Best lapdesk for your iPad or tablet

I personally don’t use a lap desk for my iPad: the cover turns the iPad into a device that rests on my knee quite comfortably. However, some of you disagree, so here is a sampling of lapdesks for iPads. I’ve also included some iPad covers / stands that I think are just as good. 

Here they are: the best lapdesk for your ipad reviewed in order of popularity. Some of them were designed with books in mind, so they’re very versatile.

81-LM19PlJL._SL1500_Lapdesk with slot for tablet / ereader and no-slip surface for smart phone – 2.9 pounds

Personally I like to keep things simple. This lapdesk is on the other end of the spectrum and one user said it was over engineered. However, that’s a personal preference thing. If you want to type on your tablet, on your lap – this is probably the best solution. If you want to have your smartphone nearby while watching video on your tablet, this is the best solution.

It comes with a slot for tablet (ipad, ereader) as well as a no-slip spot so your iphone doesn’t slide away from you. The wrist-pads help type ergonomically and the microbeads cushion on the bottom comes off for cleaning if necessary.

Hog Wild Peeramid Bookrest, Sage Green

This is one of those pillow based objects that is as pretty as it is functional. Designed for books it will support your iPad as well.  

Renegade Concepts: LAP PRO – Stand/Caddy, Universal Lap Stand for iPad & all Tablets, E-Readers, Books & Magazines – Bed, Couch, Travel – Adjustable Angle; 0 – 89 deg.1st RUN SOLD OUT IN 2 WEEKS!

The Lap Pro was designed with the iPad in mind, by someone who professionally reviews accessories for gadgets like iPads, iPhones etc. 

The customer reviews are unanimously positive. The only complaint is that the lower rim of the ipad screen is covered. I’m sure that is applicable to others on this page. 

This pillow based design will allow you to use your iPad in any direction: even diagonally. 


Lap Log – Plum Wine – The Ultimate iPad, Tablet, or eReader Stand. Made from Eco Friendly Materials and Made in the USA. Good in Bed!

This is perhaps my favorite: there’s a reason I picked it for the cover image. Usable as a travel pillow and the wooden rim can be removed for cleaning (as can the filling). 

Available in a lot of different colors. 

IPEVO PadPillow Pillow Stand for the new iPad 3 & iPad 2 & iPad 1- Blue Denim 

This padpillow too has loads of positive reviews. However, one user notes that she has to prop it up with an extra pillow when lying in bed. 

Available in loads of cute colors. 


81jTi1Ix3dL._SL1500_Prop ‘n Go Slim is perhaps the smartest lapdesk for your tablet. The images make it look like it can only support the tablet in portrait mode, but that’s not true: horizontal works as well. 

What makes this system so smart? You can adjust the angle and the tablet is cooled too! 

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