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donna sharp quilt

This is a question that comes up often, isn’t it? Family, friends and co-workers will ask about possible gifts and it makes us sit down and ask ourselves just what do I want for Christmas? Katinka graciously asked me to come here on her blog to give my own list. It is probably safe for me to let you know that my friends and family would say I am one of those “hard to buy for” kind of ladies.

I am at an age (too darn close to being an official senior citizen) that I already have most of what I want and definitely have more things than I need. So, as this question arises each year I struggle with making up a list. Honestly the gifts that mean the most to me each year are truly things that money can not buy and I have been blessed with many of those and continue to be each year. I have good health, wonderful and loving children and grandchildren, a comfortable home and a peaceful heart. But the exercise at hand is to come up with things that I would like as gifts this year for the holidays so here we go….

Violet & Blue Snowflake Design Texting Touch Screen Stretchy Gloves

I just love the concept of gloves that can keep my hands warm in the winter and that I can keep on when I am out and about and need to answer my smartphone, operate the ATM machine or quickly look something up on my tablet. I also like that they are relatively inexpensive for one of the kids to get for me. There are many color and pattern options that they could choose but I particularly like this pair with the purple and blue

Ladies’ Vanity Zen Fleece Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirtladies-sweatshirt

I just love this hooded sweatshirt! I love the kind of weathered and used look of the fabric and I love that it is fleeced lined. No one would ever mistake me for any kind of fashionista, nope I am a practical gal when it comes to my clothing, I want it comfortable! This one comes in five different color options and my daughters would look at this and know that I most likely would prefer the lavender (berry) or reddish (wildberry) colors over the others. Although, I would be happy with any of the colors. I might have to remind them that I would take a medium or a large (I don’t mind if they are a little big on me). It might not scream fashion but it would keep my upper body warm on those cooler and even cold days during the year.

canning cookbookThe Amish Canning Cookbook: Plain and Simple Living at Its Homemade Best

I love to cook and I love to grow my own vegetables so I also love cookbooks. I do not have this particular one and I have started canning again. I used to can and freeze a lot when the girls were young. Even though my husband and I are empty nesters having the healthier and better tasting produce from my garden appeals to me. I do not need fancy schmancy recipes, give me something simple that tastes good to try.

Picnic Time 5-Piece Garden Tool Set With Tote And Folding Seat

I love to garden! At my age getting down on my knees just doesn’t work well anymore. I can get down, it is the getting up that causes the problem! Plus they get stiff in a crouched position. Having a set like this to carry my tools and have a seat to sit on would be wonderful.

tarot cardsEarth Magic Oracle Cards: A 48-Card Deck and Guidebook

Not one of those gifts that I just have to have but one that I would get a kick out of using. I believe as my ancestors did that we can learn much form the plants and living things around us. This would be one of those “just for fun” gifts that I would treasure.

wine bottle holderSophisticated Lady Wine Bottle Holder

Another just for fun idea! I don’t need it but I would get such a kick out of displaying a bottle of wine in this holder on my kitchen counter! I think it is cute, quirky and fun.

vivienne westwood necklaceVivienne Westwood Honor Necklace

I do not wear a lot of jewelry but when I do I want it to be something special and something that I can connect with. I like this particular necklace because it reminds me of the colors we find in gemstones in the earth and it would go with just about any outfit I wanted to dress up.

leather purseAmerican West Lady Lace 3 Compartment Tote

A leather purse or handbag is what I prefer to carry and I want compartments to keep my “stuff” organized. Hand tooled leather is my favorite because of the artistry involved in the making of it. My family also knows that I am a wanna be cowgirl so this purse suits my needs in a bag and my personality.

laptop bagFloto Luggage Piazza Messenger Bag

I have a laptop bag but it is a “hand me down” from my hubby and it looks too blah. It functions well but I would rather have something different. There are certainly more feminine looking bags that I like but they are too small for my laptop. I know, this bag looks a little on the “guy” side, too but I like that it is leather and I like the kind of vintage look that it has to it.

donna sharp quiltDonna Sharp Melanie Log Cabin Hand Quilted 100-Percent Cotton Quilt

I am a collector of quilts both new and old ones. I do not have a log cabin quilt and these colors would look awesome in my master bedroom on our queen sized bed. I already own one Donna Sharp quilt and the quality is superb!

Many of the things that I would really want for Christmas would go beyond the budgets of my kids and I do realize that. What I often suggest is that they pool their money together because I would be happy with one gift from all of them.

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What kids want

littlest-pet-shopLittlest Pet Shop Surprise Families Mini Pet Pack (Puppies) Doll  

Littlest Pet Shop has been popular for years, and this years line sells well too. No wonder: look how cute!

walkie talkie lego kidsLego Walkie Talkies

Another perennial favorite for kids. What more can I say than: quality!  


Monster High 13 Wishes Twyla Doll

Monster High is a popular tv-series, game system and doll extravaganza for tween girls. These dolls are cute in a funky way and their stories are fun and different. I picked the Twyla doll because she’s literate and shy. Which pretty much describes me as a teen. 

Twyla finds a bottle with a genie in it and is granted 13 (!) wishes. Chaos follows and a nice adventure for Twyla and her friends. 

51Ka-PPwpYLAny Harry Potter fans on your list? If they don’t have the Harry Potter library classics yet, get them this gift box which includes them all:  Quidditch Through the Ages, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and The Tales of Beedle the Bard. 

What men want!

71LkKjbTvML._SL1146_Tools are often a great gift for men. Does he have a magnetic wristband yet? Very handy for not loosing screws and other small stuff he may be toying around with. 

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This tablet ready purse has been another favorite with my audience for years. Each year the look gets updated slightly, yet it hardly needs it. Versatile, practical and yet hip. 

What people want


 iPad Mini

This year’s iPad mini is selling very fast. That’s understandable, because it’s a prime tablet. Nice and small, nice and light, excellent screen, excellent speed and all the user simplicity of the iPad (as compared to Android). 

574751041bi01Rolling laptop bags are useful for a lot of people: men, women, in business, management or speaking. This one is marketed for women, but I don’t see why a stylish man might not get it. All those pockets, those curves. Clearly a highly useful bag. 


Singing bowls make a great gift for people who like music, perhaps with an eclectic taste, and people who are into meditation, mindfulness or Buddhism. The sound is soothing and deep. 

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