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Let’s just admit it, gadget pens are just fun! We find ourselves in need of a writing utensil on many occasions during the day so why not have something that entertains us while we use it. They are especially helpful when we find ourselves in a long drawn out meeting and we find that we just can’t listen to one more person spout off a bunch of statistics. Those long lectures where the Professor drones on in his or her monotone voice until we think we are going to scream just to break the monotony of it all.

A gadget pen can help us keep our sanity by entertaining and being there when we need to jot something important down. I have listed some fun ideas for gadget pens for you to consider for yourself or as a gift for kids, teens, students and adults. I’ve started with novelty pens with a ‘geek factor’, but at the end I have also found you some girly cute pens with something extra. 

Floating Eyeballs Pen

Perfect for those times that you are in a long meeting or a college lecture and your eyes are getting heavy with boredom. Just move the pen back and forth and watch the eyes float inside the pen. You can actually take notes with it too, if you so desire.

Floating Brain Pen

Have you ever had your thoughts wander off into another dimension when listening to someone give a speech or direct a meeting. Kick your brain back into gear with this gadget pen that has a floating brain to entertain you. Just move it back and forth to watch the little mini-brain float around in the liquid. Once you feel your brain has engaged again, you can doodle or jot notes down with the pen.

Sand Timer Pen

Like the sands in the hourglass – oh wait a minute wrong place! I need to tell you about this gadget pen. It is pretty cool because it actually has a little tiny sand timer in it. Of course you can sign your name or do any other types of writing with it, too. It might keep you entertained by timing a speaker who is about to make you drop off to sleep, too.

seringe-gagdget-pen12 pc Syringe Shot Ink Pens

These little gadget pens are really fun for anyone in the medical profession. Don’t you think? It is a lot of 12 pens that are in a variety of colors of liquid. You can keep some for yourself and give some as a gag gift to your friends who need a shot in the arm or give shots for a living.  

Ultimate Geek Pen61rviGGpdoL._SL1001_

The name kind of says it all for this gadget pen. Perfect for your nerdy friends or yourself if you like something unique to write with. But that isn’t all! It is actual 5 devices in one little writing utensil. It can be a ballpoint pen or it can act as a stylus for your touchscreen devices. It has a laser pointer if you need it. It also has a little light that can illuminate when you are writing in the dark. And a UV light that can shine out of the top of it. Now I will be honest I have no idea why you would need that UV feature but it is there when you need it. Perhaps to see if something glows in the dark as it would be like a blacklight or then again maybe it could help you with a suntan.

A flower pen – I got this for a birthday!9970464_f260

There’s a whole set! 12 flower pens! – A bouquet of 12 Raymond Geddes Best Buds Pens

Geddes Best Buds Pen Assortment – Set of 12

I had to do some searching before I found these on Amazon. For shipping they only come in a bouquet of twelve, which would make a very much fun birthday present, I think. They hardly cost more a piece than an ordinary pen. I can’t believe it.

So what’s so great about these pens? Well, aside from that cheerful smile, I love the detail: the stem can be bent and has a leaf. The colors are just right too. And they are soft and fluffy (not quite hairy, more like velvet).

A reader says:

Very cheerful indeed. I wonder what my notary clients would think if I asked them to sign their documents with a flower pen?

Novelty pens make a great stocking stuffer or party favor. I have one of those flower pens, and it still brightens up my room after more than a year. Not that I use it as a pen, but it made a great gift.

Shaggy Pen – Again by Raymond Geddes

Festive pens in cute colors. Purple, green, blue and magenta (aka pink).

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