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ipad-mini-2015Tablets and readers

A 15 Year Old Girl Does Not Have To Be A Geek – to want one of these

There was a time that only nerds and geeks wanted computers and electronic gadgets but that just is not the case any more. Technology has become such a huge part of our daily lives that we all use them. Tablets are really popular and I think any teenage girl (fifteen or not) would love to have one of the Kindle Fire HDX tablets. You can decide if the 7 inch model or the 8.9 inch model is best for her and her needs. Personally I think the 7 inch model is a tad more portable.

Tablets are just so handy and allow her to do all of the things that she will want to do. Research for school, read ebooks, play games, connect socially or watch a movie and she can do it with great audio sound and one of the highest definition screens available. Does that matter? Yes: a high definition screen is easier to read on for longer stretches of time.

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Laptops (and netbooks) vs tablets


The popularity of Netbooks with people who want a very small, portable laptop has increased over recent years, particularly as these days you don’t have to sacrifice power and versatility in order to get a small go-anywhere, do-anything laptop. Then along came tablets, thus igniting the 10 inch Netbooks vs Tablets debate.

Tablets now offer much slimmer, even more portable designs and the touch-screen user interfaces are very appealing. And the cost does not appear to put people off – just look at the success of the iPad, which was launched with a starting price of $499.

So which is best for you? Netbook? Or Tablet? Let’s take a look at both, discuss the plus and minus points, answer some questions and hopefully by the end of it, you will be able to choose.

However, at the end of the day, the choice you will make will be the same as when choosing any Computer or Mobile Device – think about what you are going to use it for and look at what the Netbook and Tablet can and cannot do.

samsung-chromebookChromebook: if you’re looking for a cheap netbook

If you are mainly looking for a netbook because that is an affordable way to take your computing needs on the road, the Chromebook is probably your best bet.

Chromebooks are available for less than $200 and they can do the main things you would do on your pc. That is: you can use the Google Office suite – through what used to be called ‘Google Docs’ but is now known as ‘Google Drive’.

Google Drive is both an online backup system and a cross-platform office suite.

You can import and edit MS Office documents, but you should not expect all work-related formatting to stay in place. However, for the casual user it has everything one could possibly need.

Based on the Chrome browser, the Chromebook excels at integration with Google services like gmail, Google Drive etc. However, you can also use it to check your email in any other online service.

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Teen Digital Camera

Camcorders Teenagers Will Love


Teen are really in to making short little movies and then sharing them with their friends on different sites like Youtube and Facebook. Most of the teenagers are not too bothered with whether the quality of the video is great or not but when you have a teen who is taking their movie making a little more seriously and show potential for making a career out of photography and video shorts then a video camera of quality might be in order.

Actually, you can find a good quality video camera that will not break the budget and they make perfect gifts for birthdays, Christmas and Hanukkah. I would like to show you some nice options for giving one to your teenager.

What is a camcorder?

The actual word camcorder was coined by consumers and marketers some time ago to refer to the electronic devices that both capture and record video. The correct term that is used for these devices is video camera recorder because it can both take the video and record it and that is its sole function. We might use our smartphones and even some digital cameras to record videos but their primary function when it comes to images is for still shots. The camcorder is meant to take short or sometimes longer videos or movies, although some are capable of taking still shots.

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Top Sewing Machine

10133038_f260Sewing Machines For Beginners

Are you looking for a sewing machine for a teen girl or boy to begin to learn how to sew with? Many manufacturers have some nice options for this purpose. There are a few that are basically a toy machine for the youngest girls to start with and then there are the real machines that are the basic models with minimal stitch features for her to begin her sewing lessons with.

You will most likely want to think about your reasoning for getting her a beginner sewing machine. Is it for her to just play with or are you hoping that she will love it and continue to use it as she matures? Your purchase might also be due to her being in a class like Home Economics that she will learn the basics of sewing and you want her to have a machine at home where she can practice. Consider how the machine will be used and then make your choice from there.

Games and Game Consoles

Dead Island is a first person Melee Thriller Combat video game with lots of blood and gore. It is set in a beautiful Tropical Resort which is devastated by a scary Zombie attack. Destroy the Zombies and escape from this mad world. You can co-op with 3 other players and craft your own weapons.

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