Top Teen Girls Aged 16 Gifts

Sweet sixteen is a lovely birthday to celebrate. 

She is at that magic age, sweet sixteen! Whether you need a gift for a teenage girl aged 16 for Christmas or her birthday, you may be struggling with just what would be the best gift idea. There really are so many ways that you can go with a present depending on what her interests are. You can be practical and get her things that she will be able to use or you can choose something that has more to do with things that she loves. Sometimes those two will be incorporated into the same gift.

Let me suggest some ideas for gifts that a sixteen year old girl will like.

Shown here: the fashionable keyring charms that can be used as a keyring, but also to personalize a bag

Sterling silver pendant on an 18 inch chain.

Jewelry Makes for a traditional Gift for her Sweet Sixteen

Cool vintage style pendant for her sweet sixteen!

For the most part, teen girls love jewelry. Since she is 16 or soon to turn 16 a piece of jewelry that says, “Sweet 16” in the design is a nice idea.

A perfume with a fruity and floral combination scent.

A Fragrance By Vera Wang

She has reached an age where she will like to have a perfume or fragrance to wear when she goes out. She may start to experiment to find what may become her signature fragrance as she matures into being an adult woman.

Nail Art Is Hot With Teenage Girls

Instead of getting her nail colors that she may or may not like, give her a kit of tools that she can use with the colors that she likes to create unique art for her fingernails.

This kit contains everything she will need to create her own nail art except for the polish.

What a girl want for her Sweet Sixteen?

Obviously it is going to depend on the girl. She may be a girl who is totally in to fashion and the trends that are hot and current. Then again, she may not give a whit about any of that stuff. If she loves fashion, then clothing, jewelry, make-up and those sorts of ideas are a good fit.

Does she play sports? Is she an outdoors type of gal? Give her something that has to do with her favorite outdoor activity.

If she loves movies, give her a gift card for the local movie theater that she can take a friend with her to see the latest film. Make sure there is enough on the card to cover snacks from the snack stand.

If she loves art or music, you can get her art supplies or something that has to do with her passion for music.

A reader says: 

I’m turning 16 and I want some cool headphones (neon beats) or maybe even A shopping spree. Lastly maybe the chance to redecorate my room.

Think of her personality and the things she loves to do, there will be something that falls into to place as the perfect gift for her.

81sEn+IYAhL._SL1500_A Palette For Her Eyes

Your sixteen year old is at the age that she can wear eye shadow. Giving her a neutral set of colors that she can mix and match to get just the right look for her eyes is something that she will most assuredly love. It is one of those gifts that is practical and fun at the same time.

It’s time for her to experiment with her looks. A basic make-up kit will help her do that.

You can not go wrong with a gift card

Some might think that giving a gift card is impersonal but I think that they are a terrific idea for a sixteen year old girl. For one thing she will need to think about how she wants to spend it and get the best items within the amount she has to spend. (An exercise in budgeting.) She will also have fun finding things to get for herself. Girls, for the most part, love to shop.

Giving her a card that she can spend online is a “green” gift because she isn’t using petroleum products on her shopping trip.

Give Her A Tablet

Tablets are the hottest thing out there for teens and adults. You can choose which operating system is going to work the best for her or one that she will prefer over the others. Shown here: the affordable Kindle Fire.

More about picking the best tablet for your teen.

Practical Yet Fun Gift Idea

Holds six cards and has two interior pockets. The exterior has a zippered pocket and it is made of canvas.

At sixteen, a girl may not want to carry a handbag or purse but she does need something to carry her money in. If she has been responsible and you have given her a credit card, she needs to have something to keep it handy and secure. She probably has a school ID, a library card or perhaps a driver’s licence. She at least needs a wallet at her age and there are some really cute ones out there that will not make her feel like an old lady of 30 but will still give her something to carry her stuff in. They’re called ‘clutches‘.

A reader says:

I love non-leather wallets and those wallets with designs in them are so cool. Vintage fashion clothing and accessories are good as well. I am thinking of giving some for our teen babysitter since she’s into fashion and accessories.

x354-q80Could she use a new backpack?

At 16, she is undoubtedly still in school. Kids have so much that they have to transport back and forth from school to home so a new backpack is a practical gift idea. Remember she is in her teens, so she would rather have a cool backpack than a plain old boring one. Teens are very much into the vintage and retro looks so getting her one that is kind of feminine with a print that says “yesterday” will probably please her to no end.

Give her room an update

Take a look at her room, does it still look like it was decorated for a little girl? She has reached an age where she will soon be a full grown adult. I will just about bet that she would be thrilled with a make over for her bedroom. I am not talking throwing out all of her furniture and starting from scratch but something simple that can be added to as time goes by. You can start with a new bedding set.

Don’t trick her by taking her to look at sets on the pretense that you are going to redecorate your room. She’s a teen: she WANTS to be independent and decide things for herself (which is also why a gift card really is a good idea). 

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