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Hybrid Laptop – Tablet convertible netbooks and laptops for professional and home use

Are looking for a convertible laptop or a convertible tablet? Technology has made using a computer so much easier for us. Sometimes we want the convenience of using the touch of a finger to operate our computing device and that is where tablets are so productive.

How about a netbook – tablet convertible? 

There are a few on the market. You just have to make sure that they are actually touch screen compatible. Some of the first compatibles did not have the correct software to allow touchscreen computing. The screen swiveled to allow for reading or watching a movie.

Although many people use the terms netbook and laptop interchangeably there actually is a difference. Netbooks are usually smaller and typically have less software loaded. They were designed mostly for web browsing, checking emails and lighter use than a full blown PC or laptop.

Why a laptop-tablet convertible? 

Sometimes we need to be able to type quite a lot of content and we need a keyboard to speed the process of typing up. You might have been thinking that you needed both kinds of a device but not any longer. There are laptops that can convert to a tablet where you can use the touch method and there are tablets that can be connected to a keyboard for those times that typing is a necessity.

Follow with me in this article as I show you some options for both kinds of computers that are convertible.

Laptops convertible to tablets

Advantage: full Windows functionality
Disadvantage: heavier than tablets

Why would I want a convertible laptop, netbook or tablet?

You might be asking this question. Most of us have a laptop and they are convenient to take with us to work or when we travel. The problem is that most of them are kind of heavy especially compared to the lightweight of a tablet. The tablets have a touch screen and that is enough when we are surfing around the web, reading our emails, playing a game and other activities that do not require much typing.

Having a convertible whether it is in laptop form or tablet form combines the best of both worlds. During those times when we really need to type something up for school, the office or that novel we are writing…we need a keyboard to get the job done. Having a convertible allows us both options in one machine. Besides they are much lighter to carry than the older laptops that most of us have.

If you look at the weight, you’ll see that tablets that you can attach a keyboard generally weigh less.

This also means that a convertible laptop, when used as a tablet, is usually uncomfortably heavy.


One of the things I love about my iPad is that it’s a great and very intuitive way to give powerpoint (aka KeyNote) presentations. Touch is faster than using a mouse and that really makes a difference if you’re doing a presentation and have to look at your audience, check out what’s on the screen and keep your mind on your story.

Bottom Line

Laptop-tablet hybrids are very useful in a business environment and as much fun as a tablet for entertainment.

Since Windows 10 is designed for touch, a touchscreen is almost mandatory in new laptops. It’s a small step from touchscreen to convertible laptop-tablet.

Operating systems considerations when getting a convertible laptop / tablet

What to look out for: you’ll end up with an iPad, Android tablet or a Windows 10 tablet plus keyboard

  1. Tablets come in Android, iOS (~Mac) and Windows OS’s these days. In each OS type there are options to add a keyboard to your tablet.
  2. Laptops usually come with Windows 8 or Mac (Lion and Leopard)
  3. Convertible laptops are available in Android, and Windows 8.
  4. Windows 10 is built FOR touch. [with a few limitations]

2015-12-25 09.43.16 Windows tablet + keyboard

This combination is really the classic laptop replacement scenario. You get a tablet and you get the full Windows experience and (obviously) compatibility. The only downside is that you mistake the tablet mode for a full-on-pc. That’s not quite how it’s built. There are things you do on your Windows laptop that Microsoft has decided to design for mouse / stylus use, instead of adapting it to finger-touch. examples.

Other tablets (Android or iPad)

While in the Windows world, it’s perfectly normal for tablets to be sold WITH a keyboard already attached (though detachable), in the android and iPad world it makes more sense to get the tablet you want, and then add a keyboard – if necessary. 

There are really two scenario’s: 

Two advantages to the first scenario:

  • A case with keyboard is more expensive than an ordinary case and it only works with that precise device. If you replace your iPad, you’ll also have to replace the case and the keyboard. 
  • Similarly, a bluetooth keyboard can work with your phone, any tablet (including iPad) etc. 
  • Last but not least: the keyboard doesn’t have to sit so close to the screen, because it’s not attached to the tablet. 
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