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A Gift to Organize Your Life: Day Planners, Weekly and Monthly!

Carry around your very own personal assistant with a planner for women. (Men could use one too.)

Life is stressful, too many things to remember, doctors appoints, the dentist, business meeting, parent and teacher meetings, sports activities, making sure everything is on that grocery list, taking care of the family and putting all your needs last.

To stay organized you need a day planner: a weekly date book in which you can keep track of appointments, notes, address information etc. And of course it should be cute, I mean seriously: it will be with you at business appointments, in class, or wherever it is that you go. Some of these are suitable for moms, others for all women and girls.

Shown above is one of the At a Glance Planners.

These are quite upscale mom planners. Momagenda does also have cute planners for single girls.

Stay well-organized with these very beautiful dated planners. They come in Desk calendar and Purse sized. Also available in green, silver and chocolate-brown.These chic metallic covers just look so good…

The week-a-view format is complemented with a month-by-month overview page. To help you prioritize specific areas of your life each day has four extra blocks.

These are 17 month calendars – reaching from August  till December the next year.

Personalization is available for the cover in print or script fonts, making this a very good gift for your girlfriends with birthdays in summer. You can pick one out of three colors for the personalized text: gold, silver or blind-emboss.

A reader says:

I think our family would descend into total chaos if I did not carry my planner with me wherever I go – in fact it is right in front of me now as I type!

Bold Blossoms  Soft-cover Engagement Planner

Full 17 months: starts August 

A fun planner for women who do it all! Small enough to be portable but with plenty of room to plan, this planner has tear-off lists, 288 stickers, a pocket, and an elastic-band closure. Week-per-spread view plus monthly views. Bold Blossoms Engagement Calendar

Fun bitchy planner 

The B Word Softcover Planner 

The B Word weekly engagement planner is bold and sassy (and just a little bit bitchy)! Beware: spending a year with these retro women and their attitude may rub off on you. But as long as you appreciate their sense of humor you will be fine! This year’s version is purple and hot!
Oh, and like all good planners it starts in September and gives you planning space till December the upcoming year.

Yes, these are great. I use one every year for my purse. They are great at keeping track of doctor appts. for everyone in the family. Honestly, I fill mine up with everything I have to keep track of.


Shown above: Susan Seddon Boulet A Woman’s Diary Softcover Engagement Calendar. A planner to help you organize you life by keeping addresses, special dates and the tear off grocery lists will make a woman’s life less stressful. Then perhaps you can find time to relax!

paperblanks-blue-embossed-plannerPaperblanks Foiled Midi Week-at-a-timeWeekly Planners – Eco Friendly Planner

These include a removable mini address book, extra note pages, a memento pouch and two ribbon markers.
All Paperblanks planners are made using eco-friendly processes.

mary-engelbreit-plannerMary Engelbreit Monthly Pocket Planner: Be Yourself – 12 month planner

The Mary Engelbreit Monthly Pocket Planner features charming artwork from Mary that reminds us that it’s always best to be ourselves.
This very portable planner is the perfect size to fit in a purse or tote. There’s monthly planning grids, plus space for recording contacts and numbers, plus perforated notes to use for jotting down reminders, lists and things to do.

Inspirational quotes and colorful illustrations make this a feel good planner for women.

Pink Napa Leather Day Planner

What I love about using a Day-Timer planner is the ability to tailor it to my own needs. The cover holds everything in place and the inside pages can be purchased in refill packages. When you first purchase the Day-Timer planner you get a sample of each type of available pages. You then decide which styles will work best for you and your organizing needs. It is perfect for the female student whether she is in High School or College. A woman who is holding down a job that requires noting business appointments will find pages that work best for her. The mom who needs to keep track of all of the family’s schedules will find a Day-Timer planner helpful to her, also.
The pages are not dated so your year can start and end when it is best for you.

Daily Planners For Busy Women

With the busy lives that so many women live today, having a day planner to help us keep organized is almost a must. It does not matter if we are a busy female student, a busy professional or a Mom who has to keep track of her schedule and the kids schedules too. If our lives are full of appointments, class schedules, work schedules and personal activities, it is so helpful to have a planner to keep everything straight.
I personally like the day planners to keep myself organized. The nice thing is that we are not constrained by having to use a planner that was made for a man’s needs and tastes. We can find a feminine style that suits our personality and our specific needs in organization, too.

Digital Calendar or Pen to Paper?

I’ve switched to a digital calendar (Google calendar) on my phone – you?

I finally switched to using a digital calendar on my smart phone (android) and on my iPad as well. It turns out that the main reason for this system is that if you use one online calendar – say Google calendar – it automatically synchronizes with all your appliances. So I can keep track of contacts online and my phone will know about it. I can note new appointments on my iPad and find them on my phone. It really is ideal.

Old fashioned pen and paper advantages

  1. They work even when there’s no electricity
  2. They don’t need batteries
  3. I like the feel of pen to paper, it helps me think
  4. In some ways I’m old fashioned
  5. Cheap: paper gets the job done for way less money than those expensive smart phones. Online calendars may be cheap, but you can’t carry them around with you.
  6. No problems losing your information when Google has problems with synching (happened to me a few years ago – however, I think they’ve fixed that bug)

A reader says: 

I am a combination of both. My paper calendar mainly has information about my baby I may need his doctor to have a look at and to carry in his diaper bag since they don’t allow cell phone use while you are with the doctor.

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