Fun stocking stuffers for teenage girls

You can’t go wrong if you give her something that is a fashion trend right now. She wants to look cool and trendy more than anything.

Preparing her for life in a dorm room now, will make the transition when she leaves home easier. Getting little organisational items to save back is a good idea. You can also consider getting her a comforter bedding set for a twin bed that she can use. Pick her favorite color or find one that shows her personality.

If she is driving, you can get her a cool key chain for her car and house keys or something that goes along with driving a car.

She isn’t a little girl anymore and will appreciate gifts that show her that you know she is growing up into her own woman.

Teenagers Love Funky Bracelets

When she was just a few years younger, she might have been one of the girls who collected the rubber band type bracelets that were all the rage. Well, designers have taken it up a couple of notches and now are designing some really cool bracelets for teenagers to wear.

American Teens are Really into Duct Tape Crafts!

Crafting with duct tape is a really hot trend for Teens this year. Giving them a book that offers projects for both girls and guys is something that they can have a lot of fun with. They can make wallets, locker decorations, purses, flip flop fashions and so much more. Find some fun and funky duct tape to include as part of the gift.

And no, duct tape does not have to be ugly. In fact, it’s available in all sorts of colors and prints

1D Teen Heart Throbs come in doll form

These teen idol dolls have been predicted to be one of the hottest selling dolls for the holidays! Fashioned to look like the members of the British boy band One Direction (1D). The boys rocketed to fame across the globe after coming in third in the musical competition The X Factor and were signed by Simon Cowell. There is a doll for each member of the band which includes: Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis.

Ask your young teen girl and she will tell you her favorite guy and the doll she wants. Be careful she might want the whole band! And no matter if she wants Zayn Malik, despite him having left the band… he’s still the coolest of the set (according to yours truly). 

Teen card games

Cards Against Humanity has been a best seller in Amazon Games for a few years now. It’s a conversation starting card game that is so popular that not only are there 6(!) expansions, there are also a load of copycats and cool variations. 

When I was a teen, us girls were always on the phone. These days it’s snapchat. In fact, many teenagers are uncomfortable with face to face interaction. Let’s face it, that may have been one of the draws of our telephone conversations as well… Still, we had each other’s voices to draw on. 

I think it is very encouraging that card games like this are popular: it brings up the difficult topics and helps kids talk about them. Sure, it’s not all PC, but let’s face it, neither is life. However, it’s mostly just fun. 

Obviously aimed at late teens to adults. I’d recommend it for non-religious families, into pop culture and with a sense of humor. 

Described as Apples to Apples for adults. 

Anyhow – like all card games, it definitely fits into a stocking… 

Plush organs!

Many girls like medicine. Whether she wants to be a nurse or a doctor, she’ll probably giggle at one of these plush organs. It’s a fun way to encourage her career while also keeping it light. If you’re her boyfriend reading this, give her the heart for bonus points. 


I already covered bracelets above, but jewelry in general makes a great stocking filler, though it may be a bit on the pricey side. A popular jewelry gift is a zodiac pendant. Further along the ‘cool’ spectrum are mismatched earrings!

Vintage Styled Sunglasses For Her Stocking

A new pair of sunglasses that are in a vintage style is both thoughtful and fun. The real vintage sunglasses are usually scratched and not usable. This way she can look oh so retro and still have a pair of sunglasses to protect her eyes.

Funny socks

Socks are a lame gift staple, for men. After all, they’re a weird category in our wardrobe: visible, but mostly invisible none-the-less. 

I had a teen sleeping over a few years ago who had sets of mismatching socks. She told me she never wanted to wear matching socks again, because one of the pair always gets lost! Of course she’ll have to change her mind when she gets a job, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have fun with socks now. Funny socks range from cute to positively outrageous. 

The cat-socks above will look like ordinary striped socks with many shoes. The socks on the left are not so polite. Since many teens like to try out social boundaries, you could have fun with your girl and see whether she’s brave enough to wear strawberry socks to school…

Skull Socks are Fun! Pink for Girls, yet feisty!

On the practical side but fun, too. She wears socks, right? Give her two pairs that are going to be fun to wear. Most young girls are into the Monster High dolls and Zombies and Vampires so one pair has skulls on it. The other pair has scribbles of nonsensical stuff. So, they will be fun, practical and functional.

Cupcake Lipgloss – Wins on the cuteness factor

Fun, affordable and cute – these cupcake shaped lipglosses are a great small gift for Christmas. Get a whole set and spread them among your girlfriends, daughters, granddaughters, neighbors etc.

They are cute in the shape of cupcakes and she will have a nice variety of colors of gloss to keep her lips moist.

No need for her to share these, let her have all 12 to alternate her lip gloss. Or divide them up between daughters or nieces. 

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