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Most iPads spend most of their time on the coach. However, they can be useful in meetings and fun on the road. And that requires a handbag that protects them well…

Meet the iPad Purse! 

I could end and start with the bag shown above: the Ogio Brooklyn Purse. It’s been a best seller for years. Understandable: it’s cute, it comes in various fabrics and colors and most crucially: it protects your electronic gear, including of course your iPad or tablet. And yes, your iPad will fit even with a case. 

However, there are alternatives. 

CoolBell(TM)10.1 inches Unisex Laptop Shoulder Bag Waterproof Oxford Bag Messenger BagFor instance, the CoolBell(TM)10.1 inches Shoulder Bag. It’s a waterproof Oxford Messenger Bag that will carry and protect your 10 inch tablet perfectly. It comes in various stylish colors and the styling is feminine enough to be a purse too. 

It’s waterproof. It has sturdy zippers and shoulder strap. It’s also more roomy than most purses. 

Do note that only your iPad will only fit if it doesn’t have a bulky case around it. 

Dasein Slim Briefcase, Satchel, Shoulder Bag, Handbag, Tablet, iPad Bag

Meet the Dasein Slim Briefcase, iPad Bag

This bag looks way more expensive than it is. Reviewers note that this shows in the quality of the bag. However, it’s definitely large enough to fit your iPad and even a small laptop. 

In short: a great bag for people who are moving up in the world, but don’t quite have the budget for looking the part just yet. 

Fossil East-West City Bag

The Fossil East-West City Bag is different. I usually don’t review bags that don’t have at least 4 star ratings. However, in this case the 3.5 star rating seems most related to the fact that this bag does not hold a laptop. 

Since this page is about iPad purses, that is not an issue. 

41OjdRkcW3L._SX342_The Heshe® Women’s Vintage Backpack Purse is cute as well as practical. It will hold and protect an iPad with a lot of extras. 

Aside from the two main pockets that you can see clearly in the picture, it also has slots for your phone, an inner zipper pocket and an invisible pocket. 

More iPad handbag alternatives.

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