Cheap Gifts for Teen Boys 2018

Best Affordable Gifts For Your Teenage Guy

What can you get for a teen as a gift that is inexpensive for Christmas? There are teen gifts starting under $10 that will work nicely as a small gift for them. The gifts can be something on the funny side or they can actually be items that they can use. Some will be small enough to place in a stocking while others can be wrapped in a nice package. And they don’t have to look cheap just because they are affordable.

The list starts with gifts under $10, moves on to gifts under $20, under $25 and ends with gifts under $50. 

Shown here: Mathematics Blackboard Pop Quiz Clock – see also: cheap gifts for teen girls

Mood Pendant Necklace – Peace Sign

Alternative Teen Boys Might Like A Mood Necklace

My brother would have loved this necklace in his teens. In fact, he might still wear it (he’s in his 30s). The retro look with the Peace sign. The pendant will change color with his mood.

Wall Decals For his Room

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Peel And Stick Wall Decals

There are several styles of this cheap wall decals that you can give to your teen to stick on their bedroom walls. Not only are they affordable but they are easy to apply to the wall and also easy to remove when she tires of them.

An Old Idea With A New Twist

Blah! Button (Features 12 Funny Phrases!! Brand New Toy-2014!)

Remember that magic ball that used to be so popular? Now there is one that also answers questions but with some funny sarcastic answers. Teens will have a blast asking silly questions so the the ball will give them silly answers.

Bacon Themed Gag Gifts For Teens

BACON shaped themed Adhesive Bandages, 15 Die-Cut Sterile Strips

If you Teen loves bacon for breakfast or on their fast food sandwiches, give them some cheap bacon accessories for them to giggle over.

Flingshots Are A Hot Thing Right Now

Flingshot Flying Monkey

Perhaps the craze has been started from the popular app game, Angry Birds. Teen boys are finding these flingshot toys to be hilariously fun to shoot at each other. I am showing the monkey but there are several other animals that can be used like a slingshot toy.

Cool posters for teens – Check their favorite movie or music star out! – all under $20, most under $10 

Affordable Gifts for Teenagers for less than $20

Do you have a teen on your gift list this year? Are you wanting to find some teen gifts for under $20 that you can either add to other gifts or gift to a special teen you know? Are you wondering what teenagers want for Christmas this year? Hopefully, I can help you find some solutions to your dilemma on this page. Scroll down to find some fun and unique gifts for teens that are cheap enough to fit your budget and interesting enough that the teen on your list will enjoy it.

Some of these gifts make cute and fun stocking stuffers.

Of course one of the easiest ways to come up with an affordable gift for anybody is to go with a good book – fiction for teens, for instance.

Dane-Elec TRON Kevin Flynn White Cycle 8 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive – Collectors Limited Edition TR-Z08GLWPTP-C (White)

An exact replica of the bike from TRON USB drive. This 8.0 GB drive is compatible with Mac and PC computers. This one of those things that would be super cool for a TRON fan, or as a good gift for anyone else.  

More gadget gift ideas for teens

Premium Sunglasses UV400 Lens Technology – Unisex 6203 Black Frame Fashion Aviator. UV400 protection that absorbs over 99% of UVA and UVB rays. Comes with a free clamshell case and a free cleaning cloth. A cool gift for a teen guy you barely know. 

Teens are “in” to wearing sunglasses but they need to be cool or they don’t want them. There are some affordable options that will appeal to a teen boy or teen girl that you won’t have to worry about them losing or breaking.

Black Faux Fur Trooper Trapper Aviator Ski Hat  

This is a unisex, one size fits most winter hat. It is made of fake fur out of 100% polyester. It is very thick and will keep the recipient warm. Obviously, don’t get this if the guy lives in Southern California, Hawaii, or similar areas. A very useful gift.

Fun Gift That Will Get Them Noticed

Rainbow LED Light Up Flashing Shoelaces + Extra Batteries

These light up shoelaces are really popular with teens right now. LED lights flash different colors of the rainbow while also keeping their shoes tied. So much fun in a dark room, at a dance or an evening sporting event at the High School. Kids like the attention that these shoelaces bring to them without them ever having to say a word or do anything but walk around.

Food Pockets For Teens

They look like some kind of food but they are actually a functional item for a teen to carry around. The little pockets can carry pencils, pens and other items that they may need at school while not looking like a little purse. Teens will think this is a fun way to make sure they have the extra little things with them for their day in class. They can even carry their cell phone in it. Fits in a backpack for easy access when they need it.

Zen Bracelets Are Hot With Teens – also known as surf bracelets

Both teenage girls and teenage boys are loving these Zen bracelets. They are usually a multi strand of leather or cording that holds beads, charms and other little trinkets. You can find a theme that works best for the teen on your gift list and they are normally priced under $25.

Teen boys are wearing more jewelry than in years past. They are really into the bracelets that are sometimes called surf bracelets, zen bracelets and goth bracelets. Something like the one shown below that looks masculine and cool is right up a teen boys alley.

Teens Need To Keep Track Of Time

Geeky Math Clock

Well, usually they need to have someone wake them up so that they can get to school or their weekend job if they have one. Give Mom a break from having to get them up by giving them their own alarm clock. It does not have to be a lame or regular alarm clock, it can be something really cool like this math-league clock.

Under $25 

This popular Nerf blaster gun is a six barrel shooter. The barrel rotates automatically and it can be reloaded easily. Pullback mechanism for added run and realism. Even though this is a “toy” I don’t know of many adult males that wouldn’t love to play with one. A great cheap gift idea.

What Do Teens Want For Gifts?

Perhaps the teen that you are wanting to buy a gift for is not your child or does not live in your home. He may be the kid who delivers your newspaper, mows your lawn or babysits your small children. They might be the neighbor kid who comes by and shovels your snow from your driveway. They are a teen that has impressed you enough to want to give them a gift but you are at a loss as to what is a good idea for a gift.

If you choose something that has to do with popular movies or television shows, you will most assuredly have a winner on your hands. Pay attention to what you see the teen get excited about.

Giving them a novelty gift that just is fun and kind of funky is also a good idea. Think back to when you were a teen…things are not as different as they were then.

Under $50

A Teen Boy Can Play Darts

Doinkit® Darts

Darts are a game that has been around for a very long time. Boys and men love to compete with each other to see who can be the most accurate when it comes to throwing the dart at the target. It is also a great game for a teen boy to lower any stress that he might be feeling.

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