Cute laptop bags for women

A laptop is made for carrying around – however, it’s a pretty heavy piece of technology generally, so I recommend getting a sturdy yet fashionable bag to carry it in. There are basically three options:

I’ve covered stylish rolling laptop bags for women elsewhere, so here I’ll limit myself to backpacks and messenger bags.

Cute Stylish Messenger Bags

71zyZcDMyyL._SL1001_Let’s start with the BRINCH® Fashion Canvas Laptop Bag shown above and to the side. Yes, it’s the same bag. Brinch makes it in three styles. One China style is shown above, another to the right. There is also a Bohemian version. The main difference is in the outside fabric. 

The padding is all through the main compartment of the bag, making it suitable for all sorts of uses, not merely as a laptop messenger. 

Designed for laptops up to 13.3 inch. 

61B3rI7ofJL._SL1500_Next up is the Estarer Canvas Leather Laptop, advertised for school use, but also suitable for any informal setting where you need your laptop. The leather details add a professional touch, for settings that aren’t too high brow. 

Users report that it’s well made for the price & some even call it ‘chic’. The vintage look is well executed. 

Designed for laptops up to 15 inch, it includes various compartments for well organised storage of essentials. 

Available in grey and light green. 

Note that all the Amazon reviews on this product were sponsored to some degree. Some people got the full bag in exchange for a review. Others got it with a discount. 

71g-xB-XYGL._SL1200_Next up is another Brinch bag, the BRINCH(TM) 15.6 inch New Soft Nylon Waterproof Laptop messenger, also available in 14 and 17 inch and in several colors. 

Unlike the previous two bags, this one isn’t made from Canvas. It’s Nylon instead. As a result it’s waterproof and less likely to stain. 

As you’d expect, it is well padded and has several compartments, with one especially padded for your laptop, another for a tablet or iPad. Depending on your laptop size, you will find a version of this bag that will fit. 

Stylish laptop backpacks for women and girls

The Bronze Times (TM) Premium Shockproof Canvas Laptop Backpack comes in two styles. One is shown below: canvassy, with classy diagonally lined pockets at the front. 

Schermafdruk 2016-04-29 20.56.12

As you can see: it comes in 5 colors. I think the green and blue are cute, don’t you? All of them are unisex enough not to embarrass men, but stylish enough for women. The other style is slightly more informal.

Both come in 14 and 15.6 inch versions, have a unique padded compartment for your laptop as well as an iPad/ tablet compartment. 

Despite the fact that this is canvas, it’s still waterproof and very sturdy. 

61xbOGR4+AL._SL1001_Ogio has a name to uphold when it comes to bags designed to hold electronics without being bulky. This Ogio Women’s Laptop Backpack is another great design. It’s stylish without being too girly. 

It fits laptops up to 17 inch! If that’s not enough recommendations, the backpack handles are designed to work with a woman’s physic, which means – I think – that they won’t get in the way of your breasts. It has loads of internal pockets for well organised traveling and room enough for a laptop plus all kinds of other stuff. 

This bag is VERY popular with amazon users. 

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