Real Leather Day Planners For Women 2018

Organizers and datebooks with a leather cover

Genuine leather planners and agenda books have a great lasting luxurious look. I’ve found you beautiful and sturdy engagement planners with a leather cover: both as organizers and as yearly planners. And the colors are amazing: from black to orange and brown, pink to blues in various shades etc. You’ll find just the planner for you. The leather used varies from calfskin to goatskin.

A really nice idea as a gift for a woman on your gift list or even as a gift for yourself is a real leather day planner. A calendar that she can take with her as she travels throughout her day or that she can opt to have on her desk that will help her keep her busy schedule organized. A planner is perfect for women of all walks of life. She may work outside of the home or even at home and needs to keep track of business and personal appointments. She may be a busy stay at home mom that has to keep the schedules straight for the kids and herself. She may be married or she may be single but either way, I am sure that she has a busy life that can use some reminders of the when and where of appointments or special dates that are a part of her life. Spending a little extra to get one made of real leather is very thoughtful on your part and I am sure that she will love it. 

gator leather planner Real leather planners come in a variety of colors along with being made of different types of leather. The leather may come from the skin of an alligator or crocodile or it could be from the hide of cattle or even an ostrich. Just be sure to read the description to make sure that it is in fact a real leather product and not one that is “faux” or fake which means that it is man made and did not come from the skin or hide of an animal. Other terms to watch for are simulated, leather-like and man made. You might be able to find a planner that is in her favorite color and still be real leather or you can choose a basic black or brown one. You will know your friend or relative well enough to know which color will suit her the best.

leather planner with yearMany of the leather planners come in an undated format which means that the organizing can begin at any time of the year that you may give it to her. So, if you are giving it to her on her birthday instead of Christmas it will not matter that the year may be partially over. She will have the option of using the pages that come with it and then she can refill it when she needs to. The undated planners typically come with sample pages that she might also like to use within her calendar year. She will be able to choose which ones she will want to order more of and the ones that do not fit in her yearly planning. There are also leather planners that are dated and usually begin at the beginning of any given year. These make great Christmas gifts because she can start to use them at the first of the year.

Purple Leather Large Monthly Planner – MADE IN USA

purple-leather-plannerLeather Day Planners come in different styles for women to use, also. Some will have a snap closure while others may zip closed. There are also styles that do not have a fastener but just stay open for easy access. Personally, I like one that has some sort of fastener to use so that no pages accidentally fall out. The planners that are refillable almost always have pockets in the front and back where she can keep receipts, business cards or other papers that she might need. Some will have a loop for a pen while others do not. Many publishers also offer extra organizing items that will fit into her planner like vinyl pockets that can hold supplies such as paper clips other other items that are loose. You might decide to get some of those for her or you can let her choose after she starts using the lovely real leather planner that you gave to her

The beauty of this planner is not just in the color that it comes in. When you first purchase it there will be undated pages for you to use to record your daily, weekly, and monthly appointments and events. After that you can purchase refills to place in the binder that are in the format that you like the best.

A reader says:

Leather really last for a long time which is why many planners are covered by leather. Very classic and stylish at the same time.

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