Cheap Gifts for Teen Girls

Small Inexpensive Budget Gift Ideas For Teenage Girls

Are you looking for cheap gift ideas for teenagers? Find affordable yet cool gifts your teen girls and guys will enjoy.

I think we’ve all been in the situation where we had to purchase a gift for someone that we didn’t know well and didn’t have the time or inclination to get to know them better. It happens.

If you feel obligated to buy a gift, but don’t want to shell out a lot of money, or spend a lot of time on shopping, then I have some gift ideas for you that are inexpensive and very likely to be well received.

On this page you’ll find affordable gift ideas for girls. I have started with gift ideas under $10, list a few under $20, under $25 and under $50. So it starts cheap and gets a bit more expensive (though still affordable) at the end of the article. 

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Eccolo Essential Collection 5 x 7 Inches Lined Journal, Remember Days

This is a very nice journal. The only drawback is that it is purple. Fortunately, it is not something people usually carry around, so I think your safe. It has thick, acid free paper, good 5 by 7 size, and embossed inspirational saying.

The great thing about journals is that they get used eventually. Teenage girls are very likely to be filled with angst they have to pour out somewhere.


Nail Art – Design Sticks

Chances are you have no idea what these are. No problem, I can explain it. These are rods or sticks of a fashionable or cute design. The user slices a thin piece off to glue onto their nail. According to this page they can be glued to just about anything. This makes a great gift even if it turns out the recipient doesn’t do their nails.

A Gift That Allows Them To Take A Beverage Along – camera lens cup. This is just so darn cool! A teen can take along their favorite beverage while riding the bus to school, to a sporting event or just anywhere they want to. The beverage could be juice, milk, tea or whatever they prefer. People will think they are carrying a camera lens along but it is actually a thermos type container. It will keep an item cold or hot. 

71-zqiuvPsL._SL1500_Teen girls like to dress up their bags a bit. Whether it’s a purse or a backpack, it’s better if it expresses her burgeoning personality. Keychains are a great way to do that. See this selection of key chains to personalize bags and purses, or get one of the Voodoo String Dolls. Not quite as cute as you thought? That’s precisely why they’re so popular I expect!

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A Fun And Affordable Gift For A Teen Girl

Mood Pendant Necklace – Heart

The heart pendant changes color depending on her mood. You know she will just love the uniqueness of it! Hangs on a 16 inch thong style necklace. It is also eco friendly by having no lead or nickel base to it. She will be able to wear it to school or when she is out with her friends.

 Patterned Scotch Duct Tape – patterned for crafting – HUGELY popular with teen girls, and makes a very affordable gift

These hearts can help your teen make all kinds of fun stuff, including cloths! Yes, you would not believe what teen make with duct tape these days.

Encourage Their Independence With A Sign

51h4otrbfOLTEENAGERS TAKE ACTION ~Sign~ teen parent kids gift

You know they will love having this sign in their room! Although, it is meant to be funny there is that reminder that they are expected to at some point in time move out, get a job and support themselves. Even though the price shows higher, it is sold for less than $10.

Under $20

Of course one of the easiest ways to come up with an affordable gift for anybody is to go with a good book – fiction for teens, for instance.

SHANY Professional Makeup Kit, 78 Color

Most teenage girls love makeup, so you might consider this great kit. Shany Cosmetics makes affordable makeup that is quite popular. The reviews on Amazon are insanely great. There are 60 eyeshadow shades, all highly pigmented (that’s good), and then 12 highlighting and liner shades. 

26″ Brown Leather & Multi Square Mosaic Bead Wrap Bracelet

This bracelet is 26 inches long, made of brown leather, and square cut glass beads of different colors. Since it is very long wrap style and it has adjustable ties, it can easily be worn by a variety of girls of different sizes. You don’t have to worry about the bracelet being too large or too small.

It is also not overly fancy looking, expensive, or religious – this is perfect for someone you don’t know well!

 Cool posters for teens – Check their favorite movie or music star out! – all under $20, most under $10   

T-Shirts Featuring Their Favorite Movie Or TV Show

Teens love t-shirts and most especially when the shirt features something from their favorite movie or TV show. Some popular shows to consider for a teen gift right now are the ones listed below.

Teen Jewelry Stand

Teenage girls have jewelry in the form of necklaces, bracelets and earrings and maybe a ring or two. I’ll be she would love something like this hip stand to hang those items on when she is not wearing them. So cool with a figure dressed in denim in a cool pose. Small loops for earrings and larger loops for bracelets and necklaces.

Under $25

Affordable Gifts For Teenagers

There are a variety of teen gifts under $25 that you will feel good about giving the teenager on your gift list this year. Teens like cool stuff, hot items that all of their friends have and things that they can both use and have fun with. What do teenagers want for Christmas? Well, let me show you some items that they will love and they are so affordable they won’t put a strain on your wallet.

RC Radio Remote Control Helicopter with – Cheap Gift Ideas

Gadgets that fly, always do well with teens. What could be more fun than this Remote Control Helicopter? The Syma version is a universal favorite.

 A lightweight mini copter in bright green, blue or red. The copter is designed for flying indoors and goes forward, backward, up, down, left, and right. A lot of fun.

Long-sleeve T-Shirt Is A Great Gift For A a geeky Teen girl

Get it in a nice large (overlarge) size she can hide away her changing body in.

Especially if the t-shirt features their current favorite movie! Something like the new Hobbit movie which has one film already released and two more will come out in the next few years. I am showing one example that either a boy teen or a girl teen might like. There are a variety of graphics available and styles that are for boys along with styles that have a feminine cut. Of course it could be a different movie. You can usually find a cheap t-shirt for less than $25 showing your teen’s favorite movie.

Under $50 – Gift Ideas For Teenagers

Have you been searching for teen gifts under $50 and are starting to feel overwhelmed? I know when I was searching for a teen gift the results would show items that no self respecting teen would ever want. It is kind of frustrating, isn’t it? Hopefully from my shopping I can give you a better experience by showing you gift ideas for a teenager that do not include little kid and adult items all mixed into the list. So, let’s mosey on down the page and find some under $50 items that you can get for the teen on your gift list.

61qDhg4uZJL._UY395_Steampunk is Hot with Teens – Cool steampunk jewelry for teen girls

Steampunk creations are really hot with teens today. Giving them a unique piece of steampunk jewelry is a fun idea. You can find items that work for girls and guys and they will love it! Bracelets, necklaces or even a trinket box with the unique kind of gothic industrial revolution look to it will be a real hit.

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