Cute wheeled laptop bags, rolling luggage for women

So, you’re in business, you have this laptop thing- and you need to actually carry it around… Like to work, and back home. Or on trips. 

When on the plane, or from the car to the office, a laptop is still a pretty heavy piece of equipment. So it’s better for your back, as well as more comfortable, to carry it in a wheeled piece of luggage. Like a rolling laptop bag. 

There are several styles aimed at women:

Let me start with the ones I really think are cute. I really like the Nicole Lee bag shown above. And guess what, it actually has the laptop compartment at the back, touching the handle. This means it won’t topple over like so many bags will: Schermafdruk 2016-05-09 09.07.22

And yes, this Nicole Lee bag is available in various styles too. The laptop compartment holds notebooks up to 15 inch. 

kensington rolling laptop case insideNext up is an eternal best seller: the black Kensington Contour Balance Notebook Roller Bag, which fits most 15-Inch laptops. As you can see it has nice pockets for your phones, pens and other accessories. However, it also has enough feminine touches to fit most settings. 

It’s well made, lightweight and cute. What more can you want? 

These first two bags are both under $100. You can’t expect everything at that price-range. Both show the wear and tear after two years of daily use. So if that is what you’re planning to do with it, and don’t want to buy a new bag every two years – keep reading.

However, for occasional use you can get by with these for a LONG time. 

Similarly, the popular High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Backpack holds up to intensive use, if your expectations aren’t unrealistic. 


Now for some higher end bags. These are made in genuine leather. This makes them more expensive and heavier but also more durable. 

The Willowbrook by Mc Klein USA
The Willowbrook by Mc Klein USA

McKlein USA makes beautiful stylish bags that don’t depend on the current fashions. Though you may want to choose your colors to match your outfit of course… They make their bags in all kinds of colors, so they should have something that fits. 

They have four (yes 4) different styles of rolling laptop suitcases. Each with the wheels detachable. Yes, that’s right: you can take them off!

  • Lakewood (19.5 x 9 x 14.25 inch)
  • La Grange (14W x 7D x 17H inches – vertical bag)
  • Glen Ellyn (16.75W x 7D x 13.75H inches) 
  • Willowbrook (available in two sizes: 17 and 19.5 inch. The smaller bag still holds a 17 inch laptop). 

McKlein USA bags are made in genuine leather and these four are all designed with laptop use in mind. They also each come with a rain cover, though users say it’s a bit on the flimsy side. 

The Siamod San Martino Ladies Wheeled Laptop Case too has a detachable frame. The system is similar to that of the McKlein bags. 


The style is different of course. It’s a bit reminiscent of the schoolbags in my youth. It too has a built in laptop pocket that a 15.4″ notebook will fit into. 

The bag comes with a portable rain cover, so it’s protected against the elements. No luxury for a bag with this kind of price tag. 

More rolling laptop bags for ladies:

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