Stocking Stuffers For Teens

Useful gifts for a Teen’s Stocking

Have you found yourself wondering what to put in your teen’s Christmas Stocking? Sometimes it isn’t the larger gift ideas that we have trouble with. Our teens, usually, are pretty good at telling us what they want. It is those little gifts for the stocking or small surprises that we seem to get stuck on.

I think that it is pretty safe to say that most teens would rather have something practical that they can use rather than something junky and cheap. And listen, practical stocking stuffers do not have to be something that will bore them to tears, either. I’m just saying that they really don’t want something silly that they giggle over and then toss aside. So, what are some practical stocking filler¬†ideas for teens? Let me see if I can help with that.

Earbuds: A Practical Stocking Stuffer For Teens


Earbuds are something any teen will find practical and useful. Most of them have some sort of MP3 player or an iPod that they like listening to their music on but we do not always enjoy listening to their choice of tunes. Earbuds solve the problem. There are several that are designed with a teen in mind, too. You can get a boring standard kind or you can get them something that fits their personality.

Gloves With A Purpose – Useful gifts for teens

touch-screen-glove-blackIf you live in a cold climate, gloves make a great stocking stuffer for a teen. However, you can take those gloves a step further and make them even more practical than a regular set of gloves. Texting gloves will not only keep their hands warm but allow them to text their BFF’s with the gloves on. They work on smartphones and tablets, too. These gloves are not any more expensive than a regular pair of gloves and they come in a variety of colors and patterns that are perfect for girls and guys.

Whether this is tongue in cheek or your teen is really that together, I think a cool mug makes a great (and useful) stocking stuffer!
Whether this is tongue in cheek or your teen is really that together, I think a cool mug makes a great (and useful) stocking stuffer!

What do teens want for Christmas?

Like I said before, teens are usually good at telling us the items that they want as a gift that we might consider their “big” gift items. It could be something small but have a larger price tag. Those are not the gifts that we struggle over.

Getting them items that they will use and still think are fun is the best way to go when it comes to the smaller gifts that can fit into a stocking. They may not even realize that they want them until they pull them out of their stocking. Useful and practical but with some sort of twist is going to be something they want.
Items like I have suggested on this page or perhaps you will be inspired with another idea from these suggestions.

A Teen Girl Wants Lip Gloss For Christmas – A useful stocking stuffer for teenage girls!

Well, doesn’t she always want lip gloss? A fun thing to put in her stocking this year are some cute little sets of lip gloss. Something like these cute little pots that look like cupcakes will be practical for her to use and different, too.

Does your teen want a car? Get them a TOY one ūüôā¬†

Teasing gifts make a great stocking stuffer

Well, you can’t put a real car in his stocking! So, a fun idea is to give him a mini lego set that builds a little car. He may not be willing to admit it but I’ll bet he still loves to build a lego toy and a car is something he can build and sit on his desk or shelf.

Movie Tickets

Get them some tickets to a new movie coming out soon to a local theater. Maybe one for them and one for their best bud.

Who ever has enough socks?

Teen girls can always use socks, well boys too for that matter. Instead of putting a boring pair of plain old socks in her stocking, give her a fun pair with toes and a cute pattern on them like the ones below.

Teens Love Gift Cards For Christmas

A gift card makes a perfect stocking stuffer for a teen! They can use it to buy songs for the player. They can use it to purchase a movie to watch on their computer or tablet. They can use it to buy a video game that they want. Basically, they can use it to get something they want. You can get them in different denominations: $10, $25 or $50. I have a link to one that gives you 3 cards for $25 each so that if you have more than one child you have it covered.

Practical Stuffers For Teens – school related

They might roll their eyes just a little but they are still going to appreciate getting some fun supplies that they can use when school gets back in session after their winter break. Small notebooks that they can write down assignments in. Pencils to use in class. Markers for those projects they have to illustrate. Novelty pens for writing. A journal to write their inner most thoughts in. All practical but a little different, too.

Boyfriend Watches Are Hot, for boys AND girls!

Teen girls love the look of a big clunky wrist watch that gives the appearance of them wearing their boyfriend’s watch. They are trendy and fun to wear and she will always know the time whether it concerns her curfew or being on time for class or her job.

I found a fun brown color that coordinates with just about any color of outfit.

Very practical, though on the expensive side for a stocking stuffer. Check your budget!


Dress Up and Protect Their Smart Phone

They need protection for their smartphone and will prefer that it not be some boring old black thing. Give her a new case for her phone that shows her individuality. It does not matter which brand of cell phone that she has, you can find some really unique and fun cases to fit her brand. An 18 year old girl will love them!

Sunglasses are always a Hot Trend With Teenage Girls and Boys

The ones shown here are obviously for girls, but find a suitable pair and sunglasses make a great stocking for guys too. Especially in areas where the sun shines a lot at Christmas.

It kind of does not matter whether it is summer, spring, winter or fall; the sun can do some harmful things to our eyes. Teenagers do not necessarily wear sunglasses for the protection from the UV rays, they just think they are cool. 

Wearing sunglasses to protect our eyes from the UV rays of the sun is wise. Teenage girls could probably care less about them being a good and healthy choice. They like them for the cool look it gives them. Heart shaped sunglasses are all the rage right now. They are sometimes referred to as Sweetheart sunglasses. They are fun, funky and actually important for girls to wear.

515l3JP0-KL._SL1001_Dress up their bag or purse

Sometimes all it takes to take a bag from drab to fun is a nice keychain. They¬†range from funky to cute, from cool to grunge and that’s just what you need to express your personality. That’s just what teens are looking for. Shown here is a guitar, but I’ve collected a whole range of alternatives here.

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