Best fun Lego Stocking Stuffers

Do you have a serious Legos fan in the house? Are you looking for some special Lego stocking stuffers to give this year?

Often times when we are shopping we see the large sets that would not fit in a standard Christmas stocking but do not be disheartened. There are some delightful items that can be built and placed with existing sets and figures that can be extras in sets. You might be surprised to see other types of small little gifts that can be used by kids and adults to hold their keys.

I also found some fun pencils that kids can use for homework and schoolwork. There are some small sets that work as accessories pieces that would also fit in a stocking for gift giving.   You can even find the larger bricks for smaller children for their small little gift. 

Lego Duplo Stocking Stuffer – Mini bag of 6 Peices (5437)

A perfect little stocking stuffer from the Legos Duplo line for smaller children who need the larger bricks to work with. This small package includes six bricks that will build a chicken. A great little gift for children that are 18 months or older.

LEGO Creator Mini Figure Set #30008 Snowman Bagged

A great little gift for anyone who loves to build the Lego winter and Christmas themed sets. A snowman can go in any of the city or winter scenes so it is very versatile. The top of it has an opening that would allow making it into a hanging ornament on a tree or could be attached to a key ring. Wouldn’t it look really cute on a little mini tree with nothing but Lego ornaments?

LEGO 6 Pack Wood Pencils

A nice idea for the stocking of students who still need to use No. 2 lead pencils for their schoolwork and that are also big fans of Legos. You get six pencils in each pack. There are a variety of styles in the pencils and you do not get to pick the assortment. All of them are really cute so I don’t think anyone would be disappointed in the package that is sent.

Lego Star Wars Stormtrooper Key Chain

There are several options when it comes to a Lego mini-figure on a key chain. I am showing the Star Wars Stormtrooper and there are a nice variety in the Star Wars line. You can also find them to go with other themes that Lego carries. The fun thing is that if you have one stocking to fill who is a Star Wars fan and maybe one that is a fan of a different line, they are inexpensive enough to get the characters that fit the person who will find it placed in their Christmas stocking.

SPLATS – Reusable Stickers for your Bricks

A very fun idea are these sheets of stickers that can be placed on smooth faced bricks in any set. They can be removed and reused on anything that a child or adult wants to place them on. There are other themed sticker sets besides these Splat ones. 

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