Best Headphones For Kids

There are plenty of times that a pair of headphones for kids just make perfect sense. You know when they are listening to some music and you would prefer some quiet time. When they are playing a video game with annoying sounds, beeps, kabams that just make your teeth hurt. They are also good for study time when you have them listening to an instructional tape or a computer generated educational activity because they help the child hear just the lesson and not the distracting outside noises that keep them from concentrating.

There are several options of headphones made with children’s needs in mind. Follow down the page with me and we will have a look at them.

7192alSsklL._SL1500_JBuddies Volume Limiting Headphones for children

Worried about your kid’s eardrums? These conform with both EN50332 and ASTM recommendations

These are designed acoustically to limit the volume to less than 90 db for kids and you do not need any extra cables to make this work, either. Offers a smaller headband that will fit ages 2 years old and older. The ear cushions are made of a hypoallergenic material to be less of an irritant to sensitive skin. They also have a volume control for kids to adjust the volume to what they need.

Available in several colors, including black, light blue and pink. 

715mcFcXCnL._SL1500_Califone Listening First Stereo Headphones

Budget buy, WITH volume control! A Great Choice For Their First Set Of Headphones

This set has been sized with young children in mind and can be used in a classroom setting, the computer lab at school and at home. The headband is adjustable adding additional comfort and also extends the length of time a child will be able to use them. They are compatible with iMac, Mac and IBM computers.

What should you look for?

Because the headphones are going to be used by kids there are a few things that you should consider before making your purchase.

First and foremost you need to decide what they will be primarily used for. Do you plan to connect them to a computer and if so are they compatible to your type of computer? Do you need a set that is universal that will work on different types of devices?

Secondly, but only by a hair, how comfortable will they be for a child? Is the headband adjustable? Are the ear cushions soft and comfortable? Do you want the cushions to cover their ears completely or do you want them to sit on top of their ears?

Comfort includes volume limiting. Our ears are one of the few things in our bodies that only get worse with age. In other words: ruin them now, and they’ll have hearing problems for the rest of their lives. Those ears start out very sensitive, so don’t use your own hearing as a judge of what’s too loud for them. Regulations say that children should not have a volume that exceeds 90 db because it can cause damage to the eardrum and could cause hearing loss.

The headphones on this page all take this into account. 

Little Girls Will Love The Barbie Design

71-ltEQ2l4L._SL1500_These lightweight headphones are perfect for the young girl who loves Barbie. Not only do they get some great stereo sound but an additional feature is the interchangeable headband covering. A fabric piece wraps the headband with velcro and can be changed to match her outfit or to be laundered.

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