Advent Storybooks For Kids

Advent storybooks for kids are a nice way to celebrate Advent for a family. Instead of having a calendar hanging on a wall or placed on a table, you can use a storybook set and still count the days to Christmas.

These books are actually sets of 24 miniature books with each one being read to a child starting on December 1 and going through to Christmas Eve. The books are numbered so that you will read them in the correct order. There are advent storybook sets to appeal to many families.

You can get books that have the religious story of Christmas or you can get advent storybooks that tell about Christmas without sharing the story of the Christ child being born. There are many storybooks about Christmas for kids but these special sets for Advent are so unique and children begin to look forward to the story time each day to learn what comes next in the story. 

Advent Storybook: 24 Stories to Share Before Christmas

Such a sweet way to help children count the days to Christmas. Little Benjamin Bear just can not wait until Christmas morning so his mother promises that each day when he opens a window on his advent calendar she will tell him a story. Enjoy 24 short little stories each day with your child while sharing some good morals and adventures on the way to understanding the meaning of Christmas.

The Story of Christmas

A wonderful set that has 24 little books to share during Advent. Each little storybook is numbered so that you can read them in the proper order giving your child the stories of the first Christmas. Children will begin to understand the reason that their family celebrates the birth of Jesus and also get to know the people who are a major part of the story. After reading each book you may hang it on the Christmas tree.

A Christmas Carol Book Set & Advent Calendar (Workman Undated Diaries/Advent Calendars)

The classic tale of Christmas from the mind of Charles Dickens is retold each day of Advent in a numbered book of 24. Small little books that help children understand the true meaning of giving and of the Christmas holiday.

The Nutcracker: Story Book Set & Advent Calendar

A Christmas favorite for many families is the story from the ballet The Nutcracker. Count down the days until Christmas with this Advent calendar that features twenty-four miniatures books to be read each day from December 1 through December 24. The little books can then hang on your tree if you like.

The Muppets The Gift of the Magi Story Book Set & Advent Calendar (Workman Undated Diaries/Advent Calendars)

As you read each one of the little mini-books to your children during the days of Advent they start to hear the messages that we often forget to tell them. It is better to give than it is to have and that loving each other is the most important of all. Told by the Muppets with their style of humor the classic message of Christmas has an updated message for kids to enjoy.

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