Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Teen Boys

Finding a gift for a teenage guy is difficult. Teen girls are hard too, but at least they use words to tell you what they want… At least, in my experience. 

The easiest way to figure out a stocking filler for a teen boy is to look at his interests. A stocking filler is generally fun, small (fitting into that stocking) and not too expensive. 

Let’s look at some more specific gift suggestions you can put in that Christmas Stocking:

Puzzle toys – intelligent gifts for that stocking

Puzzle toy

When you have nothing to do, it’s always fun to fiddle with your hands. I don’t know about you, but I never figured out the Rubik Cube. This toy is a slight bit easier, but still suitable for all ages. 

Clothing stocking fillers for teen boys

Star Wars Briefs for Teen BoysClothing is a go-to item. Funny or themed boxer shorts are always a useful and appreciated gift. 

Shown here is a vintage star wars themed boxer short with Luke on the right from the original Star Wars movie. 

Alternatively you could go with Avengers, his favorite football or baseball team etc. 

1000x1000_fitbox-marvel_mix_mens22Another staple stocking filler is a pair of socks. And yes, you can go with funny here too. For instance the pair shown may make him feel strong, like an Avenger – however insecure he may be (as most teenagers are). 

A beanie - find one that fits his style...
A beanie – find one that fits his style…

Sports Stocking Stuffers for teen guys

If your teen is into sports, that may help you find something. Sport specific gloves or these hand weights to help intensify any work-out he may be into. 

If he’s into biking or running, or some other outside sport, a water bottle is a very useful accessory. 

Personal Hygiene Stocking Fillers for teen boys


How is that facial hair situation? Does he need to shave yet? If so, a shaving set is definitely a great gift idea that is also likely to fit into that Christmas Stocking. 

I find that they start at surprisingly affordable prices, so don’t be shy. 

Multitool for the guy who likes the outdoors, or likes to tinker


It’s one of those things – guys and tools. I really like the look of this multitool: it actually includes a small hammer! 

Dealing with stress!

712p-ZXd-BL._SL1445_Ok, so men are supposed to be strong. However, in reality – they’re just human and maybe your teen guy doesn’t need to hear that he should be strong. Maybe he needs to hear that he can learn to deal with stress, because it is a part of life.

The teen years are stressful and that’s a fact. Adults may remember it mostly as a time when responsibilities didn’t pull us down yet, but for teens themselves it’s a constant challenge to deal with puberty, fellow students, school and expectations. 

These stressballs often come in sets, so you can give one to each family member. 

FOOD stocking stuffers for teen guys

OT_SnackSticks_Original_BulkPack_largeLast but not least, the gift any teen will appreciate: food. Don’t you feel they’re always eating? Let’s face it, they’re likely still growing: guys grow well into their twenties. 

This is another item to buy in bulk, and just put in everybody’s stocking. Long thin food items like Pixi Stix or beef jerky sticks make that stocking look extra inviting. 

Of the two, beef jerky is the healthier alternative – if only just. Pixi Stix is suger plus coloring and flavoring. 

Beef Jerky is dried beef, which means protein. 

More teen stocking stuffers

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