Cool Christmas Gifts For Guys

Sometimes the men on our gift list are not very easy to buy for or at least in most cases it takes a little more thought and shopping around to find something to give them. I thought you might be interested in seeing what I think are some cool Christmas gifts for guys available for this year’s gift giving season. Of course it is going to depend on your guy and his interests and personality. I will try to find things that are appropriate for a brother, father, guy friend (romantic or other wise) and a spouse for you to consider. Often times when we ask them what they want they are not very forthcoming with ideas. That might be because most guys do not really relish shopping for much of anything and they may not have any ideas because they don’t shop much. I know that is generalizing the males of the world but in most cases, it is a true statement. So what are some cool things that they might like?


iPad Mini Retina Display

It’s a hot little tablet – Apple finally gave the iPad Mini retina display, and yes – that makes a big difference when browsing, reading, watching movies etc. The great thing about 7 inch tablets like the iPad mini is that they’re just so nice and small. They don’t require a special bag, they are light and yet very powerful. The iPad mini is one of the more expensive 7 inch tablets around and is perhaps not the best buy. However, it is definitely a great tablet that everybody will envy you the ownership of. 

And yes, it’s definitely COOL, so it tops my list. 

I think this is a cool gift that just about any guy will both like and can use. The Belkin MIXIT Car Charger with USB Connection works with the Apple iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and 4 , an iPod, the HTC One, a Samsung Galaxy S4, the Motorola Moto X, and the Nokia Lumia. It fits close to the dashboard and makes it easy to charge a device that uses a USB port to work.

Many of the “cool guys” have started to or continue to wear manly style bracelets as a part of their wardrobe. Some are elegant enough that he can wear them to work or on an occasional that needs to be on the dressy side. One that will work for casual and even some dates would be the Cool Men’s Weave Brown Leather Wristband Cuff Bangle Bracelet It has style and looks very masculine along with being versatile as an accessory to his outfits.

A Wool Fedora Hat is also a cool gift for a guy. Because it will be for Christmas wool is the best choice because it will help to keep his head warm while looking stylish at the same time. Of course there are other styles of hats besides the fedora that you could consider. Just remember that straw hats are meant to be worn in hot weather and the wool and other fabrics are better suited for cold weather.

I just love this inexpensive gift for guys! The Pizza Boss Pizza Wheel is a fun way for guys to cut that pieces into slices. It is great for when he is having a pizza alone but even more fun when he has his “buds” come over to watch a game on TV while they have pizza and beer while the game is on. Heck, even a Dad might enjoy using this style of cutter to get the slices ready for him, Mom and the kids. It is cool, fun and funky and very manly!

There are several choices you can make in a gift for a guy that falls into the line of this popular television show. One would be a t-shirt like this fun batman shirt. There are many styles of shirts and other fun and cool gifts that follow the theme of his favorite movie or tv-show. Coffee mugs, glasses and all sorts of other fun things that if he is a fan he will get a kick out of.

What To Get My Dad For Christmas

Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Dads

Have you been wondering what to get your Dad for Christmas? Is he one of those guys that are a little hard to buy for? Maybe you have decided that this year you want to surprise him with something other than a tie that he will tuck away and never wear or a pair of socks that he says that he loves. Dad works hard to support the family and should get a gift that is special and considerate.

Let’s take a look at some ideas that may just inspire you for a gift for Dad that you will be proud to give him and he will love getting.

For his MANCAVE!


There are several designs for these signs, crafted from real whiskey barrels (!) – I like this one best. However, if your guy is really a family man, the ‘family distillery’ sign can also be a great way to go.

The line at the top is personalized – so instead of ‘Peterson’s’, it can have your guy’s name up there. COOL!

Is Dad Pretty Handy At Fixing Things?

If your Dad is able to tinker around and fix the minor problems around the house, he just might love this little gift. He, also, could be the guy that builds neat stuff for the home and family. How many times has he called for one of you to come get him a screw or nail while he is working on something? This little Magnetic Wristband holds those small screws, nails, nuts and bolts on his wrist magnetically so that they are easy for him to access. 

Organize his tools

How many times have you heard Dad say, “Kids where is my hammer? Anyone seen my Philips Head screwdriver? Who used the drill last and didn’t put it away?” Giving him a pegboard system for him to put all of his tools in order just might be something he will absolutely love. Of course, everyone who uses the tools will need to remember to put them back in their slot! Even good old Dad!

MySack Golf Ball Storage Sack: For The Golfing Dad

A funny saying stitched on the bag for him to carry his golf balls with him while he is on the driving range or on the golf course. His golfing buddies will get a kick out of it, too. When they ask him where he got it, just imagine him laughing and shaking his head with the response, “My kids gave it to me for Christmas!”.

Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit A Car Wash Gift

With the economy such as it is, running the car through the car wash may be a thing of the past for Dad. Give him a kit that has all of the things to wash and wax his car. Now, here is the fun part…offer to do it for him! He will love it! Even better, the family could do it together and have a great time together. There is nothing like a good old fashioned dousing with soapy water to get everyone laughing! Just remember to actually wash and then wax the car.

Gadgets For Dad

Is he a geeky kind of Dad who loves gadgets and gizmos to play around with? Give him a grown-up toy for him to play with in his spare time.

With a Kindle Fire HDX 7″ He can surf the net, play games, watch movies, listen to music or read a book.

Unusual Gifts for your Father

Are you looking for a gift for a man that is a little unusual or unique and different than the typical gifts for men? A man that is special to you like a spouse, boyfriend or significant other that deserves a better gift than just a necktie or t-shirt. The guy could be a brother that you are close to, also. If you find yourself searching for a unique gift for men for Christmas, his birthday or Valentine’s Day, perhaps the list that I have compiled will help you in your shopping quest.

Shown here is a BMW X6 Wireless Mouse that doesn’t look like a mouse. Just cover your ears when he starts that vroom sound as he moves it around!

Novelty Items For His Desk

If he works in an office or has a desk at home where he surfs the net and does his paperwork, an unusual and unique item or items to place on his desk would be a fun gift. They are relatively inexpensive so you could purchase more than one with a sort of desk supply theme for him.

He just might get a real kick out of this unique way to keep his tape, paperclips and pens all in one place on his desk! The “Office Supply Station Desk” is magnetic and holds paper clips. The hands are holding the tape and the feet have a cutting edge. A pen or pencil can be held in the figure’s mouth and the back of the toilet has a space for business cards or a memo pad and other writing utensils. It comes in a variety of colors, too.


Featured Dad gift: Our Name Is Mud by Lorrie Veasey Cuppa Doodle Dad Mug, 4-1/2-Inch

Not Your Typical Mugs – but make unique gifts for him

He probably drinks coffee or maybe tea and he probably has a coffee mug or two but does he have a manly one? These unusual mugs can be a stocking stuffer at Christmas or can be added to a bigger gift for his birthday, Valentines Day or Fathers Day (if it applies to him). He does not have to drink his favorite warm beverage in a sissy looking mug anymore.

A mug for your DIY Dad

Most men use duct tape to fix everything or at least consider it first. Don’t they? Well, now he can have a “cup of Joe” in a mug that looks like he fixed it with his fixes all brand of tape. The DUCT TAPE Mug will hold 16 ounces of his morning brew, too.

Is he a grumpy Gus until he has had his first cup of coffee in the morning? Perhaps this “take a number” grenade style mug will put a smile on that grumpy demeanor he sports at the breakfast table, then. He can enjoy 12 ounces of his favorite morning brew.  

Star Wars Gadget for Dad

Let The Force Be With Him

If he is a true Stars Wars fan or a fan of Sci-fi in general, he will love this unique Star Wars Lightsaber Flashlight! The force can always help him through the dark. It even makes that whooshing sound like the lightsabers did when Luke or Darth Vader whipped out their weapons when you turn it on. Provides a pretty bright light for those times you need a flashlight, too.

 A Manly Bath Set

What a fun and unique way to present bath products for him to use. It is like giving him a gift basket only not as frilly as your typical gift basket. It has a lot of stuff in it, too! He will get a bar of manly soap, body oil, body butter and a scratchy body accessory. There is even a fun bottle opener/can opener for him to open the can when he gets it. This is a very popular man gift!

Sports gift for your guy


This bag can be personalized with the name of the guy you’re buying it for – or a message like ‘the world’s best husband’, ‘cool guy’ or whatever you like. 

Dad Should Not Be That Hard To Buy For

Honestly, Dad should not be that difficult to find a gift for. What does he like to do? Does he have a hobby like golf, fishing or hunting? Maybe he plays tennis. Get him something that has to do with that.

Does he have a favorite pro or college sport team that he likes to watch play? Shirts, caps, or throws with the team logo are always good.

Is Dad a nerd? Get him a gadget thing he can play with.

Does he garden or like to cook on the grill? How about music? What does he like to listen to?

Is he into religion or spirituality? A spiritual gift may be just what he will enjoy!

Just think about the things that Dad likes to do in his spare time and get him something that has to do with that. He will love it and appreciate the thought you put in the gift.

Did this help you with some cool ideas to give to a guy on your list this year?

Give Him Guy Things

Guys just like to be appreciated for their masculinity. So, giving them gifts that are geared toward that maleness are a great way to go when choosing a gift. Giving him something humorous and unusual is usually a big hit. They get enough of the socks, ties and shirts to last them a lifetime. Give him something different this year.

If he has a hobby like fishing or golf then something with that theme can be given.

Men also like to get those “naughty” kinds of gifts so you can keep that in mind, too. You can buy a pretty nighty, a sensual book and a bottle of wine…wrap it all up in a box with an invitation to meet you in the bedroom or maybe a hotel room for a night he won’t soon forget. He will LOVE that! Gag Gifts

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