LEGOS For Toddlers: Fun Duplo Sets

Teaching Your Kids To Build With Legos For Toddlers Is A Great Activity To Start Your Youngsters Learning

To Buy Lego sets for toddlers and pre-school kids you are not only investing in a Great Toy you are also investing in your child`s early development by introducing practical building and coordination skills that your child will thrive on in life. Teaching your Children to build and create with LEGOS For Toddlers is fun not only for your child but you will get great satisfaction watching them build and create for themselves.

LEGO Duplo are the first LEGOS For Toddlers that your young child will learn to build with, some of the LEGO Duplo Sets are suitable from the age of 1 1/2yrs and will stay suitable up to 6yrs of age.

Since just having a child myself and my passion for LEGO Toys i will be most definitely purchasing LEGOS Duplo Range For boys and girls aged 1 years old, 2, 3 or 4.

For me LEGO IS THE ULTIMATE LEARNING TOY FOR CHILDREN so come join me for the best investment in your Toddlers Development With LEGOS.


Best LEGOS Duplo For Toddlers Aged One And A Half

10114338_f260LEGO Duplo Building Set-71 pieces (5506)

The 71 Piece LEGO Duplo Set For Toddlers will create great visions in your child`s imagination, they will be fondly swooping into this tub of beautiful LEGO blocks extracting hours of building fun. This LEGO Duplo Set is recommended from 1 & 1/2yrs to 5yrs so it makes the ideal Starter LEGOS Suitable For Toddlers starting at 18 months.

  • New compartment takes into consideration simple tidy and proficient space
  • Improved intermingle of blocks that spark the vision
  • No tiny choking hazards

Please See Below For More Suitable LEGOS For 1,1/2yrs Toddlers

Note that one advantage of DUPLO is that you don’t have to Check the size of the Lego. Lego did that for you! 

Ordinary LEGO does have pieces that are too small and liable to disappear into mouths, nostrils and other bodily openings. 

LEGOville Duplo LEGOS Theme


For Toddlers, Pre-school and Kindergarten age 2-5 years old

LEGO Ville (WAS basically called DUPLO Town in the PAST), and is a major part of the LEGO Duplo Theme It began in 2004 and is still continuous and popular amongst toddlers to this very day.

Sets from DUPLO Farm, DUPLO Trains and DUPLO Zoo were moreover fused together into this topic in 2004 and are very very educational as your kids will not just learn building skills they will also learn about different animals and enjoy it as they do.

The sets combine homesteads, free utilities, post, project, fiery breakout, police, houses, stables, zoo, shops and transportation so there is a huge range out there to introduce to your lovable toddlers, they will never be bored again and you will feel very proud as a parent when your child builds something for you (TRUST ME) That is a feeling that’s really PRICELESS.

Take a moment to see the most popular LEGOville Range BELOW.


LEGO Duplo Push Train LEGOS Set For Toddlers

Suitable From Toddlers Aged 2,1/2 to 3yrs old

This LEGO Duplo Push Train Accompanies a few trains, four load autos, one bovine, one steed, a few builds, one traveler with a suitcase, squares for trees, obstructs for station (ticker square), five fences, one educate intersection and one scaffold

This LEGOS Train Set For Toddlers could be an additional route for him/her to assemble tracks on their own recommended from 3yrs upwards (my opinion). It even goes with lego’s really popular blue prints for constructing countless distinctive track arrangements. The blue print is the best part. You will be joyful to see that it does accompany the several convoys.

The track framework is noticeably expansive (too vast for a convoy table in a large portion of the charted track designs) Your son/daughter will still be deciphering how to get from one side of the track to the alternate without “breaking the track”. It does appear that it is the same track as the electric storage device powered develop so they might be utilized as a single unit.

Have fun watching your baby have fun with Duplo! 

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