Best Lego Sets for Girls 2018

I played with Lego growing up, me and my brother had a big box full of Lego blocks from various sets. But then I grew up in rather a curious family. In most circumstances finding the right Lego set for a girl is just a tad bit harder than finding one for a boy. This page is meant to help you find suitable cute Lego sets for your daughter, granddaughter or friend. Shown here is the LEGO Creator Winter Toy Shop with 815 pieces.  

The sets I found are suitable for girls aged 3 (Duplo) up to 16+ – in short, the age girls usually stop playing with toys like this. Of course Lego is just the kind of toy to help your girl develop spatial awareness that will in turn help her with her math. It certainly helped me, judging by results: I’m a trained math teacher.

Of course there is really no reason girls SHOULD stop playing with LEGO. In fact, if they want to develop their creativity, they may want to make Lego movies – see the bottom of the page on how. 

71UbAuzfSsL._SL1500_LEGO® Pink Brick Box

This is really the only set listed here (originally) that is aimed specifically at girls. The other sets will appeal to small boys AND girls. This one contains pink blocks, flowers, details to build houses and fences as well as a pony.  

Lego's Friends Olivia's Tree HouseLEGO Friends Olivia’s Tree House 

Lego Friends is THE LEGO line aimed specifically at girls. The color is not pink but lavender, perhaps because it’s a stronger color. Olivia’s Tree House allows for decoration, construction and pretend play – which accounts for it being the most popular Lego Friends set around. 

41EUuOuvhzLDUPLO LEGO Ville Baby Zoo V70 As said: this is not a set aimed specifically at girls, but they will love it anyhow, if they’re aged 24 months to 5 years.    

91m+4rAUFJL._SL1500_LEGO Creator Winter Toy Shop  815 pieces

Of course this is the perfect lego set for Christmas: it contains figures like a cat, snowman, jack-in-the-box, stuffed animal, toy train, robot and toy car and all the ingredients for a cute winter decor in the snow, including a toy shop with tools. 

811T2qYfAQL._SL1500_LEGO Creator Apple Tree House – 539 Piece set   This toy shop is rather tough: perfect for the 12 year old girl who loves playing with Lego and already has lots of experience putting easier sets together. 

81rtWnS-rHL._SL1500_LEGO Creator Log Cabin  This is the sort of set you can really use to enlarge your collection of Lego blocks and features. The log cabin is doable for girls aged 7 through 12.  

Let her make a Lego Movie!

The LEGO Studios Sets were created to encourage LEGO Fans to make stop motion LEGO Movies in 2000. The last set came out in 2003. It worked: there are now countless lego-animations available on YouTube. However, not every set includes the Lego Stop Animation Video Camera. This is a good thing, as users report that it’s actually not very good. 

Instead – if your girl is into movie-making with Lego, she should get a regular webcam and combine it with one of the many free stop-motion programs online and of course her own creativity with whatever Lego sets she has available around the house. 

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