Best 4 Year Old Girl Christmas Gifts 2018

Are you in need of some gift ideas for a four year old girl? Perhaps you want to give her a Holiday gift or she has a birthday coming soon and you are not sure what kinds of things will be age appropriate. At this age she is able to get very imaginative in her pretend playing and will spend longer times pretending to be someone or do something that she sees adults doing.

Shown above: the pink Lego Duplo box

A four year old girl is starting to recognize numbers and letters on sight and understanding that these letters are part of what make the words we speak and read. Her hand-eye coordination has developed well enough that she can work simple puzzles and work with smaller parts. She can usually dress and undress without any help from others and likes to play dress-up. She is very curious about the world around her and is at an age that she can work with some simple experiments if assisted by an adult.

When you keep in mind where the four year old girl is developmentally it is rather easy to find gifts for her to enjoy. I have compiled a list of gifts that she will be able to play with, without frustration. 


SHOWN ABOVE – Working With Letters And Numbers Like A Grown-Up

LeapFrog Text and Learn

I mentioned earlier that a four year old is beginning to recognize letters. They sometimes get pretty bored if we try just showing them letters and working in that way. Providing them with something that looks like a toy but also helps them with their letter recognition is always a great gift idea.

Let her pretend text with this ingenious toy by LeapFrog! There are three modes of learning for a child to work with the names of letters and the sounds that they make. It even has a QWERTY keyboard for her to navigate with. Parents can connect to a website for guidance in helping her with additional activities. The toy requires 3 AAA batteries that are included in your purchase.


Get her creative and math skills going at an early age

I played with Lego throughout my childhood. My brother and I had a mixed set. I’m sure we started with Duplo, because that’s the basic lego-set aimed at kids age 3 and 4. This early start may have helped me get good grades in math in high school. I even ended up as a fully trained math and chemistry teacher.


Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Princess Mirror

Melissa & Doug Wooden Princess Mirror – DYO

DIY gifts are great for girls into crafting. This one has the added romance of tapping into the princess romance girls love to fantasize about. The basic mirror is already cute, but she can add her own taste of glitter, (fake) gems and stickers to make it all her own.

Makes a great birthday party activity as well!

walkie talkie lego kidsQuality Walkie Talkie for Kids: Toddlers and Primary School

What’s more fun for a kid than a phone? Quite possibly a Walkie Talkie – preferably one they can actually use themselves. Girls can have fun…

Magnetic Dolls

A 4 year old girl will probably have some trouble with regular paper dolls but the Magnetic Dolls are a wonderful gift idea. For one thing they are sturdier and can take rougher play. The clothing is easier for her to change because there are no tabs for her to worry with. The outfit stays on with a magnet and can be removed easier or applied easier. She can have fun dressing up the doll, using her imagination and creative skills during playtime. She may even start to figure out that certain colors work well together while others are not pleasant together.


Melissa & Doug Abby & Emma Deluxe Magnetic Dress-Up Set

The two dolls in this set have a stand of their own. There are over 60 pieces in the set allowing for some real creativity and hours of fun for a 4 year old girl.


Melissa & Doug Princess Elise Magnetic Dress-Up Set

This Princess doll comes with her own stand and several pieces of clothing and accessories for some imaginative playtime. The set includes 24 pieces.

Pretend Play With Cooking Toys

Girls at four years of age love to pretend and one of the areas that they enjoy is to pretend to be working in the kitchen. Cooking or baking for their pretend family and friends. Gifts that enhance that playtime experience are fun for her and enjoyable for adults to watch her do. She can proudly present her latest culinary creation that she has made for you to help her to pretend to eat.


Melissa & Doug Bake and Decorate Cupcake Set

Dry erase markers that are shaped like icing tubes allow her to decorate the tops of her cupcakes. They can easily be wiped off to decorate again. There are wooden candles and flames that she can add to the cupcake. Cardboard baking cups add to the baking experience and she gets a little oven mitt, too.


Melissa & Doug Wooden Sandwich-Making Set

A sandwich making toy is such a cute idea! The set includes 16 wooden pieces to allow her to make a pretend sandwich for lunch. The pieces are colorful and durable and should provide for loads of fun for any 4 year old girl.

pretend play dishes cutlery

Learning Resources Pretend and Play Dish Set

Of course she will need some dishes to serve her imaginary and pretend food on! This set resembles a popular colorful line of real dishes with four place settings in primary colors. Includes 4 plates, forks, knives, spoons, cups and saucers. She can even learn how to properly set a table while playing hostess.

Beauty Gifts For Girls At Four

Four year old little girls are more aware of their own appearance and the way others dress, too. Some little girls become quite emphatic on colors and styles that they will and will not wear by this age. Giving her a gift that allows her to pretend to apply make-up, style hair and other toys that allow her to experiment with clothing and make-up will be delightfully appreciated and give her hours of fun to her playtime.


Step2 Fantasy Vanity

This little vanity set is so adorable! The mirror is made of a shatterproof material. She will get a set of three accessories that include a hand held mirror, brush and comb. There is a little stool for her to sit on and the vanity has a functional drawer and compartments for her to keep her play cosmetics and jewelry.


Girls Cosmetics Set Beauty Bag

A fun make-up kit for young girls. The make-up has been safety tested and is non-toxic and can be completely washed off of a face or surface that she might apply it to. There are even play fake nails! Personally, I would recommend that a 4 year old be supervised when playing with the make-up.

A Few Other Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Something that most little girls would love is for you to box up some of your older clothing and let her have them to play dress-up with them. Include a pair of heels and some jewelry and she will spend hours creating her own style. Of course this only works if you are a female.

Take her to the zoo when the weather permits or a Children’s museum in your area. She might love a picnic in the park with just the two of you.

Make up some coupon style papers that give her special opportunities to spend time with you doing some of her favorite activities. Things like a visit to the candy store (if that is OK with Mom), a shopping trip to the local mall, going to a movie that she wants to see and other activities you can enjoy together. It is that one on one attention that she will remember and cherish.

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