Best Educational Toys for Infants Christmas 2018

Infants need stimulation for all of their sensory development. That first year is a year of amazing growth both physically and developmentally. Virtually everything is new to them so providing toys that begin to teach them sounds, hand-eye coordination, colors, shapes and other basic objects is extremely important. They think the toys are fun and entertaining while the toy is designed for basic educational and developmental features. Most toys for babies between 6 and 18 months are designed to grow as the infant grows and is able to do the finer skills that in the beginning are just new experiences.

Fortunately at this age, your child really learns from everything. From how you interact with him to every thing she touches, grasps, eats, tries to eat and dribbles on. So you might as well just get them the Popular Giraffe Teether, a Teething Blanket or a Rattle

Safe Organic Plush Toys for Babies

surfer-chick-organic-toy-plushApple Park is one of the most reputed manufacturers of Organic Plush Toys and Apparel for babies in the whole world. The Apple Park Organic Toys range consists of Picnic Pals, Rattles, Puppets, Soft Block Sets and Soft Teething Toys. Your baby will love it and there’s no chance of them developing an allergy when they play with these stuffed toys, even if they do suck them, pull at them and otherwise (ab)use them.

These Soft and Beautiful playing accessories are made from 100% certified organic cotton and are free from chemicals and carcinogenic materials.

You can be sure your child won’t be harmed while playing with Apple Park Stuffed Toys. Gift your child a Cute and Special gift this Christmas. Apple Park Picnic Pals and Hand Puppets are a real cool and responsible Gift choice for Christmas and the Holiday Season.

9968781_f260Lilliputiens Baby Plush 

Lilliputiens is a well known name Belgian Toy company. It specializes in creating Top Class Stuffed Toys and Decorations. These Toys are not just fun for babies, they are also educational and teach them important stuff about different facets of life.

Each of these Plush Babies comes with a Cot and Baby Chou and Baby Rose include a Feeding Bottle too. 

Recommended for : Babies starting at 6 Months, up to toddlers aged 4. These cute small plush toys will last a life time. They are safe for all babies, btw. 

Mini-car for babies

The first toy my niece (now 1 year old) plays with (other than teethers and whatever she can find to grab onto) is a car, something like this red thing to the right. She even makes ‘wroom wroom’ noises to go along with it, so she’s moving into pretend-play. 

LeapFrog Shapes And Sharing Picnic Basket

It looks like a toy picnic basket but it really is educational, too. The infant begins to learn the shapes and colors while playing with this toy. The foods are in shapes that fit into slots of the serving dishes and they are colorful to start to introduce the basic colors to a child. When the top of the basket is opened an instrumental song plays or there is a fun sound effect which stimulates the infants hearing. They can also start to learn their manners with some help and play with older children or adults.

Recommended for 6 month to 4 years of age.


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy

This toy puppy has a lot going on besides just being cuddly and cute. Infants can learn their ABC’s and Numbers when the puppy is turned on. The foot has choices as to whether the learning will be letters and numbers or body parts. So, they also begin to learn about hands, feet and tummy. Song mode plays familiar songs like Pat-a-Cake, This Little Puppy Went to Market, and Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes. Child or adult squeezes a body part to get the interaction. Requires 3 AA batteries to operate which are included in your purchase.

Recommended for ages 6 months to 3 years of age.

LeapFrog My Discovery House

This little house offers five areas for the infant to learn from and play with. There are over 75 different learning opportunities overall. Infants learn about daily tasks along with things that are opposites. The hear fun songs and stories. Parents can also connect online for further activities for their infant. Requires Lithium batteries to operate and they are included in your purchase.

Recommended for children aged 6 months to 4 years.

VTech – Baby’s Learning Laptop

This little toy laptop has three different modes of play and learning. Infants learn shapes, common objects, music and feelings. The colorful keyboard interacts with the light up screen. The mouse can actually move with little hands easily being able to work with it. There is a volume control for the adults convenience. Operation requires 2 AA batteries that are included in the purchase.

Recommended for children from 6 months to 3 years.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case: iPhone / iPod Edition

Baby can have their own little App device. Sturdy handles are easy for an infant to grasp and the durable construction takes drools and dribbles comfortably. Parents can download Apps from Fisher-Price through the iTunes store. The toy is compatible with most Apple devices that are placed in a docking type compartment while baby uses their toy.

Recommended for ages 6 months and up.

infant-learn-groove-musical-tableLeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table for baby and toddler

Best Musical Learning Toy for Babies and Toddlers aged 6 Months and 3 Years in Age

The legs on the table can be taken off, so your baby can discover all the ways in which this thing works for herself. When she gets older, you can pop the legs ON and it becomes a table. 

LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table is a cool Electronic Learning Toy for Babies, which employs Music as a Learning Tool. Music is educational as well as fun for kids and this table will help your toddler develop motor skills as well.

With this wonderful aid, your kid will be able to get acquainted with numerous concepts which will be helpful at school. No doubt this Musical Table is a great Christmas gift idea for toddlers.

Music is no doubt divine. It stimulates our brain, and helps increase the flow of positive waves. Experts have displayed the efficacy of Music through numerous experiments.

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