Best Toy Nativity Sets Christmas 2018

If your young children are constantly having to be reminded that they family Nativity set is not to be played with, perhaps a solution would be to give them a toy Nativity set for Christmas this year.

Young children love to act out the story of Christmas and it is much better to let them have a set that will not break during their play time. It is also a wonderful opportunity for them to begin to tell the story on their own.

Most of the toy sets are made of plastic or a soft vinyl substance so they hold up well to rough play. You can also find sets that are made from wood that are also very durable.

Some of the toys feature sound and lights that will require batteries to operate while others do not need anything other than your child to supply the energy to move them. I have listed five varieties that are good for small children.

Melissa & Doug Nativity Set

There are eleven figures that come with this toy nativity set that is made from wood particles which makes it very kid friendly and durable. The stable comes in four pieces that is quite easy to assemble. Also included is the Christmas story on the package that the pieces are stored in. Not only does this make a nice toy for children to begin to learn about their faith but it can also become a tradition of setting it up each year after the children no longer play with it as a toy.

Have you heard it called a Creche? The manger is sometimes referred to as a creche which is a French word for crib or manger. Depending on the traditions of your family you might use one term instead of the other. Both are interchangeable as a part of the Nativity scene.

Veggie Nativity Playset

Using the characters from the popular cartoon series Veggie Tales, children can play the story of the Nativity in a cute way. Some of the pieces make sounds which also adds to the fun. This set is recommended for children ages three years old and older. It requires two AA batteries that are included in your purchase.

little people nativity setLittle People Christmas Story Nativity Scene Playset

Play time can be enhanced during the Christmas season while allowing children to learn the religious background of the holidays with this very cute toy Nativity set made by Fisher-Price. Most children probably already have some other play sets that include the Little People so there will be a familiarity with the characters. The set includes twelve different figures and makes a nice scene. At the top of the stable where the Angel goes a song will play if the child presses her down. It also lights up when the song is playing. You will need to purchase three AA batteries as they are not included with the set. Recommended for ages 1 year old and older.

Toddlers love to watch Veggie Tales on television and now they can learn and play the story of Christmas with the characters being vegetable type people. Really cute and one they may relate to if they are a fan of the show.

Durable and safe materials for kids to play with.

Fisher-Price Little People Nativity

I, personally, know a little toddler who got this set for Christmas and she loved it. It is really quite adorable. When the Angel is placed above the manger and pressed down she lights up. The Little People figures have such sweet faces. A truly delightful way for a child to play and remember the story of Christmas. There are no shepherds included in the set but you can purchase them separately and add them to it.

There are 12 figurines included: Mary, her husband Joseph and of course Baby Jesus. Of the side characters we have an Angel and the Three Wise Men. The stable is filled with two Donkeys, Camel, Cow and Sheep.

The Nativity Play Set

A cute little set perfect for little hands to handle while they play out the story of Christ’s birth. There are approximately 16 pieces to the toy set. There is no sound or lights so there is no need to have to replace batteries.

I like this set with the additional pieces in it. There is a palm tree, two angels, donkey, camel, sheep, shepherds, wise men and of course Mary, Joseph and the baby.

Made by Talicor

Playmobil Nativity Manger with Stable

Playmobil has a toy set for holiday play, also. It is slightly different than many Nativity sets whether they are toys or ones that are used by the family. There are no Wise Men or shepherds. There is a man that appears to be a woodcutter with an axe in his hand and there is a tree stump as a part of the set. The baby Jesus can lay in the manger or be taken out. This set is kind of neat because it has different pieces than one usually finds. Recommended for children four to five years old.

This adorable little set has Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, a shepherd, a cow, donkey and some sheep. The Angel was not forgotten, either. The manger has a stable attached to it for more realism. The Wise Men are not included in the set but are sold separately.

It’s Christmas Charlie Brown

A cute little set that has the characters of Peanuts playing the roles of the people involved in Christ’s birth. A fun set for the entire family to enjoy.

St Francis of AssisiĀ is believed to have created the first living Nativity scene in the year 1223.

Top Play Sets Of The Nativity for your Home

Providing a toy Nativity set for a child to play with serves two purposes. One, they have a neat toy to play with. Two and the most important one, is that they can start to relate to the story of the reason for Christmas better. They can see what a manger looks like, see the baby Jesus in his bed of hay, and get an idea of who the Three Wise Men were. The play set can make the story a little more real for them.

There are several styles of Nativity sets available. Some have a very traditional look to them while others have little figures that look like children in the parts of the story. Well known makers of toys such as Melissa and Doug, Fisher-Price and Playmobil all have a version of the toy sets for children to play with.

Books To Read To Kids – about the Nativity

The Nativity

It might be a little difficult for a child to understand the story of the birth of Christ when it is read straight from the Bible. If you plan to have a toy Nativity set for your children, perhaps having a book geared towards children will help them grasp it better.

The Nativity Story (Candle Bible for Kids)

Available as a board book and for your Kindle ereader

Jo Parry illustrated a cute 5 by 5 inch small board book. Reviews are confusingly varied: some think the book was too small, others that it’s fine. Some thing it’s too wordy, others that it’s not wordy enough.

Recommended for kids aged 3 through 5.

The Christmas Story

Published by the famous ‘Golden Books’, this nativity story is true to the bible and simple enough for kids aged 3 through 7 to understand. One teacher uses it in her second grade classroom another in kindergarten.

That’s enough recommendation for me.

Available for Kindle, as hardboard and (rarely) as a paperback.

A Child Was Born: A First Nativity Book

A rhyming storybook telling the tale of the nativity. Aimed at children of 4 and up, reviewers say it can work for smaller children too.

The illustrations are sweet which compensates for the sometimes awkward rhymes. Since the children will not notice how awkward the rhyming is, it’s only the adult that will be annoyed or not.

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