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Christmas Theme Lego Sets are becoming very popular this year! Created to go along with their City sets these buildings are decorated in festive holiday designs.  For instance, I think you’ll adore the Lego Christmas Trains.

LEGO appears to be coming out with new building each year, too. So, this is something that can be added to each year to eventually create an entire Christmas Village much like the ones you see with ceramic and resin buildings. The cool thing is that you build them yourself or as a family and they are unique because they are all built with Lego bricks and elements.

Some sets are simple enough for kids to build while others are so detailed that it will require an older child or adult to build them. A cute little Lego Christmas train would look fun with any of these sets! Build them this year and store in a large plastic tote until next year. Unless you think part of the fun is the building and you want to re-build it every year.

Winter Village Building Sets by Lego

Create A Holiday Village With Lego Bricks

Using a miniature village to help decorate for Christmas is a tradition that many families enjoy doing. Now you can create a really unique and fun village with the Lego Winter Village sets that are dressed and ready for the Christmas Holiday season.

Building sets have been created by Lego that are festive and can be a delightful addition to your Christmas decorations and celebrations. The buildings include holiday type trimmings that make them a fun project for the family to work on together and display each year for seasons to come. It can become a new tradition for your family to enjoy.
There are some building sets that would be fun in the Christmas Village that you build that are not decorated with holiday trimmings like the Pet Shop and the Emporium if you want a larger village.

These sets are fun to put together and are perfect for a child’s room or any room in your home. Each set comes with very easy to follow instruction books so that your village building will look exactly like the one pictured on the box. Lego also makes it easy by placing the Lego bricks and pieces in numbered bags. The direction book will tell you which bag you will need to open to make the different items whether it is the main building or an accessory piece.

It’s a winter wonderland in this snow covered small town! A unique-conservation, reach the tree-vender’s stand by a stallion drawn truck, while ice skaters skip on the solidified lake with brilliant lights and an inquisitive owl roosted overhead.

Actually search out for the naturally-scooped snow heaps. One skater has even now tumbled head-first! At the bread kitchen nearby, the amicable bread cook gets ready for heavenly seasonal treats in his broiler and rings up bargains at the money till. Prod the sparkling LEGO Power Functions block to fill the bakery with warm inside light!

The Lego Winter Village Theme Wonderland Bakery Incorporates 7 minifigures, snow owl, stallion and loads of winter extras.



LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village Cottage

Winter Village Cottage By Lego – a great set for your Christmas Village

This Lego set includes 1416 pieces to build with. There are 8 mini-figures which include Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, 3 children and a snow plow driver. There are some fun assorted accessories that go with the mini-figures, too. You will build a cottage, a storage shed, an igloo, a sled, snow plow, and street lamp. This Christmas Winter Village Set can stand alone or be added to other village sets to make a unique decoration for any home or office.

LEGO Christmas Building Set – Christmas Tree

A sweet little set that builds a Christmas tree. It can be incorporated into a Christmas village scene or left alone as a decoration. It is a simple enough set that children can build it by following the instructions. You might even consider adding a clear fishing string to it and having it as an ornament on your tree.


51gpqodepl-_sl1028_LEGO Creator Mini Figure Set Snowman Bagged

This little snowman is just so cute! He is simple to put together so that kids can enjoy being a part of your Holiday decorating. He works well in any city scene to make it festive and he is also a nice size for the Lego Advent Calendar.


A Small Holiday Set

This cute little set is perfect for the holidays and can be built to add on to any of the Lego scenes that you already have. It also can just be by itself as a decoration, too. There are 109 pieces to use to build a winter scene with a sleigh, horse, snow, trees and four figures.

LEGO Creator Winter Toy Shop

Adults and older kids will enjoy putting together this Christmas Lego set. It has 815 pieces that builds a wonderful Toy Shop all decked out in Holiday decorations. There are tools and toys and a tower window that lights up. The 7 minifigures included are: snowman, cat, jack-in-the-box, stuffed animal, toy train, robot and toy car.  Looks great as a stand alone piece or put together with other LEGO Winter Village buildings.

The village can have a toy shop that is all decked out with holiday trimmings. It contains 815 pieces to build the shop and accessories with. Seven figures are included to make the set even more fun. 

A classic set which features a winter toy shop filled with tools and toys and a light up tower window. 

Extra winter fun with a Light Brick for light effects inside the toy shop

10109468_f260LEGO Creator Holiday Bakery

Build a Bakery for your Lego Christmas village or it looks awesome going solo as a decoration for the Holidays. Adults will want to build it, although older children will also be able to put it together with the detailed instruction book that is included. A lighting feature with its own battery is included in the set that lights up the Bakery. 

A bakery can be built with all of the Christmas trimmings as a part of it. Build the shop and accessories with 687 pieces. There are even little baked goods! 

What are the holidays without our favorite bakery treats? LEGO did not forget about this most important business. Decorated for Christmas the set has 687 pieces to build with. The set includes seven people along with an owl and a horse. There are several fun accessories with this set by LEGO. Baguettes, croissants, plates and so much more. The bakery building will be 7 inches wide. You will also build a wagon, fir tree, and an ice skating area. There is also a light feature to light the inside of the bakery!

LEGO Creator Winter Village Post Office 10222

A nice detailed set for a Christmas Village scene built with 820 Lego elements. Adults and older children will have a fun time building this Post Office that is decked out in its Holiday finery. Includes seven mini-figures with some being postal workers and others being kids and musicians. Includes accessories for the figures and an evergreen tree.

The post office can be built and ready to deliver those Christmas packages to all the corners of the globe. 

The post office is one busy place in any city or village, especially during the Christmas season. This 820 piece set includes eight figures: a female postal worker, a male postman, female figure, two children, two musicians, and a dog. You will build the Post Office that has a split roof covered in snow, a fireplace, a table, coffee mug, outside mailboxes, and a street lamp. There are several accessories included to enhance the completed set.

Legos are really popular with both kids and adults alike. Did you know that you can build sets that have a Christmas theme? Some are pretty easy and can be completed by a child while others are more advanced and will need an adult to assist in the building. They can be fun to work on as a family and be a part of your holiday decorations as well. The idea of having a little village of buildings at Christmas time has been popular for several decades, now Lego enthusiasts can have a unique village made from their favorite plastic building bricks.

Best Lego Christmas Ornaments

Decorate Your Christmas Tree With Lego Ornaments

How would you like to decorate your tree with Lego Christmas ornaments this year? If you and your family are huge fans of the little bricks that let us build all sorts of fun, then having some Lego ornaments will be a fun thing to have on your tree! It would also be fun to have a tree just for the kids that is decorated with nothing but Lego ornaments. Amazingly, there are several options for having these cute little ornaments on your tree. Some are in the style of some of the mini figures that we see in Lego sets and others allow us to add our own bricks into the ball while others come with specific bricks already in the ornament.


Lego Evergreens

Evergreens are one of those Christmas traditions that never wear out. They remind us that the winter will end and that life will go on. The sun and the warmth will return. When they are turned into Christmas Wreaths, they also give that classic homely feeling.


Christmas Ball Filled With Lego Bricks

A clear round ornament filled with Lego bricks of either red, gold, or green. The ornament is around 3 inches in diameter and has a color coded ribbon to attach to your tree. The ball ornament will come open and you can actually use the bricks to build with if you want to. I think have 3 of each color hanging on your tree would look really neat!


Lego Figures Ornaments

There are a few options with Lego figures to hang on your Christmas tree. You can go with the new line of Star Wars figures if you like. There is also a snowman and a Santa for your tree. These are actual ornaments and you can attach a string or clear fishing line to the through the small hole to hang them on your tree.

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