Cool Gadgets for Teenage Guys

Let the Gadget Wars Begin!

The teenage years are no doubt the best as well as the emotionally hardest phase of life. Lots of energy, new ideas, and the adventure of looking at the world with new eyes. Of course, teenagers have a lot of trouble fulfilling the responsibilities of the society as well plus the peer pressure can be tough to handle at times.

As a parent or guardian it is important to guide the teens in the right direction and help them channel the energy of youth in the right direction. One shouldn’t be too overbearing yet be present when your teen needs support.

Gift your teenagers gadgets which will help their brains grow and will keep them busy in a productive manner. I hope the suggestions listed below will be helpful.

Shown here is a very cool hammer multitool by Sheffield.

DIY kits for Teenagers

I am a big fan of DIY Projects. Doing something yourself provides a sense of satisfaction which cannot be matched by ready made stuff. The joy of creating something with your own hands is unparalleled.

The DIY Kit you choose for your Teenagers would depend on her/his interest and age no doubt. There are thousands of choices available for those interested in Science, Arts, Toys, and other Subjects. Help your Teenager develop the grey brain cells and building skills with the Do-It-Yourself Projects listed below.

Cool Do-It-Yourself Gifts for Guys:


Tablets have really had a Revolutionary Impact on Computing. A couple of Decades ago not many of us could have imagined that such small devices would pack Computing Power more than the Desktop Computers of that era. Best Tablets for Mobile Teenagers

Teenagers love Tablets and the reasons are not hard to find. They look cool, are lightweight and easy to carry, they help them connect with their Friends, and open up a whole new world of learning through the web and ebooks. You don’t need a Kindle to get the Kindle books, for instance.

Personally I think that for a US audience the Kindle Fire is the best buy option. The hardware is excellent and it does everything most teens will want to do on their tablet: ebooks (yes, Kindle), facebook, twitter, internet, mail and games. What more could you need? 

Samsung Galaxy Note is another good choice, especially for artistic teens. It features a 10.1 inch display which is easy on the eyes – unlike the 7 Inch Screen, which many of the lower priced tabs have. The Galaxy Note has two selling points:

  • Wacom style screen with stylus
    This means that you can draw at pixel precision. It’s the reason I bought mine and I love it.
  • You can use multiple apps at once. On the same screen. 
    This started out limited to Samsung apps, but in the latest version (updated on mine as well) you can have your gmail app open while reading a PDF, for instance. Seriously useful when you’re using a tablet for more than just entertainment. 

And yes, of course you can mail, play games and go online on the Galaxy Note as well. 

When we talk about tablets the iPad can’t go unmentioned. The best buy option for most people today is the iPad Mini. Small, fits into your teens bag, and not THAT expensive. 

Latest Gaming Consoles

2013 will prove one of the Hottest Years for Game Lovers.

Playstation 4 and Xbox ONE will be launched this year.

However, that’s not all. I hope you are aware about the OUYA Console. It’ll be launched in the month of June and is very sensibly priced @ $ 99.99. That’s not all – The Games can be downloaded directly to the Console! Saving you the trouble of buying discs. No frustration of scratched discs not working on the console! The main selling point of this device, aside from the affordable price, is that it works with your (HD) tv, so your teen can play their games on the best hardware available. 

On the Ouya system you can try games out for free and their collection includes Final Fantasy, brand new never-before-seen titles and hundreds of other games starting with all the games available on Android. Shooters, platformers, role-playing games, action games… 

Gaming Accessories – Must have gadgets for men

I know Gaming Freaks can be pretty anti-social, however they also work together and the gaming-addicted geek has pretty much died out (or so my dad – who teaches programming – tells me). They no longer spend their entire lifetime busy upping their scores in the Virtual World without a care about what’s happening in the Real World!

Thankfully, not all boys are so devoted to Gaming. Most of them will learn to take their responsibilities Seriously. If your guy doesn’t need Rehab – you may consider buying him a Gaming Keypad, Gaming Mouse, or a DVD of the latest Bestselling Video Game DVD to show you care.
Please check out some of the choices below to see which are the best Gifting Options available for die-hard Gamers.

Boys Will Be Boys! Cool Gadget Gifts for boys growing into men!

Men just Love Gadgets – no two ways about it. Gift them the latest craze in the town and they’d be Happy Playing with it for days … or weeks! Thousands of new Electronic Gadgets are launched each month. It can be real tough to even know about them.

Beverage Coolers – Chill Out in Summer

There are real cool small fridges (aka Beverage Coolers) available to make sure their drink stays cool. Not the most environmentally friendly gift you can think of, but your teen will definitely appreciate it. 
My personal favorite is the Koolatron Soft-Sided Electric Travel Cooler. Great accessory for Family Picnics and Outings.

Clean Screen Gadget Plush Gift – Fun Cute Little Gadget To Clean Device Screens

What a fun idea for cleaning a computer monitor or laptop screen! Also good for a TV screen and other devices that will scratch easily. The M&M character can be green as shown here or it can be blue, yellow, red or orange. The chamois cloth cleans without scratching and lifts dust, too. Bottom is filled with bean bag type material so that your cleaner can sit on a desk top or computer screen for easy reach when you need it.

Gadget Measures Steps And Calories Burned – Timex Digital Pedometer for running enthusiasts

If they are trying to lose weight or just get into better shape, this handy gadget is a great gift idea. The pedometer measures number of steps and also number of calories burned.

More Gadget Gifts

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