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Have you considered giving a gift of an address book to one of your female friends or relatives? Giving her a cute address book that she can record all of her personal and business contacts in can be not only useful but probably very appreciated. They make wonderful little Christmas Gifts but can also be used as a birthday gift or a graduation gift for a young woman.

Yes, they could put some of this information in their phone, tablet or PC but it is also nice to have a good old fashioned book to keep those addresses in, also. Phones get lost and sometimes the information that you have transferred over is not complete. Having an address book that can be physically added to also does not require a battery to be charged or involve remembering to back it up on an electronic device. She won’t have to worry about the power going down. It is also easier to use when writing out invitations to events like parties, showers and wedding invitations, too. So, let’s have a look at some cute address books that can be given as gifts or used for your own needs.

The Little Pink Book of Addresses

Guys have their little black books so why not have a little pink book for the ladies? She will have 160 pages to record addresses in along with any other details that she might want on each contact. It is spiral bound but that is hidden with the cover. The book will lay flat on a writing surface for ease of use. There is also an elastic strap that can be used to mark a special section if she so desires. There are alphabet tabs which enable quick reference when looking up an address and the book has four sections on each page. It is a little book measuring about 4 1/4 inches wide by 5 3/4 inches tall so it can be carried in a purse without taking up very much room.

drop-dead-cute-adres-bookDrop Dead Cute Address Book

This is a fun little book for a gal to have to keep her most important addresses in! It is illustrated by contemporary female artists of Japan. So if she is really into anime or manga styled graphics she just might like this little address book that by its very own name is defined as cute. It was first published in 2003 but that is the beauty of an address book, it does not matter when it was published. What matters is having a book that is appealing to her eyes and provides the function that she desires.

Wellspring Address Book with Hummingbird

She will think this one is cute in the bright pink cover if she happens to love hummingbirds. I also like that the cover is embossed giving it a little dimension and added interest. The other thing I like about this address book si the tabs that will hold a pen! She will get a pen with the book but can change it when that one runs out of ink. There is nothing worse than meeting someone that you want to record their contact information and you have no writing instrument, is there. She will have 70 places to use for addresses in the book. There are other designs by Wellspring that involve nature if hummingbirds are not her favorite.

Fashion Felines Address Book

Oh this one is purr-fect if she is a cat lover! Those cute little kitties are embossed and have some glossy highlights to make the cover even more adorable. She will have 160 pages to record names, phone numbers, addresses and any other detail she might want. It has a place marker that is an elastic band for her to use, too. It won’t take up much room on a desk or in her handbag.

Plan Ahead See It Bigger Telephone/Address Book, Large Print, Assorted Colors, Color May Vary (70369C)

I really like the larger print in this book! The pages are cute too with the bordered design on the side. There are tabs to divide the alphabet making it easier to find the one person you want to call or send something to. There is also a section where she can record her passwords if she wants. Due to the larger print this book is a little larger than most measuring about 6 by 8 inches.

Cute, Pretty, Stylish and Handy Address Books

Keeping track of contacts has become more complicated these days. Do you use facebook, online email or a simple physical address book? Personally I still use one of the latter – if only because it’s NOT electronic. That way there’s at least one place information is kept that is not dependent on me not losing my phone, iPad or my laptop being stolen.

I’ve found you some of the cutest address books available right now. They’re so pretty and sweet… almost enough to buy one right now. I hope you agree.

Acadian Tapestry Address Book

I love the combination of light blue and brown in this address book. Stylish, chic and yet cute and feminine.
At 6.9 x 3.8 x 0.6 inches it’s a petite address book that fits into any purse.

The book for addresses features an elastic band that can keep your place marked. Each entry has the name and address section and also has a line for home, work, cell and fax numbers. You can add the email address and their birthday plus a section for notes.

“French Ornate Vert” Address Book – Hardcover – Pocket Size

What a cute little address book! It is even cuter in person. The pattern on the cover is super luminescent. The magnetic clasp is very unique, I’m surprised it isn’t written about in the comments. I am so happy with my purchase!! ~Customer comment

3.75 x 5.5 Inches

Norman Rockwell Address Book

Don’t you think this cover is funny? Sure to be a talking piece with friends and co-workers.
This address book in vintage look is NOT small enough for your purse. Instead it makes a good home address book for all those contacts you need only once a year or something.
Norman Rockwell started his illustrating career in the 1920s and the cover of this book collects the funniest of his portraits.
Inside you’ll find more of his best portraits, with original entertaining commentary.

9.4 x 7.6 x 0.8 inches

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