Best Stocking Stuffers for Men Christmas

With Christmas just round the corner I am sure you must be busy buying Gifts for Friends and Family. It’s no wonder that Kids get the first priority. However, do not forget the Men in your life.

There is a boy in every man and whether it is your boyfriend, partner, husband, dad, brother, cousin, or granddad – all of them look forward to what Santa has brought them this Christmas!

Stocking fillers don’t have to be expensive in order to make him happy. In my opinion something that is usable in day to day life and yet stands apart a bit is the perfect one. Please take a look at the options presented on this page and do share your ideas too.

Robot Headphone Splitter – Wired Headsets

It’s just not as much fun to listen to music alone, whether it’s on your phone, MP3 player, laptop of tablet. Make your boyfriend share the music with this fun headphone splitter. It’s cool, it fits into a stocking and it’s useful too. 

NFL Mini Ear Buds – available for the main teams

Another stocking idea for men with smart technology around. They can always use an extra set of earbuds for on the road, and these are cool for any NFL fan. And yes, if the Cardinals aren’t his team, they do come with other team mascots featured on them. 

Money Clips and Wallets

Christmas is the time of the year we welcome the spirituality in our Life. It’s about family, neighbors, friends, and society in general.

However, money is an important part of life as well. Money earned honestly and spent wisely goes a long way in strengthening the social fabric.

Pocket Wallets and Money Clips are a great ideas as Stocking Stuffers for Men during Christmas. 

Practical, Useful Or Fun?

Which should it be for the Christmas Stocking? There is no special rule of thumb on this. You can choose silly and fun stocking stuffers that are also cheap or at least affordable for anyone in the household.

You can also go the practical route by getting something small that fits in the stocking but also being something that they can use. And then there is also the option of getting a useful gift that is also a little on the silly and fun side.

Your gifts do not have to break the family bank no matter which way you decide to go. Since we usually put more than one item in a Christmas stocking… go for a little variety: practical gifts as well as fun ones. For the women, do include something cute or sweet.

fun pens for menDisposable Writing Instruments

I love writing on Paper and though Computers, Tablets, and eBooks have reduced the importance of old writing instruments – they are still needed.

Most Men tend to misplace the Pens and have to borrow one when the need arises. Gifting disposable Pens will ensure that they have lots to last them and in case one is lost – it won’t hurt much.

Please check out some of the best-selling pens on Amazon and buy a few dozen this Christmas. See also my own selection of gadget pens.

Personal Grooming Items

I am sure you’d like to see your Man look 10/10 at all times. Why not Stuff the Stocking with some Personal Grooming Items this Christmas?

The choices are endless – After Shave, Deodorant, Combs, Shaving Brushes, Mustache Wax – in case he has Facial Hair, Handkerchiefs, Beard Oil, Cologne, and more …

Think where he is lacking in his Grooming Habits and gift a related item as a gentle reminder to take more care!

Robots and electronic pets – Electronic Bugs (literally) and Robots

I am sure these lovely creatures will be loved by not just Boys but grown up Men as well. Millions around the world have adopted them as Mechanical Pets.
These Electronic Bugs and Robots are sweet and pretty affordable. Please check out the lineup below and I’m sure you’ll find them likable.

Computer Decals and Accessories

A nice gift idea for Christmas indeed if the Man in question likes to decorate his system with Decals. The choices available are endless and pretty affordable.

An extra mouse, Mouse Pad, USB Drive or Card Reader is always welcome. External HDD‘s are also a gifting option if the intended recipient likes to try different Operating Systems. Plus they help keep the Data Safe!

BBQ gift that rocks!


A grilling spatula may not be the first thing you think about, when considering Christmas gifts, but the surprise will be all the greater for it. These come with several options for the image on the spatula itself as well as a personalized handle – a message, a name – whatever you want. 

Men love great looking watches

Buying a great gift for Dad at Christmas can be hard, but a watch is always a smart gift. Many men collect time pieces and are always looking to add something new to their collection. Think of a watch like jewelry. They can be changed to match an outfit. Style comes into play when deciding what watch to wear.

Below you will find a wide variety of choices – from well priced to luxury. Each has its own merits. Each will make a wonderful gift regardless of your budget.

Golf Gifts in a man’s stocking

Golf looks like a pretty easy sport – but it is really tough to master. It can take years to get the perfect swing and play to the best of one’s abilities. You don’t really have to be an expert in order to choose a Golf related gift for your Dad on Father’s Day.
Father’s Day Golf Balls, Golfing accessories like – ball markers, scorers, golf gloves, t-shirts, etc., and Golf Kits, there is a Golf related gift for every budget. If your Father plays Golf – he will absolutely love these gifts. Make this Father’s Day a special one for him.

Or – you can get him something like this: useful, but not precisely well behaved. 

Pocket knife

Now here’s a cool personal gift – there’s something about knives, isn’t there? Especially for outdoor people.

Stocking filler suggestions by readers

71VP+GmXQML._UL1500_Great picks, Katinka. We always have a pair of men’s boxers with a fun pattern — sometimes a Christmas pattern — exploding from the top. In terms of other long, thin items, you might add long candy like Pixie sticks or beef jerky sticks.

More gift ideas for men

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