On a previous version of this page, I asked: Who do you want to give a fun unique gift?

People answered: 

0% your teacher
21% your mom
7% your aunt
29% your sister
14% your neighbor
29% someone else

51+UVl5g-yLFun Microfiber Cleaning Slippers

This microfiber cleaning slippers is a very pleasant gift to give to a women. It’s perfect gift for women who have kids and just want to keep the floors clean. They are very comfortable for your feet and great to pick up the dust & hairs, you can wear them around the house while doing chores and your floors will be clean in no time.

*It’s also a smart idea for other adults or kids to own a pair of cleaning slippers so your home can be sparkling clean.

41-xgaig42L._SL160_A Chocolate Chip Pocket for their Money

This cute pocket is a nice sweet you can give to any women. Women personally love these small pockets specially when you’re on the go to the grocery store. It’s a really delicious pocket, it looks like a real chocolate chip cookie!

513OadTho8L._SL160_A Pig Mini Table Vacuum – Adorable little Piggy!

This is a really fun gift you can give to your aunt, mom, or homemaker. The piggy vacuums the small crumbs on the table leaving it clean. It’s very adorable seen the pig vacuuming the mess around the table. It also works for work desks. (-: It’s a fun useful gift.

Also available as a sheep, a cat or a cow. 

Featured Product: Kikkerland Babushka Manicure Set, Assorted Colors
Featured Product: Kikkerland Babushka Manicure Set, Assorted Colors

Gifts For the Christmas Stocking With Women In Mind

Are you looking for some great stocking stuffers for women? Perhaps it is for Mom, your wife, or girlfriend. You want something that is nice but not too awfully expensive. Am I right? Obviously, if it is going in her stocking it needs to be small. There are some fun ideas to place in a stocking for her along with practical and useful items. Let me show you some ideas to get you started.

61qRNvZ7ApL._SL1000_A Cute Little Bag For Her Phone

This cute little bag is small and would fit in a Christmas stocking. She can put her cell phone or other small device in it. There is a pocket for credit cards and ID plus a loop for a pen or pencil so it is really functional. The strap allows her to carry it cross body if she wants to.

In bamboo
In bamboo

Back scratcher: looks funny and nicely mysterious in a stocking!

Sometimes there is no one around when we have a spot on our back that itches. Giving her a unique back scratcher made from buffalo bone is an idea that she just might appreciate.

Not everyone…

uses stocking to place gifts. In some countries, like The Netherlands, they use shoes.

A Pamper Gift

A gift in her stocking of Burts Bees products is a lovely idea. The kit includes a body lotion, lip balm, foot cream, hand salve and a cleansing cream.

All natural creams and cleansers are good for the skin.

Creative Nail Gift

A fun gift for any woman who always has her nails done. A stencil kit for her to have an artistic design on her nails. She can choose to have it on one nail or all of them.

Note that while the average reviews aren’t that good, this may be because it DOES take practice to do nail stenciling well. 

41E6W-Ch6+LHer own tools

Give her a tool set in her Christmas stocking. Not just any tool set! One that is feminine looking with flowers and pretty colors. She will always know which hammer or screwdriver is hers and she might be surprised at just how often she will use them.

Only get these for her if she won’t be offended by the girly flowers. Otherwise, you could just get her the non-girly Stanley 94-248 65-Piece Homeowner’s Tool Kit, which is the best selling basic toolkit on the market. However – that doesn’t quite fit the ‘stocking stuffer’ bill, does it?

3_Solmate_cropSocks For Her Stocking

At first you might think that giving her socks in her Christmas stocking might seem kind of lame. Not when you choose a brand like Sock It To Me, SolMate or some other fun and funky brand of socks. You can find socks with just about any theme and color combination that she will get some real use out of and they will make her smile, too.

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