Top Toy Advent Calendars For Kids 2022

Children toys and gifts advent calendars

Counting down to Christmas for kids with toy advent calendars containing gifts can be a lot of fun. I’ve found lego, play mobil, my little pony and more toy advent calendars for Christmas.

Toy advent calendars for boys and girls are a great way to celebrate the advent season. The combination of a daily ritual and a surprise is pure magic for boys and girls. I’ve even read a report of two adult siblings each doing the Lego City Advent Calendar during the season: on different continents – and keeping in touch over it online. What a great ritual to celebrate family with, in a distance.

Toy advent calendars are suitable only for children who are beyond the ‘put everything in your mouth’ phase. This means that most of these aren’t suitable for toddlers, but they are suitable for pre-k and up. Use at your own discretion, there are thankfully some exceptions.

Lego advent calendars

The advent calendar line by Lego has been one of the most popular toy advent calendars for as long as I have been recommending advent calendars. It makes sense: each day your child gets a (small) Lego-set. So the moment of joy at having opened that door and found a present is prolonged when they can actually put that toy together.

There are a lot of lego-toy advent calendars available. Alternatively this lego-advent-candle calendar is simplicity itself.

LEGO City Advent Calendar 7553

I am showing you one of several versions of toy Advent calendars for kids that include the Lego building bricks available. This one happens to go with the City theme of Legos. The scene that will be built over the course of the days leading up to Christmas have to do with the police and some robbers and of course Santa makes an appearance. Lego offers other advent calendars also going with the City theme but they have other themes, too. Star Wars, pirates and other popular story lines with kids.

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 3316

Here is another Lego Advent calendar that little girls are going to be thrilled with. It has the Friends mini-figures and a scene to build during the holiday season. Olivia and her sister Christina are getting ready for Christmas in Heartlake City in this winter scene that includes a snowman and their little dog. There bricks included in this calendar set that are not found in other Lego building sets which is kind of cool!

Littlest Pet Shop Advent Calendar

With 24 days of surprises ahead, these three pets can’t wait to pop out of their doors! This calendar counts down the days until Christmas while giving pets everything they need to celebrate, including festive decorations, tasty snacks, fun toys and games, and cozy winter accessories. Includes 3 pets, lot of accessories, and 5 pop-out ornaments. Each pet contains magnet. Not for children under 3 years.

barbie-advent-calendarOther girly advent calendars include: Barbie, Hello Kitty and My Little Pony. They’re all pink and cute. Personally I think the My Little Pony ones are the most fun. In the 80s My Little Pony hit the European toy scene like a blast. It was one of the first toy series for girls to go beyond toys into merchandise like t-shirts and bedding. They’re back! 

Playmobil Advent Calendar

One of those kinds of toys that appeal to kids of all sizes. Boys will love the treasure island and knights, while most girls will go for fairies or ponies. Siblings will probably mix it all up – and so they should. All the more fun.

Playmobil Dragon’s Land Advent Calendar

Playmobil Advent Calendar Forest Winter Wonderland

A cute little calendar for Advent and for children is made by Playmobil and is perfect for both boys and girls with its winter scene in a forest. As the kids do their countdown during December they will find a new figure each day. The figures can bend during play to make them stand or sit and they can also have their heads turn. Children are sure to have fun adding to the scene as the days get closer to Christmas.

Each day of advent reveals a character or accessory to build up a play scene featuring a dragon and knights in shining armor.

polly-pocket-advent-2Polly Pocket Advent Calendar

Polly Pocket toys are cute – with changeable cloths and things, they’re clearly meant for girls. Young Fashionistas will love helping Polly Pocket celebrate the Christmas Holiday Season in style! This advent calendar is full of clothes and accessories to help create a mix and match collection of holiday-inspired looks – perfect for holiday parties, shopping, and more!

Polly Pocket is a cute series of toys, including online games and merchandise, a dad created for his daughter. Bought by Mattel, they branched out to including rubber cloths that can be put on the doll – and off again. A unique way to use modern technology to enhance the ancient joy of ‘dress up’.

Well, honestly, I do not know many kids who are not excited about the approach of the day that they will get to open presents. They just might be a little more excited if the method includes a little toy gift each day as a little bonus. I have found some examples of ones that might be perfect for your family. Let’s take a look below.

71fCqCjEqGL._SL1500_Play Doh Advent calendar!

This is an original toy advent calendar as it doesn’t include toys, instead it includes a (small) amount of fun Play-doh variations (shiny ones mostly) and cooky-cutter thingies that can help your kid make Christmas-related objects out of play-doh. 

For the kid who likes to make things. 

3 years old and up. 

Mega Bloks Smurfs Advent Calendar

What a fun way to celebrate Advent for the kids! Those cute little blue people called Smurfs can help them in the festivities. Kids will be able to build two Smurfs and other parts of the scene. There are 24 surprises but there are 150 total pieces so the “gift” each day has more than one piece. Now, isn’t that just so much fun?

Imaginext Advent Christmas Calendar

Fisher-Price also offers a toy calendar for kids to have during Advent. Part of the Imaginext line of toys. Boys might particularly like this one as the characters include people who help the community. There is a policeman on his motorcycle, a fireman and a construction worker that will create a fun scene that can be played with while counting the days until Santa arrives but also will be fun to play with after the holidays.

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